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  1. Jet Nation on tonight from 6:00pm to 7:00pm about the Jet's draft
  2. Hope you get a good & speedy diagnosis. The quicker they find out what's wrong, they can treat it. Good luck & keep us in the loop! Prayers are the best we can do at this point.
  3. Sorry. I thought that we got the picks for hiring him. That's why I don't post much. I guess I didn't read my "cut & Paste". I only "assumed" we got them. ( and I know what 'assumed" means) It makes a A** out of you & me. Sorry for being a A**
  4. I don't know if it was posted yet, but we also got extra draft picks with the hire of Coach Saleh. Among the revisions to the Rooney Rule, the NFL agreed teams that help develop minority coaches and executives should be rewarded with additional draft picks and as a result of Saleh's hire the 49ers will receive two third-round compensatory draft picks.
  5. In response, he sat out training camp. New York placed the franchise tag on Abraham again in 2006. With the two sides not being able to strike a satisfactory deal, the Jets shipped Abraham to Atlanta in exchange for the 29th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, which the Jets turned into Nick Mangold.Jun 21, 2020 Abraham didn't want to be here... but how did that 29th pick make out for the Jets? Parcells saw the handwriting on the wall like I hope Joe D. did
  6. I don't know if they can do this, but if I was the Yankees, after Arod serves his suspension, I would ship him down to "A" ball & let him finish out his contract riding busses to the minor league games. Oh, & by the way, any homers he hit in the minors wouldn't count towards the record. About two weeks of the minors, he would be begging to get out of his contract so he could play somewhere else in the Majors.
  7. As per KFFL The New York Jets are continuing to evaluate quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh and there is a chance that he will not return next season. Read more: http://www.kffl.com/team/27/nfl#ixzz1kElWgyVV
  8. I would give him one last chance.... But first, I would let Brunnell go (He's only taking up a roster spot). Sanchez has a QB coach. I would give the kid from Alabama a shot at #2. At least if Sanchez is having one of his bad days we would have a young, hungry QB to put in. 50+ passes for a "ground & Pound" team? Something is very wrong with that picture! I'll give you this... Sanchez is a hard worker, he studies a lot of game film, etc. But what if..... As hard as he works & studies & tries, he has reached his "plateau". Does he have anymore "upside" left? Now don't get
  9. Age is just a number. The main thing is what kind of "football" shape is the individual in, what are his work habits? Derrick Mason is 37. How old was Jerry Rice when he hung it up? It's all up to the individual & ONLY time will tell.
  10. In Case you missed it, here is Plax hooked up for Sport Science. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=6834698
  11. The REAL reason ASO didn't sign with the JETS is because he would have been the second best CB on the team. Everybody knows Revis is better & more flexible in coverage. He wanted to be #1 on the team. He would have been compared to Revis constantly.
  12. I used to have the NFL Ticket. This is what I do to get ALL the JETS games. It could cost you $60. ($5.00 a month) If you have a friend or family member who lives in the NY/NJ area, ask him/her to get an extra box, Activate it, & send it to you. (You can work out the postage details or if you are traveling north, stop & pick it up) The box doesn't know where it is... (Just don't plug in the phone line) The only drawback is you won't get the NY local channels. (WOR, WPIX, etc.) (Spotbeam) However, you will get CBS (Jets) NBC, FOX (NY Giants) ABC feeds out of NY. You will also get MSG, Y
  13. Rex Ryan will be on Centerstage (YES Network) with Michael Kay on Friday, May 13th at 11:00 pm. In case anyone is interested.
  14. I never win anything so I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the opportunity.
  15. And register as a sex offender in Florida.
  16. Thanks, I didn't recall any either. I was just wondering how BB handled it.
  17. I don't go to the Pats message board & read what they say. I'm sure that there are probably members that complain if they didn't beat the spread or when they are "upset" & lose. It seems that the assistant coaches from the Belechek tree are always in demand for HC opportunities. (Crenel, Weis, Mangini, etc.) My question is this: Has Belechek ever "demoted", fired an assistant coach, or didn't renew their contract at the end of the season because they failed to do their job the "Belechek" way? Just curious.
  18. But in the playoffs last year, (Jan. 10th) The Ravens beat the Pats 33-14, when it really counts. Maybe that's why Suggs would like to play the Jets in the Conference Championship game because he feels the Ravens have the Pats number.
  19. When asked in an interview today on NFL Live, Suggs was asked who he thought would be in the AFC Conference game & he said the Ravens & the JETS (He did the Jets chant.) I thought that was cool!
  20. The reason I was concerned was when I moved to SW Florida, I kept the Sunday Ticket. The Jets were being shown "locally" on CBS (I receive CBS, NBC, ABC, & FOX national feed) but when I went to the 700 channels where the Sunday Ticket resides, they would black that channel out because it was televised "locally". Are you 100% sure on the simulcast? NFL Network is owned by the NFL. MNF is bought by ESPN. SNF, NBC is a over-the-air station.
  21. I live in SW Florida now & I had the privaledge of having season tickets for only one year. (2002) I was there on Saturday, Jan. 4th 2003 in the wind & cold when we put a whuppin on Peyton Manning & the Colts. (41-0) I still have my stub. That being said, I almost turned off the TV after the int. but we (my wife & I) calmed down & watched, & rooted for the JETS. Boy, were we glad we did! I can understand why people left. In 2002 it happened a lot. But these are the "new" Jets, & they play to the end. As the fans get used to the Jets coming back, many more
  22. If I read that correctly, then it will be simulcast both on NFL Network AND WPIX, the local station in NY area. Thanks..
  23. Hi Everyone, I have a question on the Jets Bengals Thanksgiving game. I have DTV & my account is in NJ. The game will be on NFL Network & WPIX (locally in NY area) Will NFL network be "Blacked out? The reason I ask is because I live in Florida & I'm out of the "locals" spotbeam. If it will only be shown on WPIX in the NY area, I'll be blacked out of NFL Network & I won't be able to get WPIX. I'll have to find someone down here in Florida to watch the game. Thanks
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