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  1. What is it about the Jets, that we cannot field any offensive skill position players? Actually they are pretty offensive
  2. Our new video, it’s rock... IMG_0590.MP4
  3. Nice legs tho...plus she has some ladies prison sex experiences, could be hot...
  4. I’m thinking the line suck, and Le’Veon needs a block or two, to cut and run… As opposed to like an Earl Campbell who would just run you over, Blocks or no blocks… Just my jet nation opinion
  5. Is your avatar the villan from voyage to the bottom of the sea…? I just started watching it...
  6. WFAN Boomer n Gio ... a good, not great show Moose n Maggie ... unlistenable drek beningo and Roberts... average Joey B mailing it in, Evan is excellent Steve somers... was great, now not so much Future .. j jastremski, sal licata, Kim Jones... The station needs to get their crap together.. i’ll give them a pass till after the pandemic
  7. That’s what most of the board thought as well, but we all have the benefit of hindsight…
  8. Worst HC Kotite Worst GM Idzik Worst Draft Bust Gholston Worst FA Signing Tru Lame Johnson
  9. I'm not a big fan of BW, but as a line trying to get better, he is a veteran who might improve and work better with the new guys we got, providing some consistency ....he's not as bad as advertised at least the Madden game agrees(lol), he's gritty if mixed in w a better group he will add something..
  10. If he backs up, he could sub at tackle as well as guard...while learning at the pro level...
  11. I’m going no waiting on lines, front row if I desire, plus here is my outfit....
  12. Still had a winning record with dogsh@T all around him...
  13. He ran 5.1 at 364lbs after a couple of doobies...man, that’s my hero....he looked like Shaq playing basketball....
  14. Injuries... don’t think he stayed on the field... hoping for the best, could be a beast...
  15. Not diggin your avatar...if he bombs this season, then yeh out he goes...

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