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  1. Great question. Makes zero sense.
  2. If the Eagles collapse, is Pederson the guy we want or is it Reich? He left and Wentz is not the same AND Brissett might be the long term answer in Indy.
  3. Nope...we need to see how Darnold performs in a system he is comfortable with next year. Personally I think he is the guy, but with another year in the same system + an actual Oline we will all have a clear understanding. There is nothing more important than that to me.
  4. Didn't you say you were leaving the board 3 weeks ago? And then come back 2 days later? You're stuck in this misery. Don't fight it man. I'm stuck too.
  5. This...our WRs weren’t creating separation or he wasn’t seeing the field well. He wasn’t getting the ball out fast enough. There were zero easy throws vs. Dalton who looked like he had all day but only needed 2 seconds.
  6. Taking credit for predicting a Jets loss is like taking credit for breathing. Maybe you and Ms Cleo should partner up?
  7. I wonder if he’s been told no running under any circumstances because of his spleen.
  8. My only hope for this game is that Gase tells Goodell to get his sh*t in order at the post game presser. I mean call a fair game or get the hell out of the way.
  9. Also phantom calls are awesome. We aren’t good enough to overcome them.
  10. I get that, but they can have continual mediocre play and still have meaningful games late into the season.
  11. To see the post game crew talk about how the cowboys shouldn’t panic. They’re 6-6 and still in the drivers seat for the division. If the Jets are 6-6 they’re already eliminated cause if the friggen Pats. I hate the Pats, just hate them.
  12. Unless you sit and watch the all 22 film your opinion on QW is unfounded. People need to stop acting a fool. Happy T Day!
  13. Nothing like making adjustments to prepare FOR the Jets. Talk about desperate

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