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  1. I went to see 3 Days to Kill, it was pretty good, maybe not great but I can see myself watching the crap out of it whenever it hits cable or starts streaming
  2. Saw The Wolf of Wall Street last night, its really good but a little on the long side, still might be the funniest movie of the year.
  3. I saw in the comments over at Deadspin that someone quoted Bent from over on thejetsblog.com already tore this rumor down a month ago. Was basically saying that they were asking Rex a lot of Kaepernick/Geno questions and they took and blew Rex's answers out of proportion, This really just amounts to Cimini being Cimini Here is the post with what Bent wrote: From TheJetsBlog.com, here's moderator Bent's description of the origin of this "story," originally posted 1 month ago: Before it becomes a big story, I thought I'd mention Rex's comments about perhaps using Geno Smith
  4. I say hold a competition and let the best QB start the season. Between Garrad, Sanchez, McElroy and whoever we draft. If the quarterback we draft doesn't outperform the incumbents, then let them sit and develop and go into next year and let them try to win the job again when Garrard and Sanchez are likely off the roster. It sounds to me like Idzik is a guy that preaches earning your job as oppose to it just being given (i.e. Russell Wilson over Matt Flynn), the quarterback next year is going to be determined by that, no matter who they draft. At least I hope that is the case...
  5. This doesnt make a whole lot of sense (making it a very Jets thing to do), the only teams that would conceivably draft Geno Smith and are ahead of us in the order are Jacksonville (33) and Philadelphia (35), and perhaps Arizona (38). The only real candidates for a trade would be the 49ers, sitting between Jacksonville and Philly, so I'm curious who all of these calls are going out to. Regardless, hope it doesnt happen and we just take Geno if/when he falls to us at 39.
  6. He took the wind in OT...enough said about his decision making
  7. Just saw Argo, really great movie. I gotta give Affleck credit, didn't think much of him before he started directing, but now I cant wait to see what he does next as he only gets better each time out.
  8. C-Mart28


    Doug Benson has a great one called "Doug Loves Movies" I also listen to and enjoy Babble-On and Mohr Stories
  9. Currently: 30 Rock Parks and Rec Louie Modern Family (surprised there has been hardly any love for this one so far) Hon Mentions: The League, Community, New Girl and Happy Endings
  10. See Cabin in the Woods, one of the better horror movies I've seen in a while. The Five Year Engagement was real funny as well, dragged a little towards the end though. I think this summer is going to be a really strong one for movies: Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, and a few others
  11. Holy cow, 140 receptions for over 1900 yards and 17 TDs (albeit in the MAC) He produced, got to give him that much.
  12. I actually wound up seeing Tree of Life twice (once with friends, despite my warnings, and the other as part of the best picture showcase AMC does), and honestly its the first and last half hour that ruin the film for me, easily some of the most pretentious dreck I've ever seen. But the middle part with the boys I actually kind of enjoyed, nothing phenomenal but decent. This year's Oscars are a sham though, only 9 best picture nominees and movies like 50/50, Drive, and Warrior (among others) ignored for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close..sad A real down year for movies in general
  13. Schotty and Rex both get the bulk of the blame, with Sanchez getting a little bit. I dont think Rex has anything to do with the offense on game day, he's a defensive guy anyways. As a result I think it all Rex does is tell Schotty the kind of offense he wants but ultimately Schotty getting autonomy over the offense each and every week. One of the (many) problems with Schotty is that apparently a ground and pound offense means to give up on the run as soon as possible Two quick notes: Yesterday Sanchez dropped back to throw a massive 68 times in regulation (59 passes, 5 sack
  14. Stafford does have the best receiver in the game though. Great receivers can be open even when they appear not to be, something the jets lack. I do also give Stafford an edge over Sanchez, but I'm more concerned about the injury history for Stafford as I think this is the first season he has started every game, and even then I think he had to come out of a few games. Give Sanchez some credit, he's been taking bad hits all year and keeps coming back for more
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