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  1. Facts ^^^ he haz them.... I didn’t know that either...
  2. Hmmmm sweaty college boys....err I mean I see what you’re saying...
  3. Yes who could forget ab the chevette, what a piece a crap...Lol
  4. He takes special pride in finding productive UDFA’s....
  5. Ok interview... they want to be a player development factory, having a plan for each player...
  6. Yes a differing political opinion is enough for public shaming these days... Is he being sent to the gulag?
  7. I think they just took one as a free agent....
  8. Who is our kicker? The position has been pretty underwhelming…
  9. That’s weird they could’ve had a run at Trey Lance , Mac Jones or my pre draft co favorite Justin Fields, other than Zach…Douglas even said that in his press conference, that our pic was too high to pass on a quarterback that he likes… Or something like that
  10. Keeping Darnold was never going to happen, unless we were at the bottom of the first round… I was a Donald supporter, but he sucked, Godspeed over in Carolina…
  11. Woah, that looks like a 2-14 team...
  12. Who is out still out there for a RB, an impact one....?
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