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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsday.com/amp/sports/football/jets/jets-adam-gase-mike-martz-1.25857187 Dedicated and detailed. Hope he is still has the same hunger...
  2. Mo Lew

    This Oughta Be Fun

    The thing I take most from the clips is that the Miami media is way tougher than what he’s going to face here in NY. Asking the coach scheme questions!!?!? That’s a no no in NY. I didn’t love the hire but I’m starting to think about it in a different context. The Jets need an us against the world mentality. That includes the media. They need a killer instinct. That’s how we are going to truly come together as a team. Gase might be able to make it happen. There are 4 types of team chemistry; hate each other, indifferent, like each other, go to war for each other cause it’s all you have. I’m hopeful that Gase will push the envelope on getting us from 3 to 4.
  3. That had already been posted here. I thought you had a original source not just posting retreads. give it a try 😀
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/kliff-kingsbury-said-last-year-hed-take-kyler-murray-first-pick-draft-160309181.html
  5. Who did you hear this from? I hear shouldn’t be allowed on messages boards, kind of like cursing. I hope it’s Williams therefore it won’t be Williams.
  6. Mo Lew

    Hypothetical trade for AB

    I think the things that bother him stem from Juju being just as good as him. He’s lost his alpha on Pittsburgh. Clearly wouldn’t be an issue here 😀
  7. Mo Lew

    Hypothetical trade for AB

    I agree but I doubt either of those WRs are available. Here is a realistic option to turn our 1st pick into a wr/oline. If Bosa is off the board I do it.
  8. Steelers willing to trade AB if we swap 1st rounders this year. Do you do it?
  9. Reread the initial post....
  10. Mo Lew

    NFL Live

    Just watching and Josina Anderson said that Jeremy Bates has admitted that at times he hasn’t been able to ‘get through’ to Darnold and has had to really lean on Mccown for that???!?!?!?!!? Great job Jeremy 👍
  11. What area does Bowles excel in again? 🧐
  12. Only way you trade Adams is for 2 firsts in ‘19 or a 1st and 2nd in’19 and a 1st in ‘20 No chance you get a 1st for Leo. A 2nd and 3rd and I’m on it. I do agree with your draft plan though. Trade down as much as possible...load up on wrs and O lineman and see what sticks. That way we know what we NEED to spend in ‘20.
  13. Mo Lew

    Jamal Adams

    11 tackles, 1ff, 1 sack guy is #1 on this team.
  14. Sam must be thinking holy sh*t I can’t fix this. When can I leave?

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