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  1. The 1996 Jets were famously bad, even among Jets teams. Kotite was universally reviled by fans, who made shirts that read “Just End The Season” and “Ditch Rich.” All of this after they used the No.1 overall pick to take USC wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. The Jets started 0-8 and lost six games by one possession or less. Kotite’s incompetence led to the Bill Parcells era, and the Jets were in the AFC Championship Game just two years later.
  2. Annnnd coming in at number 10.... The Browns are well represented on this list, and the Patsies make an appearance... https://www.stadiumtalk.com/s/worst-nfl-teams-modern-history-fa96bdbba3014493?utm_campaign=worstnfl-f9604c9ce4074594&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=fac&utm_content=1469189&fbclid=IwAR1P_mwzv-A_sK4j-w0yrDCl84q8DCQsl3srjByBfubQd28CVSjgX1-0n2U
  3. He didn't like Belly because it was no nonsense, but loved Rex because he was loose... I know Belly is an arse, but I hate the summer camp coaches, I remember the defense of the Jets eating McDonalds on the practice field on hard knocks, thats pretty loose...
  4. Hopefully they use the bye to make some changes… At least so we can see progress as the games go on
  5. Shanahan senior, Norv Turner…Someone retired, who wouldn’t have to do this full-time
  6. After five games? I would say Lafleur could use a mentor they can bring in to help him learn his position as an offensive coordinator
  7. Corrected… I personally am hoping he is active
  8. Does he make it through this season? What's the over and under on games? not years that he stays in Jacksonville....USC here we come
  9. It's yeba deba Yeboah time!! There was a poster who was bigly into him, what was his name ...
  10. I know that Saleh is pumped for him… if he keeps practicing he might just get better than Jeff Smith one day
  11. The Jets apparently are practice legends…I hope that Mims really knocks the socks off fthat special teams practice… When’s the barbecue?
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