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  1. Way too High!!! Get the Brick @ #4, some more fresh beef on the "O" line, improve the "D" with our current picks or move DOWN, not up for Bush. Give CMart an openning & he still can be a productive back. Gale Sayers would have had a hard time running behind our OL last year. Who knows what other back the FO will get? Keep the picks & get younger, let our new brain trust do their job! Unless Bush falls to #4
  2. Does the name "Blair Thomas" bring back memories? Keep our #4 unless 49'ers want to move up for Bush. Let our brain trust right the ship. There will be other RB's lower in the draft.
  3. I agree... Lets wait & see what the FO will do on Saturday...
  4. I think he is talking about a former "Heiseman" who was drafted by the Pats.
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