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  1. I have to say I'm warming up to Rex being D coordinator. For the lulz of course since we will be looking for a new gm/coach in 2-3 years might as well have some fun along the way. I'd bet by year 2 Rex would at least take a swing at Gase.
  2. SpartanJet

    Chad Pennington

    I don't want his noodle arm rubbing off on Sam. I could just see him giving advice like "don't care about first downs, make sure your completion percentage is as high as possible by dumping off 1 yard passes" or "When you try a long pass throw it as high as possible so it hangs for at least 5 seconds so the receivers get crushed waiting for it". Hard pass.
  3. SpartanJet

    Possibly the most important stat on Gase

    A whole 3-3 vs the Pats? WOW! Sign this beast.
  4. SpartanJet

    8 NFL HC jobs were available..

    This is about as bad as "whataboutism". Nobody wanted Gase either except for the braintrust we have.
  5. SpartanJet

    Big endorsment from Alshon Jeffrey

    The problem is it was too soon to give him another gig. Notice Bill had 5 years to think about why he failed in Cleveland as the Jets DC.
  6. SpartanJet

    The Adam Gase Positivity Thread

    I'm positive in 3 years we will be looking for a new GM and coach.
  7. SpartanJet

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I used to joke 20 years ago about the Jets not winning a superbowl in my lifetime....Now I'm starting to think the joke was on me this franchise is f*cked up.
  8. SpartanJet

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    On the Bright side, in 3 years when they have to blow this sh*t back up, Mac and Gase will be gone.
  9. SpartanJet

    Rhule staying at Baylor

    I completely agree. If the Jets wanted McCarthy, he would be a Jet by now. Unfortunate but expected from a team that fired Bowels 2 years too late and kept Mac for reasons.
  10. SpartanJet

    Rhule staying at Baylor

    That would be the most Jetiest move...so yea.
  11. If the Jets hire Rhule it tells me Mac has a lot more say than we think, and he is scared to hire a top notch coach.
  12. SpartanJet

    Just hire McCarthy already

    The idea that the Jets would hire a HC and tell the new HC who is coordinators are is actually pissing me off yet its so Jet like that its probably true. For the love of god just hire McCarthy and let him pick his staff like a normal franchise.
  13. SpartanJet

    Just hire McCarthy already

    I feel like that guy would be at home in Jacksonville or something.
  14. SpartanJet

    Want to be sold on Monken?

    Sound like fat Rex! Baltimore didn't even think enough about him to give him the HC gig, so the dummy Jets do. That turned out great!
  15. McCarthy. I believe many are being too critical of him in Green Bay. Over the past few years there have been constant injury issues with Rodgers and the offensive line plus I don't think the GM did a very good job over there putting together a complete team. It could be the huge financial hit Rodgers contract since not every team in the NFL can employ a snake oil company where their QB is getting paid under the table through a shell corporation like the Cheatriots can. McCarthy would be my choice without question. As long as its not Cadwell or Rex I can live with it since I feel whoever they pick will be fired along with Mac in 2-3 years.

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