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  1. Jets to sign Trumaine Johnson

    Nice move now get Jensen and everything looks a bit better.
  2. Suh Possibly To Be Released

    I'd like to see how Leo would do with Suh getting the consistent double team.
  3. O: winters, shell, enunwa, anderson D: leo, adams, maye, davis this exercise proves there is not a team out there worse at identifying/drafting high end offensive talent than us. If we drafted Barkley would he already be ranked in our top 5 offensive draft picks in history?
  4. I agree this cant happen...but that's what makes it so Jetsy.
  5. There are a lot of options that will buy Mccags time. There is only one that deserves immediate firing: If a team lower than us (ex. Zona) gets Cousins and the 4 rookie QBs go ahead of us and we skip Chubb Barkley and Nelson for Minkah, Mccags needs to be shown the door.
  6. I could def see Allen gone before 6. It would make me 😊
  7. Malcom Butler

    http://dailysnark.com/report-malcom-butler-didnt-play-missed-curfew-got-caught-weed/ Here it comes... Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. It's not Foles as much as Pederson...guy called an outstanding game and used Foles strengths. If Bates is our OC I'm not sure Foles would be worth it.
  9. Mawae Misses HoF Cut

    Mawae already came out and said he'd go in as a jet.
  10. This is a no brainer to me. If his foot is better resign him for 2 year vet minimum deal and draft a C in mid rounds for him to groom. Everyone wants younger younger younger at every position and I get it but winners have a good mix.
  11. Any interest in Jarvis Landry?

    He plays with a chip on his shoulder. We have a lack of players that play 😡. Sign him then draft Baker/OL/OL and we'll have a much more entertaining product next year.
  12. Christian Hackenberg?????????

    So petty has to be gone right? When we draft a new qb does Hack get a regular season game before him or did we draft a 2nd round qb that NEVER hit the field?
  13. So 2 of his 3 worst moves were no win situations for him? Not too bad to me. His strength is recruiting. He's proven that in the draft and through trades. He just has had no luck at the qb position. The team is giving him one last shot at getting a qb. Hopefully he hits...
  14. Those rumors would already be about us if we lost a couple more games.
  15. On the bright side Wilkerson getting injured will be the final push off the cliff for Bowles...see ya bud 😜