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  1. So on to the bigger problem, we have a QB who seems to be trolling high schools in the New York area. Never heard of anyone outside of HS who had mono. Not saying it never happens but damn.
  2. And when they get traded to a team they don't like they will take a page out of the AB playbook and become such a problem as to get released then sign with the team they want. If they can play they will have offers no matter how big a problem. Didn't this happen in the NBA a few years ago, all the talent decided they wanted to play on one team to dominate and win championships hurting the league balance?
  3. He was never going to sign with us, he didn't want to be in Oakland or Buff so he took the lesser of two evils and then made himself a problem forcing a release and free agency. He wanted to go to a contender and if he could stick it to Pitt even better.
  4. But then the Pats would have to pay full price for him. someone call Roger...
  5. With all this hardball by the FO, which I like, do you think it will have an effect on future free agents not wanting to sign with us? Or do we end up paying a premium for the right to sign them?
  6. Is the plan to bring in Douzable later for vet min or is the team moving on?
  7. The only time these two idiots would scare me is if they were ahead of me on the buffet line.
  8. When you say he is as good as fitz are you saying that with our receiving core any average QB could approach 30+ TDs? If so we already have that guy in Geno. Don't get me wrong I don't want Geno or an over priced fitz but maybe a spead off QB like Griffin is the answer.
  9. Living outside of the tri-state area, and not having Direct TV, I only get to see my Jets when they happen to be carried on a major network in the southwest. That said I seem to have developed a heightened level of sensitivity to the …. Film school dropout, Touretts syndrome afflicted, caffeine pumping morons who can’t seem to stop showing me; fans, coaches, player close ups, yellow goal post flags, US Flags, former players, commentators, referees and any other f***ing thing they can point a camera at. OK I love the US Flag, but do I have to see it on a third and short with the game on the li
  10. Dick Virmeil??? Can you say Lawrence Philips??
  11. He is right, he is the guy for the job of Jets QB: Pennington = pick 6 on the out pattern. Sanchez = the human turnover machine, NOW Smith = still more interceptions. If I were a Sr college QB I would be praying not to be drafted by this team next year!
  12. New England for info then cut before camp ends.
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