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  1. Can he sack the quarterback? Kind of like what we’re building with the receivers we have, it’s not like we have Chaz shillings…
  2. Guess you took what I wrote as gospel, at least we can all agree, he was a failure…the gm’s didn’t help…
  3. He made plenty of dough pretending to be a head coach… he’s laughing his way to the bank..
  4. Just donated, cancer sucks and has hit too many people I know and love… Best wishes for a speedy recovery… LSJF
  5. Sam will be handing off the ball and adding short passes in an attempt not to get killed... they will not score a TD with that method... couple of FGs for them and that's it...we kick the crap outta them,,,,now for the other weeks, I hope the young DBs can do well in the face of some real QBs...
  6. yes, in our case we already know it's James Morgan's job to lose...
  7. I couldn’t read the whole thing, my ADD kicked in…I assume they like this young man...The Jets are rising from the ashes like the Phoenix.....11-6 book it
  8. Facts ^^^ he haz them.... I didn’t know that either...
  9. Hmmmm sweaty college boys....err I mean I see what you’re saying...
  10. Yes who could forget ab the chevette, what a piece a crap...Lol
  11. He takes special pride in finding productive UDFA’s....
  12. Ok interview... they want to be a player development factory, having a plan for each player...
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