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  1. Mortensen said Watson won't play for the Texans regardless of the new HC. Mort is usually pretty solid but yes he could be wrong. Miami Sports writers said that Saleh makes the Jets, Watsons top choice. The story was retweeted by Schefty who again is usually pretty solid, but could be wrong. I'm not trying to mislead or break any news but if you take whats out there as true, the Jets are in the drivers seat for Watson. Will we make it happen or will we let him go somewhere else?
  2. Let is exactly the word I meant. Deshaun has said that he will no longer play for the Texans. He has also said that his top team is the Jets. The Jets have the most ammo. If we don't get him, it was our choice to let him go. Praying JD doesn't make that choice.
  3. At least their fans get to experience big games. While we sit around with our collective thumbs up our asses. Which is exactly what we will STILL be doing when we let Watson go to the Fins. But ooooooh more draft pics...so excited to see more players not live up to expectations.
  4. Aaron Rodgers being 1-4 in championship games is exactly why we need Watson. Winning a chip with a top 3 qb is still a hell of a climb. The cost is irrelevant, there’s nothing more impactful. Get it done JD.
  5. Lafleur coached the win away. Needed to score a td on that 4th down. Lazard also made 2 big mistakes.
  6. 69% completion/350 yards/3tds/1pick hardly the problem
  7. Honestly Casserly saying that is one more reason I wouldn’t do it. I think he likes screwing the Jets Watson or Darnold that’s it.
  8. Interesting memory...in his first full year (2nd in the league) he put up 80 receptions, 1400 yards, and 14 TDs. Guys always been a stud and would probably still be a 🐆 if not for injuries.
  9. If they think Sam could be good we should run it back. If they don’t the 49ers wouldn’t either. To me it doesn’t really add up. But I thought we hit the jackpot when Sam fell to us so what do I know.

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