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  1. I feel like the same subset of people who thought Rex was a good coach also liked the orange man. If I were to draw a venn diagram I'm sure they would share the same set of people. Some people like fat and dumb blowhards who lie to your face.
  2. That game vs Jax in December will be the turd bowl for the first pick in 2022
  3. People can't actually believe its all on Zach can they? I mean you have eyes right? You see how awful every part of the Jets are right? Plenty of blame to go around from the owner on down.
  4. LOL 5 minutes into the first game the announcers are saying what a mess for the Jets. Typical Jets start.
  5. I mean its rebuild 4.25 or whatever and its first year of this version of the rebuild. If they hit on Zack it will all be worth it but this year isn't going to be great.
  6. Then a bit less than half way through the season as RA pulled his usual disappearing act, they no longer wondered.
  7. When I look at this picture, the only thing that comes to mind is Florida. All its missing is a meth tooth smile.
  8. Robbie was once again fools gold. Took him off waivers in my Fantasy league because he was on a tear early in the season. Proceeded to suck/mia for like 10 games in a row. Typical Robbie you would have thought I'd have learned that by now but at least Douglas did.
  9. No matter how many times you try and claim the new uni's look like the classic 80's/90's uniforms they look nothing alike and the 80/90's were simply the best Jets uniforms to date. The classic egg logo looks dumb and lazy while the new uniforms icon looks even more dumb and lazy if that's even possible.
  10. I'm not sure I understand why people are calling it a hit job? He has an opinion on ranking he isn't influencing GM's to pick Fields later or earlier. He is an analyst and giving his opinion. I also agree Fields and Lance are the worst of this class and almost surefire busts. I disagree with him about TL but who knows it's more about where they end up at this point. No QB is going to succeed given the Darnold treatment.
  11. Im a solid meh so I didn't vote. I think 4 of the top 5 will turn out ok (minus Fields which will be a bust) but I can't help wishing we had fired Gase before he lead us to 2 spite victories which would have netted the Jets TL. Not like I felt about Josh Allen this time a few years ago.
  12. lets get him back so he can kill it for 2-3 games then disappear for 10.
  13. We need a QB I voted Wilson but really anyone but Fields would make feel pretty good about the draft.
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