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  1. I mean it took the cowboys offense missing their #1 WR and LT (or was it RT?) and a ton of injuries all around for the Jets to get a win today. I have no doubt the Jets will win enough games to be drafting in no mans land 6-10 but be nowhere good enough to be in the conversation for a playoff spot.
  2. Easier games, meaningless wins, and typical Jets bad luck leads to 5-11
  3. If I were Chris I'd maniacally laugh while counting my money from TV and PSL owners or anyone foolish enough to pay to go watch this team.
  4. Would love to hear from the "our offensive line will be fine" crowd as well. Also the people who thought Q was the best available draft pick or even a worthy draft pick.
  5. I think we said the same thing after idzik but then we got someone worse lol. I do have some hope that he will be better though
  6. You didn't answer the question. Please list the teams with young QBs that have worse OL and WR yet are winning. Bell is a legit weapon no argument. Crowder is at best a good slot receiver a solid 3rd WR. RA is a borderline 2/3 type at best. Montgomery is trash. Herndon is an unknown still. Our offensive line is offensively bad one of the worst in the league hands down. You certainly are being positive that you don't like Sam at QB.
  7. I can't even understand what the rush is. You want to rush him out while he is still recovering behind this pathetic offensive line for what? Another loss? This team is years away from competing in the long run holding him out letting him regain his conditioning and placing him in a position to better succeed is more important than a win in a lost season. You people thinking the Jets are going to go 9-7 are on drugs. I'm guessing you never had Mono. I didn't feel 100% for 3 months after I was over the fever. Everyone is different but the fact that his spleen still isn't back to normal tells me he isn't ready to play this week.
  8. I hope not, but this is the Jets so they will inevitably make the wrong decision.
  9. Who exactly is winning with a worse collection of OL and WR? I gotta hear this or is this another irrational #AnybodybutSam post. Bell is legit, Crowder is a solid 3. Loved the "offensive guru" part...peed my pants.
  10. Those Alabama guys always work out great for the Jets! (recently hehe)
  11. When is this stupid narrative going to end. You can contract mono without ever kissing anyone, and through no fault of his own. There are carriers who may never develop symptoms yet are able to spread the virus from a sneeze or cough. He spent most of his time in a locker room full which is probably like a petri dish of germs. Its so dumb half the people here have no idea what mono is and the ways to contract it. It would be like calling him immature because he caught a cold.
  12. I mean I think its a combo of a poorly built team roster wise with far too many DT's and not enough invested in the offense, thin roster due to all the horrible drafting over the years, vets who are playing poorly, injuries, and coaching. There is enough blame for all parties involved.
  13. At this point the only thing I have to look forward to is the inevitable brawl between Gase and Williams.

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