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  1. https://www.bing.com/search?q=texas+covid+cases+increasing&cvid=c4440db185594e80bf0fd7fbdbd94ad6&FORM=ANNTA1&PC=U531 https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/longevity/497957-texas-reports-single-day-high-in-coronavirus-deaths-two Most of the sources are local news and/or newspapers.
  2. Seems like Texas is going for new highs in Covid cases since "getting back to normal" I think they are at like 7 days in a row of +1000 cases and set a new high today exactly 2 weeks after opening despite the medical experts warnings.
  3. I want a receiver who runs good routes and goes after contested balls. Can't always get what you want I guess.
  4. Hopefully he impacts our acquisition of draft capital once we trade him in the off season.
  5. He doesn't run routes well enough to be a number 2/3 and he is in no way a number 1. He would make a good 4th receiver on a real NFL team that isn't named the Jets. Too many Jets fans overrate him never fights for the ball and seems too fragile to work the middle.
  6. And that’s why Anderson isn’t a 2 or 3. He is good for a deep route or two at best
  7. need more defensive draft picks I guess. Good thing we kept Adams!
  8. Do you actually believe this? He isn't even a 3 imho. A deep threat specialist maybe who sees the field a few times on a normal team. Crowder is a legit 3. And thats all the Jets have. All garbage.
  9. Do you see how much time Jackson has behind his offensive line compared to Sam? I mean look at career Jag Matt More he looked great behind that loaded KC offense. Not a fair comparison. Now Shorty Baker and all the talent he has around him would be fair game.

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