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  1. Not… Vyncynt Smyth… he’ll probably be re-signed, although with all the injuries at WR, he didn’t really get reps…
  2. When the dust settles, which organization gets their sh*te together… there is no Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck here, a player who can win despite his team… NOT IN ANY ORDER… Mac Jones has the best organization behind him, but if Mac has a short ceiling Bill may want more out of his QB physically like these other successful qb’s around the league…so he might be gone eventually even though he had the best year, controlled heavily by his staff… Justin Fields will already be welcoming a new coach, chaos ? Boom or bust Zach Wilson… His ceiling is high, Will JD do the right
  3. I guess the proof will be next season, if he excels then I guess we will all be happy, if he fails we will be calling for his head in unison
  4. She obviously reads the threads on this forum and was disgusted… she was unhappy with his statz
  5. I’m willing to give him till next season if he craps the bed then yeah I’ll be on the bus to get him out of town… not saying is the second coming of Peyton Manning, But I do think he has potential, and willing to ride behind him for now
  6. Yes they do matter, in NFL fantasy leagues so yes they do matter… And when the roster is built up a little bit if the stats are still crummy it could be an issue true…
  7. STATZ improves with WEAPONZ, separation and route running equal STATZ , STATZ happen with players…. Fantasy football, lol…. Now if he has those STATZ with players who don’t drop passes or get tackled where they stand , then yeh we have a problem… so STATZ will come, he clearly was more comfortable as the season went on, even with the half a line in front of him… STATZ will happen with players like Moore turning an 8 yard pass to a 20 yard gain, the running game was improving… he threw seeds where in the middle of the year he dirted short passes……STATZ baby…
  8. I hope Corey Davis improves, he was the opposite of clutch, made me think of Justin McDroppins
  9. What confuses me is that would be the situation for San Francisco if they keep him, they would have a very good back up/starter, and they have a highly drafted quarterback who’s trying to learn… Why not just keep him?
  10. Totally, especially since he was improving and throwing to traffic cones, I mean off the street receivers by the end of the year…
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