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  1. I love me some Bell, but its the wrong time to be spending big on a RB. The O-line is in shambles and we need to use draft capital to get young offensive weapons and/or improve the O-line. Bell would be great on a team that is on the edge of a super bowl run. I don't think Barry Sanders could make this O-line look good.
  2. SpartanJet

    Bowles, or Bates, or both?

    Both but mostly Bowels since he hired an unknown OC who's focus would be to run the ball more in a league gone pass crazy. Plus with this train wreck OL anyone with a brain cell knew running the ball would be a struggle. Plus they are going to David Carr our potential franchise QB with their feeble pass protection.
  3. We are already better. See the Jets won 5 games the last two years meaning they havent forgotten how to win. Meanwhile the stupid browns have forgotten how to win and all they get are those top draft picks. What fools!
  4. I think people need glasses. Darnold has a sh*tshow amount of talent around him on offense, while the Browns have accumulated much talent from sucking so many years. Its an unfair comparison. Plus the Jets have Bowels, so yea at least we have 20 safeties.
  5. SpartanJet

    Id like to see more deep passes

    I would too but you know we need more safeties so there is no room to draft decent offensive linemen or playmakers.
  6. Fire Bowels. I'd say fire Mac too but it might be a little hard now because his gambit paid off so well getting Sam but I'd be on board for showing him the door as well. Hire an offensive minded coach. Draft actual offensive weapons and beef up the O-line. I don't care if they don't draft a single defensive player over the next 4 years it still wouldn't make up for the lack of draft picks on the offensive side of the ball. Do everything they can to maximize the chance that Darnold turns into the real thing.
  7. Darnold was dumb luck and the perfect pick. Most good teams draft best impact player available at those high 1's, which is why players like Williams and Adams ""fall"" to us.
  8. SpartanJet

    2018 Jets Prediction

    6-10 or whatever locks us in at the 6th pick next year.
  9. Nope...get rid of him for any draft pick you can. He has no future here.
  10. Big Ben. While Romo level wouldn't be awful, I'd expect more from the spot where he was drafted and what potential he has. His game reminds me of Big Ben minus the rape.
  11. Maybe if we drafted players other than DT and Safety we would have some quality offensive backup depth. Maybe even an NFL caliber OL too. I cant blame Darnold for holding out I wouldn't want to play for this team and get my career David Carr'd.
  12. SpartanJet

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    I guess connor cook was > the hack after all. Who would have guessed that a guy who won like 90% of his games and lead his team to multiple bowl games was better than a guy who couldn't hit the side of a barn with a pass.
  13. They did one good thing: Darnold. Everything else is a train wreck. Somehow this roster is devoid of talent, the offensive line neglected, a moron for a coach, and a GM who is terrible at filling out a roster unless DL's and safeties are considered a full roster. Get rid of the coach at the very least, draft some O linemen and offensive skill players, and maybe skip getting those safeties/DL's there is a reason why they seem to always be there when its our turn in the draft (because other GM's are smart enough to draft for best available impact players not just BPA).
  14. I mean most people who had eyes and were able to see knew Hack was garbage but I must admit it worries me seeing as Hack left this building as bad as he did when drafted. Now Bowles has a legit QB prospect we are supposed to believe he will do things differently because why?
  15. SpartanJet

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    Great hopefully he will teach his ability to pad his completion percentage by throwing meaningless 2 yard passes on 3rd down when they needed 5. I hope he also teaches him to soil his shorts as soon as the defense applies any sort of pressure just like good old noodle arm. Glad the Jets didn't use this loser.

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