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  1. So on to the bigger problem, we have a QB who seems to be trolling high schools in the New York area. Never heard of anyone outside of HS who had mono. Not saying it never happens but damn.
  2. And when they get traded to a team they don't like they will take a page out of the AB playbook and become such a problem as to get released then sign with the team they want. If they can play they will have offers no matter how big a problem. Didn't this happen in the NBA a few years ago, all the talent decided they wanted to play on one team to dominate and win championships hurting the league balance?
  3. He was never going to sign with us, he didn't want to be in Oakland or Buff so he took the lesser of two evils and then made himself a problem forcing a release and free agency. He wanted to go to a contender and if he could stick it to Pitt even better.
  4. But then the Pats would have to pay full price for him. someone call Roger...

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