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  1. The last thing the Jets need is to commit 30m+ a year to a vet QB like Watson. Draft your own and use the low cap hit QB to build the team properly around him.
  2. I want Marvin Lewis I want this to be a total sh*tshow I hope they keep the same idiotic structure of the HC reporting to one of the idiot brothers this way when they inevitably need to fire1 of them, the other makes it difficult to get a top tier coach or GM.
  3. Jimbo needs to stay where he is....forever.
  4. Anyone still think Mike McCarthy would have been worse?
  5. I was a huge Sam supporter but at this point I think its over. If I were the Jets I'd keep Sam next year and do my best to hide the fact that they would be interested in Trevor Lawrence so he doesn't go back to school. Keep Sam next year and let him start hopefully the Jets draft a ton of offense and skill players. Maybe you end up getting something for Sam after next season if you can upgrade the talent around him to a professional level. If there were NFL crimes what the Jets did to Sam would be a life sentence. I have no doubt that if they had drafted any QB within the past 5 years they would not have been successful saddled with this coach and lack of talent. This organization is a dumpster fire.
  6. It kind of worries me that he has not only been Tannehill'd but David Carr'd as well. I don't remember him throwing off his back foot and bailing so quickly in his rookie year as often as he does now. The Jets took a raw talent with little experience and needed to develop him plus give him weapons. They did neither.
  7. about a 4. I believe the Jets David Carr'd Sam and the damage is done already. He looks worse than he did his rookie year. On top of that the Jets have zero talent at WR/TE and their offensive line looked about as bad as it was last year so no wonder why the whole offense stinks. We sh*t away his rookie deal anyway its probably time to move on hopefully with lessons learned by the Jets (who am I kidding). At this point I'm hoping either Sam can somehow make this ship of scrubs better or he totally sucks. I don't want ride on another Pennington wave of sub-mediocrity for the next 5+ years.
  8. Ignoring the offense for 10+ years might be a place to start. Drafting a QB doesn't mean you are done drafting offense early and often.
  9. lol excuses except he has an awful Oline and zero receivers...but ya sure. Not saying he isn't playing poorly but important things like a good offensive line and actual skill receivers would make an evaluation more valid. I doubt any QB could do anything with this awful HC and offense.
  10. I doubt either of them would have had any success running the Jets high school skill level offense to be honest. Jets are one of the few franchises that draft a potential franchise QB and then dust off their hands and say "ok offense done!" The Jets ignored the offensive line and WR for 10+ years. The Jets still have a huge talent gap on offense one offseason was never going to fix this train wreck.
  11. Its hard to believe we are in year 3 with Darnold and the offense still lacks talent at the skill positions and this makeshift offensive line will probably take a while to gel especially this year due to covid/no preseason games. I see Darnold making the best of the turd sandwich he was given once again but another 5-7 wins in the books.
  12. Its amazing how much you seem to dislike Sam yet that lard turd Dfat was the greatest thing since sliced bread to you as you man championed him for his entire (Brief) NFL tenure.
  13. So it sounds like Baker Mayfield wont have to resort to the local Cheesecake factory anymore he hits the target height.
  14. Changing his mind as in a scientist changing his recommendations based on science and current information?

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