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  1. I think a chip in the kneecap takes a few months to heal for normal people.
  2. Well QB is the one position I'd agree that it is a poor indicator. The QB position can be evaluated in a vacuum outside the team play it really is a unique position in a team oriented sport. On the other hand I feel for the other positions level of competition certainly can provide details on how that will translate to the NFL where the overall talent level is the best of the college ranks.
  3. Sure, but I did say avoid B10 players. Last I checked my Green and White were included in that. I mean other than Ohio State the B10 has not performed well in the playoff games which just shows the level of competition is lacking up north (See this years fantastic Georgia game....so much fun!).
  4. Man there are some old timers on that list. Try again within the past 20 years and make sure to plug in all the busts. GO GREEN GO WHITE!
  5. I want no part of Hutch. Almost every player from that school ends up overrated and underperforming. In fact I'd stay away from any B10 players in the first round in general the level of play is so much lower than the southern schools. I mean look how many Ohio State busts we have drafted alone and they are the best of the B10. This coming from a huge B10 (-1) fan.
  6. I knew he was going to be good, I thought he had the most potential out of all of them. Not really revisionist when I was saying it back then. Edit:
  7. Im not going to work for you but my past posts are filled with much Shorty McShortpants hate and even more pro Josh Allen posts. I dont care about your emoji you left me. Edit: I know I said I wasnt going to look but this made me laugh
  8. Remember when people wanted this lil shrimp as our QB? Josh Allen was clearly the best of the bunch it was obvious then and even more so now.
  9. I hope he gets the team so he can ruin soccer flop ball as much as he ruined football for us.
  10. Man I cannot get enough of this Georgia game! I love the B10 but unless its Ohio State they really can't compete with the southern powerhouses.
  11. FIFY I'll take the possible better draft pick over a meaningless win every day of the week.
  12. Yes clearly they fear how much mike white sucks.
  13. Seems like White has about as much arm strength as Chad post arm issues.
  14. So can we be done with with this White mania already. The dude is a scrub.
  15. Harbaugh needs to stay where he is.
  16. I feel like the same subset of people who thought Rex was a good coach also liked the orange man. If I were to draw a venn diagram I'm sure they would share the same set of people. Some people like fat and dumb blowhards who lie to your face.
  17. That game vs Jax in December will be the turd bowl for the first pick in 2022
  18. People can't actually believe its all on Zach can they? I mean you have eyes right? You see how awful every part of the Jets are right? Plenty of blame to go around from the owner on down.
  19. LOL 5 minutes into the first game the announcers are saying what a mess for the Jets. Typical Jets start.
  20. I mean its rebuild 4.25 or whatever and its first year of this version of the rebuild. If they hit on Zack it will all be worth it but this year isn't going to be great.
  21. Then a bit less than half way through the season as RA pulled his usual disappearing act, they no longer wondered.
  22. When I look at this picture, the only thing that comes to mind is Florida. All its missing is a meth tooth smile.
  23. Robbie was once again fools gold. Took him off waivers in my Fantasy league because he was on a tear early in the season. Proceeded to suck/mia for like 10 games in a row. Typical Robbie you would have thought I'd have learned that by now but at least Douglas did.
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