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  1. Sam is arguably already the 2nd best QB the Jets have ever had. Jets fans (myself included) cannot comprehend consistent Jets QB play at his soon to be level. All of the other team drama is nothing as long as Sam is happy.
  2. Any chance we can convince Peyton to come be our GM? I would be DOWN for that.
  3. I started following him on Instagram, he posts his workouts, and they seem intense as hell. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. But what the heck do I know.
  4. Sam and Jamison seem to have a natural connection but that isn't stopping them from getting extra work in...I've seen them on the practice field after each session with Leveon honing the groups timing. Sam should have an abundance of opportunities to work his magic after the play breaks down this year. If so and we can stay relatively healthy we are playoff bound in my opinion.
  5. We should sign Anthony Johnson now. Pleassssssse
  6. I think you mean Philip Lindsay...unless the broncos draft 45 year old basketball players.
  7. The main reason for success/failure is the QB It is if it’s a QB Draft just isn’t as important with Sammy on the team. Not having picks this year was the cost of Sammy. Well worth it to me. Enjoy the Giants confusion. Gettleman is an Eagles fan.
  8. Gregg Williams has been at this sh*t for a long time. He likes the pick, I like the pick. Go Q!!!!!
  9. The green in the jersey and helmet look horrible together, especially in the black. Just like the stadium, we could have done so much better. CJ if it’s such a big unveiling know what you’re gonna say. Don’t go up there and read off of a crumbled piece of paper. Such an amateur.
  10. Imagine what you’d get with the 1st pick in the ‘21 draft....
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