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  1. And Oakland Raiders fans. Believe me.
  2. Instead of playoffs we should go with playons. Playon Playas!
  3. It all starts with the boys upfront. JD knows the path but he needs to hit BIG on another OL and have the group stay healthy. If that EVER happens with Breece and a mid level qb, were a completely different team. Burrow, Purdy, and Hurts have ALL day.
  4. Its going to be Carr or Rodgers in my opinion. If Jimmy G was the plan they wouldn't have gotten rid of LaFleur and Benton. Lamar will cost everything and is too risky based on his play style.
  5. Climbing the stairs to greatness
  6. I don't agree because of when the points were happening. The D has been FLAT the 1st halves of the past 5 games. They get better when the opposition realizes they don't have to score anymore because our offense is atrocious. Teams get 4-5 yeards every first down run on us. That needs to stop. Our DBs are awesome. Everything else aside from Q is weak.
  7. I agree 100%. The thing that I cant wrap my head around, is if Kyle Shannan has mastered the ability to place meddling QBs in his system and make them productive, why then would he have given so much up for Trey Lance. I really do feel like QBs have it or don't, and modern scouting hasn't diagnosed a way to predict the IT. Not even a little bit. Its confusing.
  8. You saying that to your daughter is your prerogative and I agree. A stranger/loser texting that info to you and adding that your daughter makes their lives miserable is a COMPLETELY different thing. Sender needs to go find a new hobby.
  9. I was there too…didn’t turn to flurries…raining pretty hard the entire game
  10. If we can get Payton then yes whatever it takes. Otherwise he gets another year. And he knows its his last. Anything less than Sean Payton or Aaron Rodgers on our team next year is a failure.
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