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  1. Holy crap, Joe Douglas fits right in...crappy draft picks galore
  2. I just don’t see Douglas leaving unless he gets fired...this is his chance to be a GM...he’s got a good reputation but is a noob...
  3. With five years on a contract, Douglas wouldn’t b going anywhere so fast...Harbaugh is proven, While Joe has potential, he still kind of new at this gm thing
  4. My hope is that he would’ve addressed the need of pass rushing w the talented Josh Allen...
  5. Hasn’t the running game improved since Khalil and Winters are gone....?
  6. Who isn't? (that is until the last three weeks)
  7. I always hear your posts in Spock's voice....interesting Captain...
  8. I think he’s improved running routes..not just a hr threat...clutch catches in the red zone as well...but I think he would be a solid number 2 receiver...
  9. Which means next weeks game has potential to be a trap game…
  10. He’s the third pick in the draft...his job is throw people out the way and kill the QB...also to stop the guy running w the ball as fast as possible...so far he’s a typical bust...Josh Allen a stud....McCagagnan really should be put in jail...

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