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  1. I feel the same way, if he wins it’s a middle finger to Belly, Kraft and the Patriots on many levels!
  2. I was going to start a thread about Woody, does he come in and upset the apple cart, I mean the Apple Cart needed upsetting, But not when we finally seem like we have something together… Does he come in and change the vibe? Hope not…
  3. Hello Pete this is Peyton, I strongly recommend Adam to be your OC...I mean look what he dun for me that one year...
  4. We need some skill position players WR, RB...we don't score any points...a TE? When is the last time we had a TE...
  5. Let's see if any other team interviews him...He lost the locker room fast, do we need the headache??...
  6. Pleassseee Nooooooo...Just get a real coach without the drama...

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