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  1. notre dame has been playing pretty decent so far, you`ll see a lot of deep sideline fades from ND, but i like UNC in this one though. butch davis has been doing great thus far, i would guess there ACC favorites at this point.
  2. its true, did some research on it Q. Back in the spring, you sustained a severe eye injury while filming a story about football minicamps with the Jets. Tell us what happened. I had gotten in shape and (Jets coach) Herman Edwards gave me permission to go to minicamp with them. I was doing a feature for ESPN on what it's like to be in minicamp. But I was serious about it. The day I was there, there were eight wideouts and the wide receiver coach said I was rated number six. I didn't have any delusions of grandeur. I was hoping I'd be good enough to be a scrub wide receiver or a practice wide receiver in the NFL. I found that out that day. I didn't disappoint myself and I didn't embarrass myself. At end of practice all the wideouts went to the Jugs Machine, it's a machine that shoots balls out. I had never done that before. I had been catching everything that day in practice from the quarterbacks. I was probably a little close and the thing was fast and the thing was faster than I thought it was. Q. The ball, coming out of the machine, hit you square in the left eye. How bad was it? It was serious. I had emergency surgery that night and was out of work for a couple months. It was tough. I had some eye surgery before so I knew how severe it was. It was probably more scary that day, not knowing. The next day came and I knew it would be a long recovery back. I still need some more surgery. The eye is not great now. But I had some time off.
  3. lol kimbo slice sucks, he basically trips over his own feet and gets, knocked out in 10 seconds by somebody nicknamed the silverback.
  4. i`m guessing this game will be on the NFL network? great..
  5. means ****, rutgers probablem is coaching. Nebraska had the 10th ranked class in 05, they **** the bed last year, tennessee had the 1st ranked class in 05, certainly havent lived up to that ranking, same year florida state had the 3rd ranked class, cant even win the ACC. look at Wake Forest, UCONN and USF, with "horrible" recruting classes, all are top 25 teams with great coaching.
  6. could have arrested any of the 90,000 there probably for public intoxication and he gets caught, tough break.
  7. there backup (current starter) was the 2nd string to golden boy jimmy clausen at ND last year before transfering i think.
  8. they could lose another recruit as this one (who verbaled to PSU) has a teammate who is currently verbaled to rutgers. if PSU keeps winning one could suspect he will follow his teammate to state college.
  9. its not fair how many good teams are in the SEC. UGA,UF,AU,UA,LSU in the top 10 alone.
  10. horrible performance by everyone today outside jourdan brooks. schiano and teel blow, schiano is reminding me of mangini last year with that stupid arrogant look on his face and his refusal to make changes.
  11. PSU is the equalivent to the bengals at this point. to bad too, they have (had?) a decent shot at the big 10 this year
  12. for most overrated im going with deangelo hall, eddie royal made him look like manny collins.
  13. i remember the first time i did deadlifts, couldnt walk upright for days, i hope people didnt get the wrong impression.
  14. why have we played at tenn. 3 years in a row?
  15. i dont blame him, butch davis is twice the coach schiano is. (in college)
  16. laurinatis is the 3rd best ILB prospect behind maualuga and than brandon spikes who is only a juinor.
  17. if brady plays this game the score isnt even close, they threw the ball downfield maybe twice all game and still beat us.
  18. i didnt make that chart found it on the internet. not going to get into it with a domer, dont want to hear how hard the academics are on the players and that they only schedule the top 1% of 1%.
  19. yea couldnt have happened to a nicer man , he is a P.O.S, and i`m sorry i have no remorse for his nose in the air attitude. ND will likley get to a bowl they dont deserve only to get there annual sotomization in the bowl.
  20. who saw the ND coach get plowed down? haha
  21. usf faded big time in the 2nd part of last season, interesting to see what happens this year.
  22. its offical,usf is one of the most entertaining teams to watch, never a dull game.
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