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  1. LSJF

    I’m tired of losing

    I like the TE Chris Herndon, special teams were excellent...
  2. LSJF

    Johnny Morton speaks

    Yet we will still blow...
  3. LSJF

    Donta Hightower - Future Jet?

    Save the money and draft well...
  4. Unfortunately time management isnt one of coach Bowles strengths either.
  5. LSJF

    Rex names IK captain

    Yes Geno might be a dick, but he's our dick...Eff you Rex you effin bloated bag of crap...
  6. LSJF

    Jags beating Bills in London

    Bills get ready for last place as the Fins will pass them...
  7. LSJF

    Jags beating Bills in London

    Jags suck so bad...
  8. Same old Rex, can't get off the field on 3rd down, wildcat, losing 14-3... LOL
  9. LSJF

    Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    The Bills will beat the Jags and be 4-3 and the fans will calm down... til after the bye when the Bills get bitchslapped by the revitalized Fins and snapped in half by The Jets... The clown will be tossed after next year....then again they are 3-3..
  10. LSJF

    Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    Is Rex still running the Wildcat offense sometimes? Hated it...
  11. LSJF

    WSH Observations

    no moral victories please.

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