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  1. If we were to get Farve, Chad would be going to GB in the trade. They are looking for a veteren QB to back up Rodgers. I think it was a slip by Mortensen.
  2. Joe Theisman was drafted by Miami in the 4th round in 1971. He was 6-0 (Small for a QB even then) But he was a "winner". I think Colt is going to surprise a lot of people in a few years. He has something.
  3. http://www.newyorkjets.com/blog/posts/552-training-camp-dates-and-times Jets Training Camp schedule posted.
  4. Yes, you are right! However, I was being a little sarcastic in a sense. My point is, Roger is complaining about the rookie salaries, the owners are complaining about the rookie salaries....but, where do you think the rookie salaries would go if there was no draft for say, 2 or 3 years? Do you think the owners of the "rich" teams would hold their ground & not bid on a potential superstar? It would be very interesting at the least!
  5. Simple solution Roger: Try NOT having a Draft for about 3 years, Let any college player sign with ANY team, & see how low the owners push the "rookie" salary scale. Or not!
  6. Now that's what I call a "player". Maybe he's not the fastest "Speedwise" but I'm sure he makes up for it in knowing where the ball is going based on all the film he watches. Sounds like a GREAT pick to me!
  7. Duh! Wasn't Brady warming the bench his senior year in college? I'm not saying that Ainge is going to be a boom or bust, we just have to wait & see how it shakes out in the next few years. Have a little confidence in the F.O. & C.S. Just saying.....
  8. He can stay in Little Rock & play for the local semi-pro team. This way he can be close to "mama" & she can run his enterprise.
  9. You're forgetting that Brady was smaller & weaker when he was drafted. Belly put him on a program to strengthen his arm & body. He didn't play his 1st year with the Pats. (significantly) Wasn't Brady a "backup" his senior year? I could be wrong but I thought I read that somewhere. If I'm wrong, I apologize to all the Pats trolls on the site. It's a crap shoot, especially in the late rounds. If teams thought that he (Brennan) was so great, he would be going in the early rounds of the draft. Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not comparing Colt Brennan to any of the top QB prospects that were drafted in previous years, but wasn't Johnny Unitas passed over by a lot of teams for various reasons... How did that turn out? How about Derek Anderson? I'm sure the list goes on & on.
  10. He was interviewed today on ESPN & at the combine he completed 24 out of 25 passes & it was a "drop". If he is available in a late round, & if we didn't select a QB, I say "grab him". What do you have to lose? A late round draft choice? Look at the mistakes we made with higher draft picks. Just my thoughts.
  11. They may be able to "negotiate" but they can't sign anyone until it is their time on the clock. That's what Mortenson said anyway.
  12. Don't bet on it. The Tuna will have Miami very competative in 2-3 years. I'm not saying Super Ball but once you are competative & you get some breaks, anything can happen. Just my thoughts.
  13. I think I would rather take a RB later in the draft. My gut feeling is that if we take Mcfadden with the 6th pick, He will turn out to be another Blair Thomas. who NEVER lived up to expectations. BTW, later in that draft, some team in Texas (Dallas) picked this guy who wasn't rated too high because of his size. His name? Emmit Smith of course! I wouldn't want history to repeat itself!
  14. I think Ray Rice (Rutgers) is going to be a good pick for someone in the 2nd or 3rd round. I watched a lot of the Rutgers games & he has a knack for finding the end zone. Whoever drafts him will have a "starter" by mid season. Just my thoughts.
  15. Why would ANYONE in their right mind "retire" from a team that was almost in the SB, & sign with a team (any team) that was 4-12 last year? Sorry, can't see it!! Won't happen!
  16. Well, if the bookies use 3 points advantage for a home team, I wonder what their point spread would be if they knew one of the teams had vdeos of the walkthrus, etc.?
  17. Been watching & rooting for them since the "Titan" days. Why change now? GO JETS!
  18. Wouldn't that be something... If Belechek retired, Josh is named HC, & 24 hours later he quits & goes somewhere else? It's happened before, right Belly?
  19. I was thinking about that but I don't think Al Davis can get compensation for him unless he is a HC or maybe an assistant HC. If he is just a DC, The JETS could sign him & make him a DC/assistant HC. (just a title) We will be losing Mike W. (Special teams coach) next year because of surgery. How about that DC for the Chargers... Didn't HE look familiar? .... (Herm's scapegoat)
  20. One of the announcers said during the game that Schiano said that Rice didn't have great speed but said he reminded him of Emmit Smith. If I recall there were a few RB's drafted ahead of Smith. You just don't know how a back is going to perform in the pros until they get there. If Ray Rice decides to enter the draft, some team is going to get a good player with high character. Haven't heard anything negative about him yet. Way to GO, RU !!
  21. I agree... but only if he is available in a later round. We have too many other needs. He does have a big heart though. Go Rutgers!!!!
  22. You're right! Our QB"s are lacking something... It's an intangible called "Charisma". It's when you can feel confident as a player or a fan that your QB can lead you to a win no matter what the score, or how much time is left on the clock. He could be having a bad day but when push comes to shove, he finds a way to win or make it interesting in the end. Joe Namath had it, Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Johny Unitas, Dan Marino, they all had "it" to name a few. Bart Farve has it, Tom Brady has it, you know others that have "it". Our QB's don't have "it". Now, that being said, I'm not saying we should draft a QB in the first round, but we sure as h*ll have to keep looking until we find a QB that has "it". He can come in the later rounds, or even an undrafted FA.
  23. On one of Mangini's press conferences (I think last week) He was asked about Brad Smith & he said he was going to give him a chance at QB in TC next year. Don't know if he meant starter or backup but remember last year Penny had to "win" the starting QB job. Could be interesting.
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