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  1. 1. Lowery is a good #2 2. We don't have the cap room to sign someone with his salary 3. He is a jackass and a poor cornerback
  2. i would take that draft. i love the percy harvin pick, although i doubt he will last until the second round. but i would also like to trade whatever it takes to get michael crabtree. that guy is an absolute monster, and we need some explosiveness on offense. crabtree is as close to a sure thing as you can have coming out of college. i doubt that will happen though. positions i would like to see drafted : wr, de, fs, cb, lb
  3. 5 tackles, a sack, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, an interception. best jets draft pick i have witnessed since being a jet fan. and jenkins is a monster, exactly what this defense needed.
  4. hahaha. a walter sobchek reference? really? that is one of the best movies of all time. "Shut the f-ck up Donnie!"
  5. This was the first game I was able to watch. I didnt get to see the whole game, but I didn't see much out of him. How has he done so far in the preseason?
  6. Agreed. Barton has looked solid. I am really excited about our linbacker core with Barton, Gholston, Harris, and Pace. Those are some BIG LB'ers. They are going to be ripping peoples faces off this year. Especially with Jenkins in front.
  7. Miller isnt going to the practice squad. I always liked the kid, but he has underperformed. I have kind of a radical suggestion.... why not try him at safety? He is fast and hits like a madman. He is small and strong, could be a Bob Sanders type. They could play him up by the line a blitz him, or drop him back into zone. He is much better in zone than in man to man. Yeah? Maybe not. Can't be any worse than he is at corner though. I'm curious to see how that would work. Miller and Rhodes at safety... Also, I love what I have seen from Lowery. I am in the fan club for sure. I didnt know his number, so last night i was like, who is this #34 guy? He is all over the place. I asked that a lot last until i saw his name on his jersey and i got excited. As recievers go, I love Clowney. He better make the team. And someone said Wallace Wright may be out, but I highly doubt it. The guy is an absolute stud on ST. He is always the first one down the field, and always makes the tackle.
  8. Just saw it on the bottom line on ESPN... (2am EST) The Tampa Tribune is reporting the Bucs will likely aquire Favre. Announcement could come today sometime.
  9. i would love to have the depth chart look like this 1. Thomas Jones 2. Kevin Jones 3. Leon Washington who can ardue with that? chatman? smith? no.
  10. i can not wait for madden. i had two copies of '08 that got effed up. and now i am jonesing for '09. i can't wait to get it and spend that first day looking through all the players and stats. that is my favorite part. especially looking at the jets players stats, as well as all the rookies stats. and the players speeds. speed is the key in madden, although it wasn't AS MUCH is '08 as it was in past years.
  11. todd mcshay is a terd. but if we get moreno, i will be the happiest jet fan on earth. he is a monster.
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