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  1. I want a receiver who runs good routes and goes after contested balls. Can't always get what you want I guess.
  2. Hopefully he impacts our acquisition of draft capital once we trade him in the off season.
  3. He doesn't run routes well enough to be a number 2/3 and he is in no way a number 1. He would make a good 4th receiver on a real NFL team that isn't named the Jets. Too many Jets fans overrate him never fights for the ball and seems too fragile to work the middle.
  4. And that’s why Anderson isn’t a 2 or 3. He is good for a deep route or two at best
  5. need more defensive draft picks I guess. Good thing we kept Adams!
  6. Do you actually believe this? He isn't even a 3 imho. A deep threat specialist maybe who sees the field a few times on a normal team. Crowder is a legit 3. And thats all the Jets have. All garbage.
  7. Behind this offensive line? Anything is possible.
  8. Do you see how much time Jackson has behind his offensive line compared to Sam? I mean look at career Jag Matt More he looked great behind that loaded KC offense. Not a fair comparison. Now Shorty Baker and all the talent he has around him would be fair game.
  9. OL causing everyone to press and getting beat up tends to lead to mental mistakes.
  10. Part of the reason why I cant give up on Sam is because the Jets took a stud RB and made him a below average RB behind this offensive line. I'd honestly bench Sam at this point he isn't learning anything behind this historically bad offensive line and a bunch of slot receivers at best. Let some other backup QB take those hits.
  11. Honestly I cant really argue with anyone who wants to draft a QB. I think it would be a mistake but there is a real chance we David Carr'ed Sam. The Jets are the only team I can remember in recent history to draft their franchise QB and then completely ignore skill and offensive parts around him as if drafting a QB will solve everything. There comes a point where drafting all your box safeties and run stuffing DT's come back to haunt you and we are at that point. I also think Gase sucks and it just makes evaluating Sam even more difficult.
  12. Hold the Fins hostage for the first pick overall would be just wonderful. We would get a kings ransom with the first pick in the upcoming draft since the Jets need an infusion of talent everywhere.
  13. Does it really show his value? I mean I can make a turd sandwich and say I will only sell it for a million. That doesn't make the turd sandwich worth a million dollars.
  14. If the Jets overhaul the O-line AND get some real WR (not Robby Anderson types) and he still struggles then I'd stop believing. This is the worst performing offense in the league and I believe it has the lowest amount of talent in the league. Its going to take at least 2 drafts to fix this hot mess. I believe we aren't even giving Darnold a legitimate shot to perform well.
  15. Dallas has some injuries and did not play well. The Jets are bad but any NFL team is good enough to get lucky and run into the right team at the right time.
  16. Nobody is saying Sam is having a good game, he is reaching because of the sh*tshow offensive line and terrible WR. Minshew has all day to pass so of course he looks better. Just look at this past series nobody can look good behind this line.
  17. You put Minshew on this team the results would be similar. The lack of talent is hard to overcome.
  18. Only idiots would say that Minshew better than Darnold when Minshew has an actual offensive line and real wide receivers. The Jets are a mess on offense and not giving Darnold a chance in hell. Thats why most smart teams build the offense up when they draft a young QB while dumb teams like the Jets draft box safeties and run stuffing DT's. Good to see Josh Allen out there making plays while our run stuffing DT seems to be just getting fatter.
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