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  1. Don’t hate this at all. We should open with some confidence.
  2. We split with them this year and we’re lucky.
  3. Not even sure what you are disagreeing with here.
  4. Fully on board. Unless we can swap our 10 and a 2nd either the eagles and saints for their 1sts, and still get Williams.
  5. Disagree based on positional value alone. Edges cost money and now so do WRs, might as well stock up on premium positions.
  6. The whole premise of this is ridiculous to me. DK and AJ weren’t top tier either based on their draft status. I’d take either of them above all 3 wrs listed above aside chase. you don’t know how these kids will respond to the nfl. Silly to think people who watch from the outside know better.
  7. If we went Thibs/Wilson/Linderbaum/Burks we win the draft.
  8. This is a worst case scenario at the top.
  9. We do whatever it takes to get him. I mean literally both 1sts and 2nds and Wilson. In a single move we’d become a threat. We are the Jets though it won’t happen.
  10. Lets say he doesn't get indicted and the NFL suspends him for half the season. Trade Wilson and #10 for him? I would in a heartbeat. He may be a scumbag, but he wouldn't be the only one.
  11. I’ll take Matt Trashford in a heartbeat. He would own every jets single season record by week 14 of his first season.
  12. I’ll take this level of insanity all day long.
  13. Exactly. What a feeling it would be if we could draft top end talent but not immediately push them into carrying the team mode.
  14. If his medicals check out I would think long and hard about giving #10 for him. Top 3 wr when he is on his game and I’m sure he’s hungry to put the last 2 years in the rear view.
  15. I think he is someone we can rely on BUT we def need to add an RB.
  16. Carter MAY have a role is a bit dramatic
  17. We need to draft multiple wrs, can’t have games where you can’t evaluate Wilson based on the garbagio he had to throw to today.
  18. A sunk cost is a sunk cost. Accounting for previously wasted capital in any future decision is exactly what bad management does.
  19. The concept of sunk costs applies to all draft picks. In terms of qb flexibility we are in the same boat.
  20. Honestly, whatever Arod wants while he’s here.
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