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  1. I agree... but only if he is available in a later round. We have too many other needs. He does have a big heart though. Go Rutgers!!!!
  2. You're right! Our QB"s are lacking something... It's an intangible called "Charisma". It's when you can feel confident as a player or a fan that your QB can lead you to a win no matter what the score, or how much time is left on the clock. He could be having a bad day but when push comes to shove, he finds a way to win or make it interesting in the end. Joe Namath had it, Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Johny Unitas, Dan Marino, they all had "it" to name a few. Bart Farve has it, Tom Brady has it, you know others that have "it". Our QB's don't have "it". Now, that being said, I'm not saying we should draft a QB in the first round, but we sure as h*ll have to keep looking until we find a QB that has "it". He can come in the later rounds, or even an undrafted FA.
  3. On one of Mangini's press conferences (I think last week) He was asked about Brad Smith & he said he was going to give him a chance at QB in TC next year. Don't know if he meant starter or backup but remember last year Penny had to "win" the starting QB job. Could be interesting.
  4. Chad loves the game of football. He will be an excellent QB coach for someone in the future when his playing days are over. Are his playing days over? Not by a long shot! I go back a long way & remember Babe Parilli being Joe Namath's back-up. I remember Babe coming into the game & playing solid when called upon. A QB goes through phases in his career, it starts usually in Pop Warner, then HS, College, & hopefully the Pros. He usually starts off as a "back-up", then as the starter. He maintains that position until he reaches his peak & starts going downhill. (usually because of injuries) He than becomes the back-up & his Pro career has come full circle. All of this time on the bench, he is getting healthier & in a pinch... A few plays, a few games, etc. until the starter comes back, he is MORE than an "average" QB that can still play.
  5. Sorry about not picking the exact score, (ha ha) I didn't think it was going to into O.T. I was off a point both teams. Maybe I can do better next week. And... A WIN is a WIN!
  6. I don't think so.... I'd take Mel Kiper (ouch!) over Kotite.. He was BAD... REAL BAD.
  7. Do you remember last year when the team was winning? I think I know what's missing. All those "motivational" speakers, movies, etc. that Mangini used to take the team to. A lot of people thought that EM was being unorthodox with his methods. It did seem to keep the team "loose" though. Have I missed something or did they stop? Just sayin'
  8. Although I don't blame this loss on Chad, he did his best & overall wasn't that bad, I know a change will & has to be made. I hope that when EM hands the QB over to KC, the defense "steps up" & holds the lead for him & the JETS. They certainly didn't do it for Chad. Sometimes a change is good. If the defense sees that a QB can be benched, they might play a little harder & smarter knowing that THEIR starting job isn't set in stone either. Good luck KC...... Let's go JETS!!!!
  9. What do you got to lose? Check out your Library. If they don't have them, ask them to check the Interlibrary Loan or you might try www.iborrow.org I never used it but you never know......
  10. John Riggins did not play the 1980 season. Jack Pardee was the HC. Joe Gibbs became the HC in 1981 when JR came back.
  11. Don't laugh, but try your local Library. If they don't have it, ask them if they belong to the "Interlibrary Loan" I borrowed a movie that I was looking for called "Amazing Grace & Chuck" from around 1987. It was never put out on DVD but I "loaned" a copy (VHS) from the Kansas City Library through my Library in Cape Coral, Florida. If you do get what you want, I'm sure you can copy it. You need a Library card. The Library also has other alteratives for searching. You can pick up the info at your Library. Give it a shot! Good Luck!
  12. Yeah, but he would have 2 weeks to prepare. However, I like the way you're thinking. We have to find out sooner or later whether KC has the "right" stuff. KC may get his chance sooner. It seems that almost ALL coaches make the move after the 1st string QB gets hurt, whether real or perceived. Although it's tough on us as JETS fans, every week that goes by, KC is learning even though he isn't in the game. Remember when Chad finaly took over from Vinny? Brady for Bledsoe? etc. His time will come.
  13. If Chad & the JETS continue to struggle, KC will be starting against Pittsburg after the bye week.
  14. What about Colt Brennan from Hawaii? He likes to put the ball in the air & seems to have some mobility. He's 6' 3", 201 lbs. A lot of scouts are high on him. With a name like "Colt", he could be a "gunslinger".
  15. Mike & Mike didn't mention Losman. However, will Losman get HIS job back from Edwards? I wonder if the Bill's fans were hollering for Edwards before Losman got hurt like some Jet fans are calling for KC.
  16. Maybe we should get Drew Bledsoe... Why you ask? Well he has been in NE, lost his job to who? Tom Brady. He went to the Cowboys & lost his job to who? Tony Romo. Both of these QB's have Pro bowl potential. (except TB who is the best QB out there) So, it stands to reson that if we get Drew Bledsoe for a few games, our back up could be someone off the street & WE as JET fans would have a potential Pro Bowl QB. Ha ha! (a little humor) Actually I heard this on Mike & Mike this AM & the question was what do Tom Brady, Tony Romo, & Drew Bledsoe have in common?
  17. Unless there is an injury, Mangini won't make the switch until the bye week. And if he does, kiss Chad good-bye after the season. Remember Drew Bledsoe & Tom Brady?
  18. Those oddsmakers do this for a living. They want a lot of money ON the Giants.....Does that tell you anything? Maybe the "fix" is in.
  19. Sounds a little like my family. My son, (who is a JETS fan like his mom & dad) married a Giants fan (like her mom & dad) They have a daughter (our granddaughter) who is 3 years old. When we lived up in NJ, we used to babysit her once a week. I taught her the "JETS" cheer when she was 2. I would go J.....E....T....S and she would go "JETS JETS JETS". Well, her mom wasn't too happy with that so I taught her how to say "go blue" (in a low voice) That really went over big. Tell him you want a "throw back" jersey. Make him pay!
  20. It Figures... Not only are the Patriots Good, but they are lucky as well. It wouldn't suprise me if they do make a run at Miami's record & have Bounaconti & company wait quite a while for their "Toast".
  21. Maybe we can trade JMAC jor one ...soon.. like Monday?
  22. This could just the "tip" of the iceberg. I'll bet that BB's video procedures include deleting ALL files that the commisioner would like handed over. I'm sure BB will have an answer to the "interpretation" of what Goodell is asking for, and it won't be the same as Goodell's.
  23. According to Mortenson this AM on Mike & Mike, the commisioner is going to "review" past practices of the Patriots. Mortenson said that the word "review" being used sounds like an "investigation". This could get very interesting!
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