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  1. Are you sure? he was a human and male I mean it could have been Sam.
  2. I HATE the old logo. I dislike the new one because its so lame and if they were going to bother with new uniforms they could have at least put some effort into the most iconic part of a uniform. I don't mind the new uniforms other than the logo.
  3. Everyone execpt Mac knows the answer to this one. Something about impact positions vs non impact positions who knows just keep picking those DT's and safeties Mac.
  4. Time for the Cheatriots to give the TB12 snake oil company more money so Brady signs another "team friendly" contract.
  5. I'm praying Q. Williams is gone before we pick because there is NO way Mac passes on a DT that will be the BPA so he can "win" the draft like we did with L. Williams or Adams. Meanwhile the smart teams are picking the best available impact positions.
  6. They are only in phase 1 of the rebuilding it doesn't get serious until phase 3. I mean every team gives their GM 4 phases of rebuilding right?
  7. I really don't feel good about the offensive line in general. I know we added a G but we need everything else after years of neglect.
  8. Love it! Big fan I just hope we upgrade our line because unfortunately he doesn’t come with Pittsburgh o-line.
  9. Picking a DT with a high draft pick always works out well for the Jets. #impactposition
  10. I miss the noodle arm threads. All his man-champions would rush to defend their fair maiden in distress the second people dare question is lack of arm strength or the fact he would drop bricks in his pants the second any pressure from the D was applied. Good times.
  11. A little just based off the hope that Sam progresses despite the coaching/gm situation. I'd be a hell of a lot more excited if we had fired Mac and ended up with McCarthy as the HC.
  12. Please stop being a crybaby about crybabies.
  13. Bill was not thrown into another HC job after his time in Cleveland. Bill at had what 5 years to learn and reflect on why he failed. I doubt Gase has had time enough to reflect on his failings as a head coach or why most of Miami's players wanted him gone.
  14. I have to say I'm warming up to Rex being D coordinator. For the lulz of course since we will be looking for a new gm/coach in 2-3 years might as well have some fun along the way. I'd bet by year 2 Rex would at least take a swing at Gase.
  15. I don't want his noodle arm rubbing off on Sam. I could just see him giving advice like "don't care about first downs, make sure your completion percentage is as high as possible by dumping off 1 yard passes" or "When you try a long pass throw it as high as possible so it hangs for at least 5 seconds so the receivers get crushed waiting for it". Hard pass.
  16. A whole 3-3 vs the Pats? WOW! Sign this beast.
  17. This is about as bad as "whataboutism". Nobody wanted Gase either except for the braintrust we have.
  18. The problem is it was too soon to give him another gig. Notice Bill had 5 years to think about why he failed in Cleveland as the Jets DC.
  19. I'm positive in 3 years we will be looking for a new GM and coach.
  20. I used to joke 20 years ago about the Jets not winning a superbowl in my lifetime....Now I'm starting to think the joke was on me this franchise is f*cked up.
  21. On the Bright side, in 3 years when they have to blow this sh*t back up, Mac and Gase will be gone.
  22. I completely agree. If the Jets wanted McCarthy, he would be a Jet by now. Unfortunate but expected from a team that fired Bowels 2 years too late and kept Mac for reasons.
  23. That would be the most Jetiest move...so yea.
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