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  1. been our best offensive lineman since his rookie year. it seems he just came in and played at a high level. he hasnt gotten worse or better really.
  2. do you want a cookie or maybe some pudding snacks?
  3. gholston is (unfortunatley for the jets) gone plus both PSU`s offensive and defensive lines have improved greatly. i just read OSU`s 2nd CB will be out, so that has to go in our favor obviously. royster hasnt been stopped all year, clark is a heisman candidate. Pryor is a freshman, this is the week he comes back down to earth temporarily. PSU by 9.
  4. where did you go to school before these various TV jobs?
  5. so we have a mel brooks on our hands here basically?
  6. south carolina got a generous spot later on in that drive that led to a TD i believe, i guess that just how the SEC does things.
  7. i hoped he would fall to us at 29 a few years ago when it looked like martin was finished...i guess a season of kevin barlow wasnt so bad after all.
  8. newspaper said he returned to action after the injury, just a little dinged up.
  9. a little generous linebackers, we gave russel to much time to allow him to move the ball. (something he had trouble doing prior to sunday)
  10. who do you guys have in this one? it`d be nice to see PSU run the table but i feel they come back down to earth saturday night against a much improved buckeye team.
  11. are they kidding with alabama?
  12. baker tripping over is own feet wasnt as costly as leons botched punt return.
  13. whats the deal with all the new posters from JI, somebody fill me in?
  14. lol no hard feelings, had to be done sorry buddy, couldnt resist.
  15. i`d be suprised and dissapointed if PSU went after Schiano, they can do so much better. this is likley paternos last year as his contract runs up this year and with him currently "coaching" from the booth, i dont see him coming back. PSU is going to have a monster recruiting year this year, i`m going to guess they keep the new coach "inhouse" with bradley.
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