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  1. Sorry, that was a "cut & paste" from your link in the first post.
  2. 'The Jets also added two player to their practice squad: RB Xavier Omon, a former Bills sixth-round pick out of Northwest Missouri State' Rex is just checking to see if the Bills might have something he doesn't know about. Omon will probably be gone next week.
  3. I guess Belichek really is "GOD" in NE when a Tom Btady is afraid to be late for practice! I think Rex would be a little more understanding.
  4. He could be the first Super Ball coach to be "rolled" off the field!
  5. Somebody who is good with photoshop should at least replace Revis's head with that of "Gilligan" from Gilligan's Island. (Old TV Show) Make it a little bigger so it stands out. Until Max decides who to replace him with.
  6. CB Darrelle Revis will not report to training camp Tuesday, Aug. 10, in time for the NFL-imposed deadline to earn another accrued season of service, according to a source familiar with Revis' thought process, reports Adam Caplan, of FOXSports.com. Revis wants a deal eclipsing Oakland Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha's $15.155 million average per season. Revis has said recently that he would accept a deal that pays him at least 50 cents higher than Asomugha's average per year. Those three years in Asomugha's deal are fully guaranteed for skill and injury, a source familiar with his contract said. The Jets do not appear eager to give Revis a lot of guaranteed money. From the KFFL site
  7. Makes sense (for Al & the Raiders) And if aso doesn't do well, Al will probably try to negotiate 2011 down.
  8. Yes, I agree with you.. But look what Al Davis is getting for his money. He has disrupted the CB situation of the NY Jets & probably a few other NFL teams that have great CB's that will want ASO money in the next few years. He calculated what giving ASO all that money would affect other teams with their future salary problems. Al Davis may be old, & appear stupid at times, but if Aso doesn't produce in 2010, don't be surprised if Al Davis has an "out" in that contract similar to the Lane Kiffin Fiasco. Did Kiffin ever get paid what was coming to him? I think that our organization anticipated this & that's why we made the trade for "AlCroTraz" & drafted Kyle Wilson. Remember, Revis was a highly touted cb coming out of college. I have faith in the front office & only time will tell. How do you think Bill Parcell would have handled this problem? I'll bet Revis would be traded to some team where he would probably be playing a lot of defense because the offense couldn't move the ball. As far as what to offer Revis, I don't think it makes any difference at this point. He is prepared to sit out, & our front office is prepared to move on.
  9. If we were to trade Revis, what would his value be worth to another team? 1 first rounder? 2 First rounders? A first & 2 seconds? Maybe Tanny should send out some feelers & see what he is worth. If he don't want to honor his contract, maybe Al Davis will give him 20 mil a year! The extra high picks could put us in a strong position in coming years.
  10. Some of you "young-uns" may not remember but back in '68, (Super Bowl year) the Jets signed a 38-39 year old back-up, washed up QB by the name of Babe Parilli. All he did was hold for pat's, Fg's, & spell Namath at the end of Blowouts, etc. Hmmmm, maybe theres a pattern here.
  11. For those that want to watch again or copy, NFL Network will be showing the "Monday Night Miracle" Monday night (7-19-10) at 8:00pm. Maybe Jason Taylor wants to "enjoy" the first half!
  12. N.E. Patriots sign Mike Teel, (former Rutgers QB) after being waived by Seatle.
  13. Very true... Nobody knew who Kaiser Soze was (in the movie) & nobody in the Jets organization knows who Vernon Gholston is, what to with him or how to use him. He must be good for something. Trade him to Cleveland or Cincy. He should be a "Home town Hero" since he played at THE Ohio State.
  14. It was repoerted on KFFL that before the season started, he took out a policy with Lloyds of London.
  15. I was watching for Kellen also. (TV here in SW Florida) Was he at the game? Why wasn't he along side Sanchez on the sideline after he through his interceptions telling him what to look for? How the wind affects the passes etc.? The only guy I seen sitting next to Sanchez on the sideline was O.C. Schots & while he was talking to Sanchez, he (Mark) looked "dazed" & confused, just staring into space.
  16. About 5 years ago, I just happened to be in JC Pennys (in NJ) when they had an "end of season" clearance on NFL stuff. I picked up a bunch of Jets Reebok hats for $3.00 each. They were green with the Jets emblem & had white at the tip of the hat (gave them to my fellow Jets fans) & some Curtis Martin Tee shirts that were $1.77 each. Check it out at the end of the season. It wasn't advertised & they didn't last long. I tried attaching a picture, hope it works.
  17. You might find a cheap straw sombrero in a "dollar" store. Buy some green and some white paint, make your own. The hardest part would be finding the sombrero. They used to have tons of them at the Jersey shore (Boardwalk stands) when I lived in NJ. Good luck!
  18. If the Jets perform at a high level & keep N.O. on their heels, the crowd noise may become "quiet". You never know.....
  19. Good Job Rex! You are 100% Right! NO individual is better then "The Team". I think this will give Clownney a wake up call & probably make him a better player. If not, He will be traded or cut ...
  20. Because I hope that Rex Ryan stays as the Jet coach forever (10-15 years) & the parts change over the years, I submit "The REX EXPRESS". The "Rex' gives credit to Coach Ryan, & "REX" sounds like "WRECKS" which is what our defense is doing to opposing offenses. THE REX EXPRESS
  21. Don't worry, Rex will give Gholston a little leeway to improve & make an impact on the defense. However, if he doesn't improve & do the job expected of him, he will be replaced & Rex has shown in the past that he WILL use an undrafted player as long as he produces. (see Scott, Leonard, etc) Just my observations.
  22. He has a quick release & confidence like Dan Marino. But only time will tell. Hopefully in about 10 years they will be comparing new QB's coming out in the draft to Mark Sanchez.
  23. I agree! He WILL make changes if someone doesn't produce. And the best part is, he doesn't rely on "what round you were drafted in". Once you are out there competing, he doesn't care whether you were a high draft choice or a "walk on". That's how guys like Scott & Leonard made his defense. I can't wait!
  24. You got that right! That & playing GB twice this year. Those are the only two games he wants to win....BIG TIME!! A "team player" is one who will sit out if he is unable to perform at a high level. He is not a "team player".
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