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  1. For those of you who don't have it in your collection, the "Midnight Miracle" (Jets come from behind win against the Dolphins) Will be shown again on Monday, July 27th at 8:00 PM on NFL Network.
  2. Jets are on NFL Network today, Friday until 12 noon. #19 of 32 teams in 32 days.
  3. I'm not offended by Brett either. He is what he is... A sefish player who puts himself BEFORE the team. The reason he didn'y want to sit when he was hurt was to keep his "streak" going (consecutive games played) You won't see him going to a team with a good QB like a Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, or any other QB that is better than him. He doesn't believe in competition for the QB job.
  4. I agree! I can just imagine the Green Bay threads since at the time of Brett's departure with GB how the fan base was split. It must be a"hot"topic.
  5. For those that may want to watch or copy, NFL Network has the Jets vs Titans game on again today (5-31-09) @ 3:00pm.
  6. We got him from Chicago because he wanted more money. If I was Tanny, I'd sit down with him & say "here's the deal". You honor your contract THIS year, playing behind one of the best young OL that is only going to get better, showcase your talents to the rest of the league, & I will do everything in my power to trade you to another team that wants to give you more money. Hell, I'd even put that in writing for him.
  7. "How selfish do you have to be to front-load a contract in the first 2 years and then holdout once the salary concession that you agreed to in that same contract kicks into place? Jones was paid $13,100,000 in his first two years as a Jet, and has to
  8. Mark's first day of camp will be on Total Access tonight (NFL Network) at 7:00 pm.
  9. Tony K. said "Jon Bon Jovi wants to buy the Jets". I just went over the TIVO to make sure whether "if" was in his sentence. It was not. I don't think it's a secret that Bon Jovi would like to own any NFL franchise, but being from Sayreville, NJ, he probably would consider any of the "local" teams.
  10. Was watching PTI yesterday, April 13th & when Mike & Tony came to the part about Celine Dion buying the Montreal Canadiens, Tony said... "And Bon Jovi wants to buy the Jets." I had to replay it (TIVO) to make sure I heard it right. But if it's true, what kind of owner do you think he would be?
  11. KFFL reports that the JETS are NOT interested in Holt
  12. Didn't Kenny Britt break Larry Fitzgeralds records in the Big East? He might not have Larry's speed but he must have "something". Oh, & BTW, Mike Teel, who someone quoted him as being a ******QB, LED the Big East this past year. (2008) Granted, you can't teach "speed", but I like a guy who can catch the ball & get some YAC.
  13. If we cut Farve, & he goes to the Vikings, we aren't libel for those 1st round draft picks, Are we?
  14. Did everyone hear the Jet fans in Tennesee do the J E T S Jets Jets Jets Cheer?
  15. They must be anticipating a lot of present season ticket holders NOT buying the PSL's. They have banners scrolling across the bottom of the "24\7", "Extra Point" & the others Jets News shows on SNY for the "The Coaches Club".
  16. Yeah, they would really look nice in a "metalic" green. According to the article, I think it was only worn once for the anniversary of the Jets Superbowl. Maybe we can break them out again IF we make it to the SB. The earlier Redskins helmets with the "feathers" only were a little funny.
  17. Hi all, Here is a site (C&P) that has all the NFL helmets of every team from 1960. Some of them are pretty ugly! But, you be the judge http://www.i-nflhelmet.com/
  18. OJ Simpson was found Guilty of ALL charges. Sentencing will be Dec. 5th.
  19. We haven't lost with these throwback jerseys, have we?
  20. When Parcells changed the Jets uniforms, he kind of went back to the late '60's when the Jets were good. How far back would he have to go in Miami? Did they ever have a different uniform?
  21. This Radio Station broadcast the Jets games Live last year. You can always use it as a last resort. There are other options if you have friends or family in NY, NJ, with DTV. I get the Jets in SW Florida with DTV. http://www.wrcn.com/wrcn_jets.htm
  22. Woody is a business man, nothing more, nothing less. When he walks around the parking lot on game day waiving, & shaking hands with the fans it is the same as the "big boss" walking aroung a J&J plant waiving & talking to the workers. All the money the Jets spent on free agents was good, however, the main reason this money was spent was because of the PSL's. Woody wants EVERY PSL sold! If you do the math. conservatively & using an average of $5,000 PSL for each seat, with a capacity of 50,000 (It's a lot more then that) That comes out to $250,000,000! For every 1000 seats over the estimate, it would be another $5,000,000! I used to live in NJ & now I live in SW Florida & I'm glad I don't have to make the decision to pay the PSL. One other thing, usually when you buy a PSL, you own it & can sell it someday. Is there any truth to the rumor that if you fail to purchase the season ticket package any year, it becomes the property of the JETS?
  23. I wouldn't be suprised if GB took Chad & a #5 just to get rid of Farve & not have to face him this year then trade him to the Bucs. They will need a veteren back up with experience in the West Coast offense, someone who can hit those 5 yarders, & manage the game. Besides, Chad makes about 6 million & Brett ? 12- 17?
  24. If we were to get Farve, Chad would be going to GB in the trade. They are looking for a veteren QB to back up Rodgers. I think it was a slip by Mortensen.
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