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  1. Hadn’t played well...you’re off dude. Guys been solid.
  2. Way too early for this opinion
  3. He singlehandedly stopped Dak on his 4th down run. In the past 2 games he’s made at least 4 impact plays. He’s 21. He’s only going to get better.
  4. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1183400336280772608?s=20
  5. 100% disagree. Falk blows...a couple extra practices or games or years won’t change that. Now if in those extra years humankind figures out how to change Falks entire body structure, athletic ability, and brain processing speed...well then maybe a couple extra practices would help. Side note Mike Leach must be a hell of a coach.
  6. Vikings have 2 possession receivers and zero deep threats. Trade him for Robbie straight up. I wish...
  7. Doesn’t take much to be the Jets #1 wr
  8. Like a work holiday when the kids still have school good 👍
  9. Sam comes back and our offense looks good just how good is Sam? Like God good?
  10. I’m glad we have a coach who calls out mediocre players for mediocre play. I def had a glass of the green colored kool aid, but some of you drank the whole friggen keg. Monday can’t come soon enough, board is filled with more 🗑 than I can remember.
  11. The guy who broke the story used to cover the Jets. Guy gets it, Go Jets.
  12. Sam was up against last years 2nd best defense, with an offensive line that’s never played a single game together, and a new offensive scheme. If you had high hopes for this one you let your fandom take over. I went to the game (fandom takeover). Sam needs time, not just play to play, but long term. This is the painful part, it’s going to get better. 🤞

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