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  1. What a nightmare. This is the 3rd worst possibility I could think of. The worst would be to keep both next year followed by the option to fire Mac yet retain Bowels and force him on a new GM. This franchise can't get out of its own way.
  2. SpartanJet

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    Imagine if the Giants took Sam. We would have given up a butt ton of draft picks for 2 QB's who would probably have been on the board at 6. He got lucky as hell that the Giants went RB or that trade would have been comically bad. BPA doesn't work when you have no play makers on offense and no edge rushers on defense. There is a reason why these non impact position players seem to "fall" to us year after year. He needs to go almost as much as Bowels does.
  3. I don’t see how a top flight coach would take the job with Mac as the GM. They need to fire him or extend him so a coach won’t be scared to take the job and have Mac canned next year. I really hope they get rid of both, get a new GM and let HIM hire a coach and have a proper chain of command where the coach is under the GM. Ah but this is the Jets they will do the wrong thing anyway.
  4. The Jetiest thing to do would be to fire Mac and hold on to TB making sure none of the experienced GM's would want to go near the Jets.
  5. Honestly I'm scared the Jets will repeat their stupidity and fire the GM but keep TB. They can't get out of their own way.
  6. SpartanJet

    Todd Bowles is a LOSER!

    I think with the injuries TB has lucked out and given himself an extra life no matter how badly we play from here on out. Very unfortunate I was really hoping to bring in an offensive minded coach.
  7. SpartanJet

    We need to move Leo

    No Leo hate here he is fine player. I'd trade him if the right offer came along he is in a non impact position that can be filled with cheaper alternatives.
  8. SpartanJet

    Darnold's throwing mechanics

    If I remember correctly 3 of those batted down passes were because the linemen were so worried about getting torched they dropped back and didn't even lay a hand on their assignment. A D-linemen who isn't engaged can easily bat down passes. Don't care what PFF says our O-line sucks.
  9. I love me some Bell, but its the wrong time to be spending big on a RB. The O-line is in shambles and we need to use draft capital to get young offensive weapons and/or improve the O-line. Bell would be great on a team that is on the edge of a super bowl run. I don't think Barry Sanders could make this O-line look good.
  10. SpartanJet

    Bowles, or Bates, or both?

    Both but mostly Bowels since he hired an unknown OC who's focus would be to run the ball more in a league gone pass crazy. Plus with this train wreck OL anyone with a brain cell knew running the ball would be a struggle. Plus they are going to David Carr our potential franchise QB with their feeble pass protection.
  11. We are already better. See the Jets won 5 games the last two years meaning they havent forgotten how to win. Meanwhile the stupid browns have forgotten how to win and all they get are those top draft picks. What fools!
  12. I think people need glasses. Darnold has a sh*tshow amount of talent around him on offense, while the Browns have accumulated much talent from sucking so many years. Its an unfair comparison. Plus the Jets have Bowels, so yea at least we have 20 safeties.
  13. SpartanJet

    Id like to see more deep passes

    I would too but you know we need more safeties so there is no room to draft decent offensive linemen or playmakers.
  14. Fire Bowels. I'd say fire Mac too but it might be a little hard now because his gambit paid off so well getting Sam but I'd be on board for showing him the door as well. Hire an offensive minded coach. Draft actual offensive weapons and beef up the O-line. I don't care if they don't draft a single defensive player over the next 4 years it still wouldn't make up for the lack of draft picks on the offensive side of the ball. Do everything they can to maximize the chance that Darnold turns into the real thing.
  15. Darnold was dumb luck and the perfect pick. Most good teams draft best impact player available at those high 1's, which is why players like Williams and Adams ""fall"" to us.

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