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  1. I think he is someone we can rely on BUT we def need to add an RB.
  2. Carter MAY have a role is a bit dramatic
  3. We need to draft multiple wrs, can’t have games where you can’t evaluate Wilson based on the garbagio he had to throw to today.
  4. A sunk cost is a sunk cost. Accounting for previously wasted capital in any future decision is exactly what bad management does.
  5. The concept of sunk costs applies to all draft picks. In terms of qb flexibility we are in the same boat.
  6. Honestly, whatever Arod wants while he’s here.
  7. Done worrying about the benefits of a qb on a rookie deal
  8. Exactly! Another reason Arod might be intrigued is his familiarity with the offense and Lafleur.
  9. Because we get them as a package. Got to try and convince Aaron to come. Not saying it will be easy. To me, Rodgers seems like a guy that would get a kick out of winning with the jets, taking the team ripped the most in the media and turning them around. Throw in Davante, Moore, Davis and draft picks and we could appease him. I know it’s a fantasy, but if I were the GM I would try my absolute hardest to make it a reality.
  10. Can’t win what you don’t put in the middle.
  11. Davante is a FA next year. GB has no control of either of them.
  12. Do whatever it takes to acquire Davante Adams. Tamper so he knows our master plan. When he doesn’t sign with GB they will franchise him. Give up the 1st rounder and sign him. Now we get Arod. He mentors Zach (they like each other) for as long as he wants. We have weapons (Adams/Moore/Carter) and draft picks. Tell me why we couldn’t pull this off? It would actually be a sound plan that allows to win now and later.
  13. D was on the field way to long to get an accurate read on Zach in the 2nd half.
  14. Cant really be underrated if you’re drafted in the 6 spot. Macc deserves little credit for Leo.
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