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  1. but then whos going to start for the preseason games, they haft to figure that out before week 1 of the season
  2. agreed, very anoying
  3. what?! where did you here this nonsense
  4. that would be cool to get one and its probally really rare but i never saw much of adrian play but it probally will be really hard to find
  5. they just signed a center so they have bigger needs, but maby at 35.
  6. i live in the hopatcong (a small town in sussex)
  7. or a QB that dosnt fit in our system and even if he did hes not 3 or 4th round material
  8. yea i dont think i will buy another MLB game
  9. the jets wont draft vince because they have shown more interest in cutler and leinart then vince
  10. jimmy williams or lendale white wont go that high and i doubt bunkley will fall that far to us but that would be nice also vernon davis wont fall that far to 23
  11. at 29 or 35 they are probally talking about Marcus McNeil, Eric Winston OT, or maby Johnathan Scott OT if its not one of those players then we wont take an OT at 29 or 35 but it also could be Winston Justice, he has shot up the draft boards but not someone to take at 4 so maby we will trade to 8 or around there
  12. i missed tonights episode it looks like i didnt miss anything good though
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