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  1. With you on board it would take a lot to balance us out .
  2. This is false. It happened on an incompletion after the entire game was a complete crapfest. But the booing was for Zach, the rest of the aside from WRs played well. Finally you aren’t the fan police. If so you should find a new job.
  3. In a heartbeat. I get the long game, but I’m ready for the
  4. Essentially trading a single #1 for Watson in a lafleur offense. I’d do it.
  5. If I’m not mistaken Russ has missed the playoffs once in his career. I bet the odds. You’re on the side of unlikely. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that I disagree. A mid 20s pick for Julio is something I go for.
  6. Fair point but Russ cooks in my opinion, he’ll make the playoffs all day long. Pick in the 20s for Julio. I’m doing it even though I know it’s not the smartest long term play. But I’m a fan not the GM.
  7. I get your point, at the same time let’s give Zach every chance to be comfortable, let’s give our young wrs a chance to learn from the best, and let’s have some goddamn fun for once. Trade Seattle’s first for Julio and let’s be stacked.
  8. Comparing Adams to Revis is like comparing a bone in tomahawk to a cheeseburger. Let seattle eat the burger.
  9. Don’t agree with Bless being easily replaceable. Aside from that spot on.
  10. I know it might not be the best class but in 22 we need to find a true #1 wr. Corey Davis is not that guy.
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