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  1. One looks like a baby, and the other is a baby. (he has BB on his chest for god's sake)
  2. Isn't he 23 or something? Do you know how 23 year olds are these days? We're a bunch of babies. The guy gets pissed when he sucks, but last time I checked he doesn't hold on to it and goes out and forgets it the next time he's on the field.
  3. I'm not getting my hopes up. I just want to win. If we manhandled them, great, but I'm not expecting anything this week but a win by one point.
  4. It really pains me to see how much we left on the field. Coulda been a completely different ball game.
  5. Pretty much, but we are not winning and rings with a stale offense.
  6. It's okay. I wasn't trying to be a dick, I was just saying.
  7. Man, thats like the 100th time someone has used that phrase today. But yeah there was a lot left on the field today.
  8. It hasn't helped any of these other teams win, so **** it.
  9. Well, we're going to play pretty soon and I think they're going to beat us. It has nothing to do with who is ranked higher. I feel like the only reason our D was number one last year was because Palamalu wasn't playing most of the season. I haven't seen too many games from them this year but I think they are going to be our toughest opponent and we're going to have to go through them to get to the super bowl, not the stupid Pats (give me a break).
  10. Good article. I kinda think the Steelers would beat us.. especially if they shut down our run game.
  11. I think BB will shut him down.. the Vikings are probably going to get spanked this week.
  12. Yeah Diego looked really good. Jake Shields looked pretty crappy.. the guy has pillows for fists and does no damage but squeaks decision wins. That won't last long in the UFC. So happy Cain finally shut Brock Lesnar up.. the guy was over rated as can be and I'm glad we don't have to hear how he's the baddest man on the planet anymore. Cain vs Dos Santos should be interesting. Tough opponent for Cain but if Roy Nelson could survive, I think Cain could probably get a tko on Dos Santos.
  13. A couple more games probably, but we got a taste how clutch he could be in that Denver game. The guy gets open.
  14. That's what everyone said about Denver and we almost lost that game! However I agree with you, Revis and the passing D should be the best they've been this season so bring the Packers on. I feel like Sanchez throws a pick or two in that game though.
  15. Seriously and if the shoe was on the other foot, I'd be pissed off at our DB for blowing the game, not the ref for doing his job.
  16. Tell that to all the millionaire rock stars haha.
  17. Feels like I'm watching baseball with all of the stopping in between plays.
  18. He's a rival quarterback and he's really good. Marino would have gotten ripped apart. Did everyone love Namath? Anyway, Brady asks for it.
  19. Man, I was praying someone laid his a$$ out. Didn't happen though. Anytime the qb scrambles I pray the d makes him pay but they usually don't. I've always thought Orton was a good qb, since Chicago. He's no Peyton Manning or whatever but I'd take him over Cutler. **** Cutler.
  20. Took the words right out of my mouth keyboard.
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