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  1. schiano and mcnulty have to grow some balls. they had no problem benching hart for teel a couple years ago, but now i dont see them benching teel for jefferson when teel is doing far worse than hart did. jefferson is twice as talented as teel was coming out of high school (he was committed to LSU this time last year before switching his word). another thing that pisses me off with schiano is that he plays DTs that are essentially the same size as the DE`s. i`m not even going to bother with McCourty twins lol...wake me up when they graduate
  2. not worried at all, wasnt that special before his injury plus hasnt taken a snap in almost 2 years.
  3. the score was 9-3 going into the fourth quarter to a top 5 team, there QB started his first game in his college career, the starting RB was injuried early in the first quarter. miami still has a long way to go but a fan cant be upset with the way the team played tonight (all things considered) against UF after watching them last season (miami). yes you would want to see more from the offense but it will come eventually if you give this group time.
  4. i use this stuff, would definatley reccomend it to anyone, works like a charm.
  5. agreed, cant have the ball inside the 10 twice and come away with zero points.
  6. there d looked pretty stout until as mentioned they ran out of gas, but the mccourty twins cant graduate soon enough.
  7. harris5214

    The Rays

    they are young and they also have one of the best, if not the best, farm system in baseball.
  8. nice play calling coach schiano lol
  9. hey back off! rutgers is undeafeated in bowl games played outside of the country!
  10. hated dick rod at WVU still hate him at michigan. once he gets his players for his system they should be interesting to say the least.
  11. i`ll only drink it on the holidays and if i`m out to eat or get take out. i use to have a can with dinner every night but decided to replace that with water and juices.
  12. anybody have any info about that fight in the 3rd quarter?
  13. alex smith has been a cosmic bust, it pains me to watch him play.
  14. how do they players progress in this game in terms of ratings? in 08 it was horrible, i played in franchise mode and in the first season my QB threw 40+ tds and under 10 int`s and he went from a 79 to an 80.
  15. we only get a 2nd from NO if they resign Vilma, which i`m already assuming there not going to do.
  16. actually its his inability to outperform chad pennington for the starting job.
  17. Stafford or Painter next year would be ideal for this team. Cant believe we wasted a 2nd rounder on Clemens yikes.
  18. lets hope he doesnt grow up to be the quarterback for the jets.
  19. the same recruting class were there 2nd best commit they have just backed out of his verbal to rutgers to only verbal to powerhouse duke? there OOC is fine, if you look at all BCS confrence teams it`ll be around 2 BCS opponents. the Fresno game was made just a couple months ago and was just about the toughest opponet available, so cant blame them for that. Rutgers could really finish anywhere from 1st place to 5th this year in the big east the way i see it, i`m glad kick-off is just about 5 weeks away.
  20. harris5214

    The Rays

    From what i hear they have one of the best farm systems in the MLB at this point and had the number 1 pick in the draft the last 2 years, so yes i`d say there for real and here to say.
  21. good means more playing time for vilma and a higher pick for us.
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