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  1. Best season ever. Worst narration ever.
  2. If I’m not mistaken Russ has missed the playoffs once in his career. I bet the odds. You’re on the side of unlikely. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that I disagree. A mid 20s pick for Julio is something I go for.
  3. Fair point but Russ cooks in my opinion, he’ll make the playoffs all day long. Pick in the 20s for Julio. I’m doing it even though I know it’s not the smartest long term play. But I’m a fan not the GM.
  4. I get your point, at the same time let’s give Zach every chance to be comfortable, let’s give our young wrs a chance to learn from the best, and let’s have some goddamn fun for once. Trade Seattle’s first for Julio and let’s be stacked.
  5. Comparing Adams to Revis is like comparing a bone in tomahawk to a cheeseburger. Let seattle eat the burger.
  6. Don’t agree with Bless being easily replaceable. Aside from that spot on.
  7. I know it might not be the best class but in 22 we need to find a true #1 wr. Corey Davis is not that guy.
  8. I know we cant have him anymore but do you know what Pitts graded out against all historical TEs?
  9. Joke vid or not guy is a douche.
  10. Thanks for sharing. He has all the skills and demeanor to succeed here. I hope he gets another shot. unless we can get Watson
  11. You line up that team and if Sam sucks, you go get Watson or Wilson. With 2 1s next year, we are STACKED
  12. Yeah this guy will be good in the clutch. Tell the 49ers to get 15 for Jimmy G and get 3 and 15 for 2. Draft Pitts/Slater/Davis/Samuel in that order. won’t happen but that’s what we should do. also I don’t care that I started a new thread, so you shouldn’t either
  13. HUH??? Its called guessing man. People are GUESSING the most probable conclusion. With Watson out there are really only 2 options. Not too tough.
  14. Remind me...Pauline is the same guy who claimed JD was going to be fired at the end of the season right? Nobody knows JD...stop fooling yourselves, sit on your hands, and watch how shiz gets done.
  15. Bosa went in 19, the qbs you mentioned in 18. Aside from that makes sense.
  16. So you’re good with all of the 1st round qbs? Probably means none are worth taking because none stand out. Personally a trade down for pitts or a wr is where I’m at. Give Sam a real coach and see what happens. Sad to say Jeremy Bates is the best offensive mind we ever gave Sam. Criminal actually.
  17. Nothing more valuable then Zack Wilson aside from Lawrence right now. Wilson and our 1st next year for Watson. Longer this goes out the clearer this becomes for the Texans. Watson should be our only option right now.
  18. This comment is absurd. How do you know? Also I hate my job but I'm damn good at it.
  19. I wouldn’t be shocked at all. To me it’s probably 40% Sam, 40% Wilson, 20% Watson...please be Watson.
  20. You just jumped from is he good to top 10 player.
  21. Take a look at his career stats...which year are you talking about? Guy is a stud and has 3 arguably 4 years we’d drool over. Still doesn’t make sense over Watson though. Nothing does.
  22. Could the Texans/Seahawks swap qbs. Ugh that would suck.
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