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  1. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    System QB who played on an elite level team in a non defensive oriented conference. Anyone who watched college FB would agree with this scouting report.
  2. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Its cute that you think Bowels isn't going to start McCown for a majority of the season no matter who they pick.
  3. Second or third time you have brought up Connor Cook. Seems you have a case of the whataboutism. We are talking 2018 QB's not 4th round 2016 draft picks.
  4. I knew baby hands baker man-champions would be all over this thread to protect him. Face it questionable character, small hands, nonathletic, and short aren't things you gave up 3 2nd rounders for. Now if I was making an all star running from the po-po squad maybe I'd select him (although the police did say he was slow).
  5. NYP: The Whispers around Giants’ No. 2 pick

    I just don't get the Barkley love. I watched almost every Penn State game and I wasn't overly impressed. He often disappeared in games for long stretches and didn't seem nearly as dominating as Zeke or Bell did in college.
  6. Hey another Mayfield thread neat... Stats can be made to say anything, I could counter and count the SB's won by QB's >= 6'3" in the past 20 years. It seems about the same level of validation since you are comparing batted passes without taking into account the skill level of the offensive line. Mayfield played behind a stud O-line on a playoff level team in a conference that doesn't believe in Defense. Rosen and Allen did not.
  7. Board redirect on new browser tab?

    Yes me too. had to open/close Firefox a few times before I opened firefox and it said it couldn't reload the page and gave an option to start a new session. I just bookmarked the forum rather than go through the main page it seems to bypass the nasty popup.
  8. Board redirect on new browser tab?

    Got this one today for the first time. Thank god its not a real threat lol just some weak attempt.
  9. Darnold>Rosen>Allen>country mile>halfpint
  10. Joel Klatt on Josh Rosen

    Its mostly because a lack of real complaints about Rosen and the fact some have a serious case of the bromance and drafting Rosen would lead to their small sized hunk going to another team leading to </3
  11. Why does the CBA allow this stuff?

    He doesn't even have to do it under the table. He is getting paid through a loophole where his snake oil company is contracted by the pats. I'm sure in a few years they will close this loophole up, but until then its just the Cheaters being Cheaters.
  12. All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    You forgot his best clip
  13. College stats are just a small part of the equation. Geno Smith, Johnny Manziel, and RGIII would be super elite if that were the case. When was the last time a Heisman trophy QB was considered an elite NFL QB? Maybe Cam? I don't consider him elite though. Just look at that list of "colleges best" and there are some real busts on that list. Anyway its a scouts job to project how a skill set of the QB will translate to the NFL. Hacknsack was always horrible in every way, and was considered undraftable by many. Allen is not like Hacknsack. I'd rather take my chances on Darnold, Rosen, or Allen than someone who is physically inferior and mentally immature.
  14. What, every other post is full of shortfiled bromance.
  15. Best QB class in 15 Years per Scout Inc.

    I would bet against that. I see a Manziel like career for Mayfield. I also would love to see one legit mock draft that has Allen going in the 4th round.