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  1. What area does Bowles excel in again? 🧐
  2. Only way you trade Adams is for 2 firsts in ‘19 or a 1st and 2nd in’19 and a 1st in ‘20 No chance you get a 1st for Leo. A 2nd and 3rd and I’m on it. I do agree with your draft plan though. Trade down as much as possible...load up on wrs and O lineman and see what sticks. That way we know what we NEED to spend in ‘20.
  3. Mo Lew

    Jamal Adams

    11 tackles, 1ff, 1 sack guy is #1 on this team.
  4. Sam must be thinking holy sh*t I can’t fix this. When can I leave?
  5. Nothing like waking up angry.
  6. Mo Lew

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    Joe Thomas is a huge Browns homer. He practically had a hard on during halftime of the jets browns game. He is 100% biased. This is non story.
  7. Fire Bowles at the half = best in game adjustment ever made
  8. Yes...disliking someone for something they had no control over is like prodding someone and then whining when they respond. Not very smart or fun. So you named yourself after the fact that you hate the fans that actually financially support the team you love? Then you complain about the player who has more heart than anyone on the team because he isn’t someone else? Jets fans are one mixed up bunch.
  9. Why is it Adams fault we chose him over Mahomes? 🤔 Road fan....your name is my point.
  10. If you don’t like Adams you should go root for another team.
  11. Mo Lew

    Is Adams really all in for the Jets?

    Adams is awesome, silly to dispute that. Unfortunately what he is really awesome at makes for a better linebacker than safety.
  12. Mo Lew

    Is Adams really all in for the Jets?

    Least of our worries. Adams is awesome and we still suck.
  13. Great piece....and I totally agree, but I’m sure you can make a similar case for other QBs though to be fair. I can’t remember the last time I felt like the QB was actually the strength of the team. That’s a new friggen feeling and I like it 😉
  14. I agree with the majority here. Mac has shrewd moments but he has no ability to judge the middle 50% of players. Here's my question...this draft looks promising. Aside from Sam how much say did Brian H have this year? Chris Johnson needs to figure that out. If he did I think we should offer him the GM spot and let him hire a coach. This is our chance to really take the next step. We are more attractive to top candidates than we ever will be. Step up Chris!
  15. He did something amazing. Like over the top. I hope it gets out.

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