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  1. Is that the actual pic of his one career interception?
  2. Who would have figured when 50% of your draft picks have gone to safeties and DT's you would have a lack of depth in other positions.
  3. Except Darnold was playing with a High school level offense whereas Shorty McShortpants had actual offensive weapons and real talent around him.
  4. Could be worse we could be the Knicks and watch 2 marquee free agents chose the freaken Nets over them. The NETS! I mean you might as well just kill the franchise after that kind of blow.
  5. I used to be in the "care deeply" category but their consistent bumbling and stupidity over the years has definitely tempered my fandom. Now I'd say I'm in the "I care" category.
  6. Its a bad day for all the collegiate safeties and defensive linemen everywhere. Where will the "best players in the draft" fall to now? But seriously this needed to be done before the draft and free agency shopping spree.
  7. Chad "Noodle Arm" Pennington had the biggest collection of man champions this board has ever seen for such a craptastic QB.
  8. Is that you Mike Tannenbaum? The old second draft meme never dies around here. Cuts and waiver claims=other teams trash. Sure it works in a pinch but a better strategy is drafting your own and maybe just maybe pass on that DT that is supposedly "The best player in the draft" that nobody wanted to trade up for.
  9. Or you can just be like Mac and not bother with the O-line this year or next. I mean can they even play Safety or DL?
  10. Its weird their needs pre-draft looks a lot like their needs post draft. How odd.
  11. The Bills won this one. I don't like picking DL in the top 5 but if we had to (and apparently we only draft Safeties and DL so I guess we had to) I would have preferred Oliver and its not even close.
  12. So if next year if the BPA available is a DL do we take them? How about if the year after that the BPA is a DL? You see the issue with ignoring impact positions and drafting strictly BPA. You end up with safeties and DL.
  13. Are you sure? he was a human and male I mean it could have been Sam.
  14. I HATE the old logo. I dislike the new one because its so lame and if they were going to bother with new uniforms they could have at least put some effort into the most iconic part of a uniform. I don't mind the new uniforms other than the logo.
  15. Everyone execpt Mac knows the answer to this one. Something about impact positions vs non impact positions who knows just keep picking those DT's and safeties Mac.
  16. Time for the Cheatriots to give the TB12 snake oil company more money so Brady signs another "team friendly" contract.
  17. I'm praying Q. Williams is gone before we pick because there is NO way Mac passes on a DT that will be the BPA so he can "win" the draft like we did with L. Williams or Adams. Meanwhile the smart teams are picking the best available impact positions.
  18. They are only in phase 1 of the rebuilding it doesn't get serious until phase 3. I mean every team gives their GM 4 phases of rebuilding right?
  19. I really don't feel good about the offensive line in general. I know we added a G but we need everything else after years of neglect.
  20. Love it! Big fan I just hope we upgrade our line because unfortunately he doesn’t come with Pittsburgh o-line.
  21. Picking a DT with a high draft pick always works out well for the Jets. #impactposition
  22. I miss the noodle arm threads. All his man-champions would rush to defend their fair maiden in distress the second people dare question is lack of arm strength or the fact he would drop bricks in his pants the second any pressure from the D was applied. Good times.

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