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  1. I’ll get killed for this but if you watch get up frequently you’d know Foxworth would never pick a white guy.
  2. DWI with a loaded weapon...see ya in 2022.
  3. Personally I think beating Peyton in Indy and Brady in foxboro in back to back playoff games is the most unjetsy thing we will ever experience as a fan base and deserves to be celebrated. Also public celebrating/drinking is sorely missed by me right now so I’m all for this. In fact let’s set it up for this weekend.
  4. I had the same exact thought processes. I can’t find anyone who has any explanation. What did we miss?
  5. That’s not what you said at all. You said if we go 3-13 we’d be lucky to get a 3rd. if we EVER trade Sam for a 3rd I’m done with this team.
  6. People that don’t see Sams potential confuse me. He literally has nothing at oline and wr. He came back after a serious illness at 22 years old and went 7-4 to finish the season. He’s a ******* stud guys. I know we’re not used to nice things but stop trying to get rid of him.
  7. This post is silly bro. Other teams see what Sam is. If they see any fault it’s with our organization not Sam.

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