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  1. Contingency plans; Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson

    Allen, want no part of Lamar Jackson.
  2. Macc has to do better than this! Lol

    I think the only thing TB12 does is circumvent the salary cap...
  3. Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    slow your roll....lets not make the Niel O'donnell mistake again. He had a good game.
  4. Who Else Here WON'T Be Watching?

    Ive heard enough Brady ball washing for a lifetime, not watching.
  5. I'd agree with the OP if the Jets were drafting 1-3, but they screwed up the tank and just had to win 5 games for reasons. If they can trade up by some miracle and grab Rosen, Darnold, or Allen then that is the best bet moving forward. If not I'd rather have Cousins than the rest of the QBs available after the top 3.
  6. So just heard him on the Kay show. He is actually a Jets fan, he just didn't like the made up 60m figure (same as Pitt offered him last year). Would love a Spartan reunion of Cousins and Bell.
  7. Poll: Cousins vs. First Round QB

    How about Shorty Mayfield or Baker Manziel.
  8. Poll: Cousins vs. First Round QB

    I'd have no problem with Cousins but my preference would be 1. Rosen 2. Darnold 3. Allen 4. Cousins 1000000000. Johnny Mayfield.
  9. I believe he is short enough to be a jockey.
  10. I think there is a small vocal minority with major wood for shorty mayfield and they wont listen to reason or think logically about anyone else.
  11. The Jets will sign Alex Smith in FA then go defense in the first (CB if I had to guess) then maybe just maybe they will go OL in the second. This formula of taking cast off QB's and drafting defense has worked so well for the Jets how could they go in any other direction.
  12. Do we really want Kirk Cousins?

    I mean I'm always going to want a Spartan on the Jets but I really wanted a QB the Jets could call their own so I'm going to be slightly disappointed if we go that route. On the other hand since we needed to play a 100 year old QB for those precious 5 wins we aren't going to be able to draft the potential FQB I dreamed about. Given the choice between Shrimp Mayfield/Geno Jackson or Cousins I'm picking Cousins every time.
  13. I know the Jets are going to beat the pats because that's the ultimate Jetiest thing the Jets can do which will lead to Bowles getting an extension for 3 more years which leads to us drafting defense (again).
  14. ### Jets \ Chargers Game Thread ###

    I want to see the Hack just for the lols at this point.