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  1. haha are u really a TAMU fan or just showing your patriotic spirit?
  2. same with zemeits of PSU he ran in 4.60`s too
  3. yep undrafted, probably something behind the scences familar to ernest shazor last year.
  4. sucks more than sandis ozolinsh
  5. that explains the jagr vagina thing than
  6. you got big cojones man, i agree mario can play 3-4 DE
  7. i want his ass on this football franchise badly
  8. i dont think hawk will be drafted by us,are LB core is argubly our best position talent and depth wise, hes be almost a wasted pick seeing what holes we have.
  9. he has a nice arm, but hes been injuried too many times for my liking...pass.
  10. im a diehard rags fan and it doesnt look good...weekes is starting tonite, we have Orr on the 4th line, and he shoulda played the 1st game b/c hes an enforcer, something we (the rangers) could have used saturday to protect jagr ass.
  11. dbrick is worth more than just an extra pick, if we pass up on this guy theres a really good chance that our oline will be worst than last year.
  12. you guys cant be serious..justice over dbrick..dbrick is the most NFL ready player in the draft. and says who too we need a LT or to justice being a project pick? he needs development says..www.nfldraftcountdown.com http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingreports/ot/winstonjustice.html
  13. justice is a project pick, meaning he has a lot of upside but isnt ready to start from day 1, and we sorta need some1 like that.
  14. adrian in 07 when martins gas is fully empty
  15. b/c we have bigger holes to fill?
  16. good luck to them, theyll need it to get him..odd thing about mario is he can go as high as 2 or as low as 7
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