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  1. New York Jets - 200 Miami Dolphins - 0
  2. Harris is a good tight end. Probably worth a mid-round pick. QB: The Jets have no chance at Brady Quinn. Brian Brohm is weak. Drew Stanton is a good prospect that will be available when the Jets pick comes up. NT: Alan Branch is the top choice but if the Jets win 7-9 games they will probably not pick high enough to get him. Too many teams are trying to play the 3-4 right now with undersized NT's like the Jets. Doubt Branch will fall to us. RB: After QB and RB this is definitely the biggest position of need. Good thing it is a pretty deep position in the draft. We have no cha
  3. Because our young QB is named Clemens, not Cutler.
  4. Besides being mobile Tony Romo actually likes to throw the ball to Terrell Owens. Bledsoe used Owens as a decoy to throw to Terry Glenn. If you have maybe the best receiver in the league, try throwing to him once in a while, you'll be surprised out what might happen.
  5. Hope you have fun playing the loveable losers again. It will be another 86 years before you win another world series.
  6. Do you watch college football at all? Outside of Alan Branch name one good Nose Tackle prospect that's out there. Just one that won't end up being another undersized NT like Robertson. We had a good defense in 2004. Mostly the same personnel are still here. Vilma, Hobson, Barton, Ellis, Coleman etc. We have a better secondary now then. So why can't we stop the run? We play a 3-4 scheme with an undersized NT, Kimo Von Oelhoffen is washed up and Jonothan Vilma at 230 lbs cannot play ILB effectively. I'm sorry about that but that is just the truth. You'll have a much easier tim
  7. You're right. After Alan Branch I don't see any college players who would make effective Nose Tackles in the NFL. Quinn Pit**** is a one-gap DT in the NFL. He could play Defensive End in a 3-4 scheme but forget about him being a Nose. The guy isn't even above the 300 lb mark. If we go 7-9 or 8-8 this year we probably won't be able to pick Branch in the draft plus he may decide to stay in college another year especially if Michigan doesn't win a national title. Bottom line, Jets need to go back to a 4-3. Unless you want to continue seeing Dewayne Robertson and James Reed
  8. This is garbage. He's milking the Giants for more $.
  9. Wow, someone who actually has the right idea.
  10. Drew Brees is better than Chad Pennington but no way is Drew Bledsoe right now better than Chad Pennington.In his prime 7-8 years ago this wouldn't be an issue Bledsoe is better but this season Chad has been the better player. Why is everyone in the state of Texas calling for Bledsoe to be replaced by an untested qb no one has seen play outside of preseason and garbage time? I think Bledsoe is still effective when given enough protection but he makes a lot of stupid passes at the end of games. That last play in the Eagles game was awful. No Cowboy receiver was even close to that throw.
  11. I'd buy you a drink but I think you had a few too many already. Let's see, the defense cannot stop the run at all or the pass for that matter, the offensive line is in transition and their backfield is non-existent and yet somehow the Jets should be a .500 team right now or better. I could find guys off the street right now who would be an upgrade over BJ Askew and Kevan Barlow. The jets might as well not even try to run the ball because the running game is so inept. Yes, this team should certainly have beaten the Colts, Jaguars and Patriots.
  12. If the show is half as good as the movie it will be worth watching.
  13. A-Rod needs to go to a team that has no shot at making the playoffs, that way he can revive his career. Yankees don't need a high-priced choke artist like Alex Rodriguez. Get him out of here.
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