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  1. nice pictures, i stayed in the MGM to in 03. interesting with that magic trick though, would guess he changed the bucket at the last possible moment some how.
  2. how`d they do the trick, they have had to tell you if you were included?
  3. yea i figured that when there was a big write up on him today in the paper, here`s to wishful thinking
  4. if this guy is there at 36 i`ll be doing back flips.
  5. Goff, I could see us trading into the late 3rd for him. He`s perfect next to Harris.
  6. is there a site that has indie theater location or is it just a NC thing?
  7. trae willams (USF) in the 4th round.
  8. I`ve heard Bradley is suppose to replace Paterno but who knows. I dont see Schiano going to PSU, he turned down 2 more prestigous schools in Miami and Michigan to stay at RU.
  9. 2/1 odds her music career now takes off...
  10. 7 million year, plus 20 million upfront for somebody with 14 career sacks is what im talking about.
  11. when the price is dewayne robertson, the price is always right.
  12. make a move for foxworth..robertson maybe?
  13. Drob for domique foxworth...make it happen please.
  14. i`d hope shed notice a blade sticking out of a pop
  15. never thought they would release him so i`m not sure where that came from, trade him maybe if things are that bad.
  16. couldnt believe the amount of money he got, reminded me of pennington.
  17. is this like a tourtament or something where your son just wresltes like 5 matches win or lose? your going to be very bored if you plan on staying the whole tourtament or w/e anyway you look at it. the kids will be fine running around the place but this sounds like an all day thing so bring something to do or get involved with it and help out or its going to be a long day.
  18. i use to wrestle, how old is your son?
  19. win, we can get the same caliber player pretty much at 6 or 7 and it will be cheaper for us.
  20. where do we stand in the draft? i know if we lose we pick 2 or 3...
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