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  1. Mo Lew

    Sam met Namath again

    Throw Vinny in too!
  2. Mo Lew

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    Also imagine if Sam had Barkley 😀
  3. Mo Lew

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    I get your premise but you have no idea how any of the qbs will pan out. That being said I couldn’t be happier with Sam
  4. Mo Lew

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    I actually the think their D is good, they just realize Eli is done. He better be careful or he’s going to end up with a less than .500 career winning %. The gmen had 2 chances to win by taking Barkley. Either Eli still had it and the team would be good OR Eli stunk so much they got Barkley and would still be in line for a top passer next year. As a giants hater I wish they’d win a few games, destroying both of their chances😀
  5. As long as Bates continues to let Darnold open it up, he's the guy. Keep McCown as a glorified back up and you really have as good a situation as a Jets fan could hope for as it relates to a young QB. Making a change for the sake of change is putting your faith behind dumb luck to me. It might work out, but you won't know why.
  6. Mo Lew

    Lets play a game.

    I'd take Bill Belicheck. He either coaches the team he hates or has to quit. Either way I laugh at him. I'm spiteful what can I say?
  7. Mo Lew

    Darnold vs. Other rookie QBs 2009 - 2018

    This is really well done. Perfect way to truly see how Sam stacks up. My only suggestion would be to add the Elite QB's regardless of draft class. Would be interesting to see. Either way really awesome.
  8. Mo Lew

    Locker Room After Game

    Dungy just said, “you need leadership in the locker room to win games.” I know some posters don’t agree but I think Dungy is spot on and having those qualities justifies taking a safety a 6. He makes the whole team closer and the coaches jobs easier. Really happy that Adams is a Jet.
  9. I didn't appreciate Kris Jenkins enough when he was here. What a beast!
  10. Mo Lew

    Two Brief Observations

    Yes, you are correct. Same point though
  11. Mo Lew

    Two Brief Observations

    Additionally we cut down on pre snap penalties which is often overlooked. Defense needs to play the whole game and I think we will be competitive by mid season.
  12. Mo Lew

    Two Brief Observations

    Sam missed Robbie by an inch and then Bilal by an inch. He hits those throws we win and this board is 💯 different 🧐
  13. Mo Lew

    1 half team

    Exactly...People are crazy
  14. Mo Lew

    1 half team

    What did you expect from the offense. It’s the Jags vs a rook. My expectations weren’t high. The D got 3 turnovers in the 2nd half which is exactly my point. Cause they couldn’t cover a shallow cross in the 1st half. Honestly they couldn’t cover a one legged man. But....they got better in the 2nd half. Complete opposite of the Browns game which in itself was the complete opposite of the fins game. It’s like we’re playing a huge game of Opposite Day. Or Bowles is incompetent. Going with door number 2.

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