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  1. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    but but...aren't they afraid they will "lose" the locker room and vets?? What about the poor vets.
  2. Kerly getting suspended (confirmed)

    I hope there is some undeserving veteran WR to play over any of the rookies as I'm sure Bowles has seen enough of them in the preseason.
  3. All those draft picks browns 0-8

    Then on the other hand look at all the picks the Eagles gave up to draft their franchise QB at the #2 position. How is that working out and does that show you how important draft position and the QB is? How about the Rams who tanked well enough to secure the first pick how is that working out for them?
  4. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    At this point the tank dream is over, but I can still hope for maximum losses in hopes of a smooth bowel flush.
  5. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    Huh? Only the #realfan crew is upset. I mean the tank dream is over, doesn't matter if they win or lose at this point they already lost over the long hall. Nobody is outtanking the browns or 49'ers.
  6. I think most of us knew what this team was. A team that was maybe 2-4 wins if they properly started the young QB's to evaluate for next year or a 4-6 win team with a 38 year old JAG with no future
  7. All this talk about free agent QB's make me laugh. The Jetiest thing to do would be to extend McCown and that is what is going to happen. That coupled with a draft of a CB or Tiny LB in the first round. Some people/teams never learn. But Hey...6-10 is totally worth it amirite?
  8. Is Macc setting up for FA QB?

    We would be like upper class mediocre! Think of all the defense we could draft then. Wildcard baby!
  9. So #realfan means a fan who wants our team to be 6-10 to 10-6 with a shot at a wildcard birth every so often. Gotcha. #mediocrity
  10. I hope HUGE. This is exactly what this franchise deserves.
  11. And the Jets strat of picking the most polished turd to QB has paid off bigly $$$$.
  12. I cant wait to look back and say remember the time we won that game that meant nothing.
  13. Mayfield & Jackson QB Article

    Hard pass on both those guys. Too many higher talent QB's to be looking at for next years draft to worry about these flawed players.