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  1. WOW that is a shock since he went to that other Michigan college. He is probably still on their payroll knowing the integrity of that school. Those chumps has nothing to complain about. If they want to play a easy pre-Big 10 schedule then you have to win the Big 10 conference. They didn't play anyone in the top 25 before the conference schedule began (Other than ND), and the Big 10 was overrated this year. If they had played another top 10 school (Like Ohio State did with Texas) they probably would be playing for the National Championship. I don't understand why anyone would want a rematch, they lost already to Ohio State even riding all that emotion they had from the death of an ex-coach. A rematch would settle nothing since Ohio State beat them already. It wouldn't be fair to Ohio State as well. I want to see how another conference champ does against Ohio State, not some lesser team who already lost. College football need a playoff system but until then it makes sense to make sure CONFERENCE CHAMPS play each other if they are available.
  2. Jets 14 Buffalo 24 The last time the Jets swept the Bills was 2002. Generally they split their series, and I doubt this will be different. The Bills are much more physical than the Jets, and the Bills running game will challenge our D all day. It will probably be a close game until the 4th Q.
  3. I am not a fan of Chad. He played a fine game today, and against 2 weak teams he played well enough to win these past few weeks. When Chad wins or plays very well against strong teams on a consistent basis I will get off his back, but until he proves it on the field he deserves the criticism he gets. Right now what I see is a very weak armed quarterback who seems to come up very small in big situations. His weak arm limits our offense and his decision making ability this year has been very questionable at times. He doesn't have any big team competition left this year unless we make the playoffs. If we make the playoffs we will see then.
  4. I don't know, I am a huge Jets fan but I just don't see how you could get excited about Chad's play today. The Jets D played really well and won the game for them, probably because the Texans tried to 'Jets' the Jet D (as in throw 2 yard passes all day) which the D is probably so used to from playing with Chad daily...it probably felt like a practice session. Chads arm is the reason why we struggle on offense, but this year his decision making ability seems to have taken a turn for the worse as witnessed several times this game. When Chad he went down I wasn't hoping he was hurt but I was hoping to get a look at anyone else at QB (as bad as that sounds).
  5. Great game. I am not a huge fan of Ohio State but I am always a fan of whoever is playing that other Michigan school. Congrats to you Buckeye fans, you battled an emotional team and still came out on top. Good luck with the national title.
  6. Even though I hate that other school in Ann Arbor more than the Pats and Fish combined its always sad to see a legend pass. On that note, go Ohio State!
  7. Moss was an exciting receiver, but he always was nicked up and seemed to miss quite a few games. I was glad to get Coles back when we made the Trade with Washington. I had always liked Coles, and he seemed to be tougher than Moss by playing through injuries. I haven't really kept up with Moss' injuries, has he improved since he left us? I’d probably give the nod to Moss when healthy by a small margin talent wise, but I am happy with Coles because of his toughness.
  8. Bills 24 Jets 10 The Bills will run all over the Jets giving them a steady dose of running plays all day. The Bills on Defense will stuff the run and give Chad all kinds of problems with their team speed. The lack of a running game and linemen who can run block means they get to pin their ears back and go for Chad.
  9. It really comes down to poor run blocking. The two rookies are stinking it up in the run game with the rest of them. They aren't doing much better in the pass game either. No running back would threaten 80+ yards with this offensive line. Kind of sucks we spent a 4th pick on a poor run blocker, but this was well known he was no Ogden. I like the way Barlow runs, I think he will be fine if we could prentend to even block a little bit.
  10. Its over, you can just feel the famous 4th quarter crumble coming.
  11. Jets - 6 Titans - 24 I am hoping the Jets go 4-12 but that might be slightly overoptimistic. I could see them finishing between 1-15 and 5-11 honestly.
  12. But there is a difference between Clemens and Brady. Even before knowing Brady would be a decent QB he had the physical attributes needed to play the position. Sorry but Clemens is only 6' tall (ignore those 6'2 or so claims) which is a problem for most at that position. Brett Farve is only 6'2 true, but the Farves
  13. 4-12 They will squeak out a couple of wins, I could easily see them going anywhere between 1-15 to 4-12 but no higher. The lack of a true NT will kill the otherwise decent defense. They also lack a pass rush. The lack of any kind of talent with their QBs will keep the opposing defense crowded on the line and blitzing heavily. I kind of feel sorry for Chad (just a little) he is going to be killed back there this year, even though his arm strength is a huge contributing factor to the problem. Hopefully this sets them up next year to draft an actual NFL caliber QB and maybe a NT and RB along the way that is not just a 3rd down back. I really think they dropped the ball in this years draft in just about every round, but it is early to tell. It was still probably better than any Bradway/Edwards drafts to be fair at least and it was their first draft together.
  14. Jets 6 Skins 27 Until they get a NT, its going to be ugly even though the Skins have lost their RB for a few weeks, anyone can run on the Jets.
  15. The problem is D'brick has never been a good run blocker, and I doubt this will suddenly change in the NFL. I didn't like the pick back on draft day (not because I didn't think we needed a lineman) and I still don't like it. If you are going to pick a lineman at 4, he better damn be good at the run and pass. Now we have a boatload of money tied up in a flawed lineman which leaves less for the actual skill positions. We also wasted a 2nd on a QB who looks more like a backup for lifer than starting material. Culter looked great this weekend, talk about blown opportunities.
  16. Went to college at state, loved it so much I ended up living in Michigan for about 10 years. I love the Tigers it was always a fun time going to their games (except when they play my team...the Yankees =p).
  17. Can we become a Dynasty and take the AFCE Preseason a third time? I don't know, I am very nervous about our chances this year.
  18. Thank god. If he is there at 4 I guess I couldnt kill the Jets, but trading up for him would be pure retardery because this draft is pretty deep. If anything I believe the Jets should trade down IF bush is available at 4, could probably get some good deals.
  19. I'm in the club. I'm also in the anti Brick club, sorry but I don't believe in signing linemen to huge contracts when you have no skill players. Lines are best served by being very blue collar, hard working, inexpensive players aka lower round picks. Lines are also best served by being kept together for long periods to develop team play, something that becomes difficult to do when you have a "star" linemen who will demand big bucks on his next contract. Last thing we need is in 4 years to have to sign a linemen to a huge contract leaving little room for the players that actually score or defend, or losing him because you cant afford him. If you are going to pay HUGE bucks to a lineman, can we make sure he actually can run block please? All these people compairing Brick to people like Jonathan Ogden, the difference is Ogden was one mean run blocker and pass blocker. To me, the only choice for our first pick is Culter. Trade down if you must or move up from 29, but make sure you grab this kid.
  20. If they do get another quarterback (hopefully Cutler), I am sure Bolly will be sent packing. I'd puke if I had to sit through another season of Bollinger. Besides who wants a stinking badger behind the center.
  21. I would agree the offensive line as a whole is the most important unit on the offensive side. Part of the equation though is teamwork; it isn
  22. 1) Cutler 2) Mario It all starts with the QB. On a team like the Jets who lack a real starting caliber QB and has an anemic offense it would make a very large immediate impact. The O line can be addressed down the line with the other picks.
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