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  1. Any one of the three that JD Picks. We all know he would get the "Best Bang For the Buck" & not over pay in draft capital or money. In JD I TRUST....
  2. I would be curious to see this guys mock draft of the 1st & 2nd round. Might be a good laugh!
  3. Cincy 34-31 We beat Cincy this year by the same score. We beat the Rams 20-17 last year with Gase!
  4. 34-31 Cincy


    We beat Cincy this year by that score. We also beat the Rams last year 20-17.

  5. Hi, I've played with Directv for a long time I've installed & Sighted my own dishes. I've read & learned about the satelites, their locations & how they work. I was a loyal customer of Directv for many years. Before we moved to Florida from NJ, we used to make trips to Florida after our house was built. I set up a portable dish to the correct co-ordinates & I used to hook it up so we could watch the Jet game on Sunday (before I unpacked the car). Later, I found out that you could add on receivers to your "vacation" home. At the time it was strictly legit. My son bought our house in NJ & I kept my account in NJ & gave my son "free" DTV. Then they went to the "spotlight" signal for the local satellites. In effect it was like shining a flashlight signal on the NY, NJ. & the Metropolitan area. When they did that all my boxes lost the local channels WPIX, WOR, and all above but I still had the major locals that were on CBS, NBC, ABC, 7 FOX with the NY feed so I still had the JET games. What I'm getting at is this... If you have a friend or family member up north with Directv & has the regional sports package, (SNY, YES, etc,) you can make a "swap". Box for box with your trusted friend or family member & get ALL your Jet games, most of your NYY games, (some are on WPIX local to the NJ, NY, area) remember the Spotlight signal. Your cost for the swap would be about $20. for you to ship to NY, or NJ. & about $20. for your partner to ship you their box. If you live in Florida or where ever your partner will get the regional sports stations you subscribe to. Any "premium channels would work also. The receiver is stupid it doesn't know where it is. It depends on where the dish is alligned to. There are also other ways but for that info, you will have to PM me. Good Luck in your quest. Good luck & let's go JETS.
  6. Jet Nation show on SNY Monday, 8-9-21 at 6:30 pm (SNY is on channel 639 on DirecTV)
  7. It doesn't cost anything to say a prayer... Cancer can be beat.. The staff at MSK is very good... I myself came down with acute Myotoid Leukemia in 2018. I went to the Moffitt Center in Tampa for 6 weeks of chemo. Because of my age, my odds of coming out alive was about 5%. I had a lot of people praying for me and believe me it worked. Just like it will for Lauren. I spent my 73rd birthday at Moffit Center. The nurses threw a small party for me. One of the nurses gave me a little plague that said "Never Look Back". I have it out on my lanai & I look at it & remember... Please tell Lauren after this is over, "don't look back" and continue on with her life. The treatments for all kinds of cancer have come a long way. Keep the faith & my prayers are with you, Lauren & your family to get through this most difficult time
  8. Jet Nation on tonight from 6:00pm to 7:00pm about the Jet's draft
  9. Hope you get a good & speedy diagnosis. The quicker they find out what's wrong, they can treat it. Good luck & keep us in the loop! Prayers are the best we can do at this point.
  10. Sorry. I thought that we got the picks for hiring him. That's why I don't post much. I guess I didn't read my "cut & Paste". I only "assumed" we got them. ( and I know what 'assumed" means) It makes a A** out of you & me. Sorry for being a A**
  11. I don't know if it was posted yet, but we also got extra draft picks with the hire of Coach Saleh. Among the revisions to the Rooney Rule, the NFL agreed teams that help develop minority coaches and executives should be rewarded with additional draft picks and as a result of Saleh's hire the 49ers will receive two third-round compensatory draft picks.
  12. In response, he sat out training camp. New York placed the franchise tag on Abraham again in 2006. With the two sides not being able to strike a satisfactory deal, the Jets shipped Abraham to Atlanta in exchange for the 29th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, which the Jets turned into Nick Mangold.Jun 21, 2020 Abraham didn't want to be here... but how did that 29th pick make out for the Jets? Parcells saw the handwriting on the wall like I hope Joe D. did
  13. I don't know if they can do this, but if I was the Yankees, after Arod serves his suspension, I would ship him down to "A" ball & let him finish out his contract riding busses to the minor league games. Oh, & by the way, any homers he hit in the minors wouldn't count towards the record. About two weeks of the minors, he would be begging to get out of his contract so he could play somewhere else in the Majors.
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