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  1. Why does a Bills fan care about the Jets more than I do? Keep doing you buddy 👍
  2. I thought Darnold looked better today. He is so hamstrung by our play calling that he can’t even show his ability. Doesn’t help that our D can’t stop a nosebleed.
  3. I agree but a reliable wr would work wonders. Give him a consistent out. I think that could be Herndon but with him missing a whole year that shouldn’t have been expected.
  4. At some point doesn’t Joe D realize he’s killing Sam by not having any wr talent? Wouldn’t it be prudent to act this year? Not to try and be successful this year but to preserve the overall chance that we may be better in future ones?
  5. I do it for a 3rd in a heartbeat. Priority #1 is to find out if Sam has 'it' asap. And when I say 'it', I mean ability to play and ability to be a leader. Part of that is handling diva WRs. OBJ helps us with that on both counts.
  6. I hope this is false. But I know its likely not.
  7. What does that have to do with pre snap cadence? Or not throwing the ball away. I’m not expecting greatness but basic game strategy should be covered by now. he’s making the same mistakes and that’s disheartening.
  8. @SAR I I like your point on Jordan Palmer. The one concerning thing to me is that Josh Allen is in that same program and he seems to be developing the mental aspect of the game while Sam is not. The inflection of his cadence is a perfect example. Josh Allen is picking up the small nuances and Sam is not yet they train together 9 months out of the year. Adam shouldn't have to tell Sam to do/recognize that. Why do you think this is happening?
  9. Was the new met life a dome? Did the Jets go all in on a STUD wr and actually hit? Hypotheticals are useless.
  10. 6 minutes of saying nada. But strong arm movements STRONG!
  11. As a die hard for 25 years, I still cant believe Sam is a Jet.
  12. Completely wrong. 21 is next years Draft.

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