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  1. KFFL reports J. Miller, E. Smith, Dyson, & T. Jones resumed practice & T. Jones to start.
  2. FLGREEN, I don't know if you saw Kentucky Jets post on "Listening to the Jets Games" on radio, but that station will have the Pregame, ALL Jets games, & Post game coverage. Hope this helps.
  3. Okay, ALL you Florida Jet Fans with DTV. Do you have any family members up north that have DTV? There are 2 ways to do it. 1) Swap your "Florida" DTV receiver with one of your friends or family from up north. You will get MSG, SNY, & YES, the NY feed 380, 382, 386 & 388. (CBS,NBC,ABC, & FOX) They will get the Florida regional Sports networks. 2) Have your northern family or friend "add" a receiver to their account (about 5-6 bucks a month) & work something out with them. (? $$) The only drawback is that you don't get the independent locals like WB9, 11, 13, & spanish channels & you won't get the local Florida channels (on that specific receiver) because it is registered up north & it can't get the "local spotbeam" in Florida. Since it's registered in NY or NJ, you won't get the Florida locals. Hope this helps.
  4. I get 625 (SNY), 622 (YES), Yankees & 380 East in Cape Coral, Fl.
  5. Tuesday, 1:00PM 8-14-07 Friday, 10:00AM 8-17-07
  6. I think one of the reasons "stick-um" was outlawed was because it was getting on the footballs & the QB's complained. I could be wrong...
  7. I'll be watching the game in Cape Coral. BTW, next weeks game against the Vikings will be on FOX.
  8. NYJ odds to win AFC 23-1 NE " " 3-1 NYJ odds to win Super Bowl 40-1 NE " " 7-2 Houston " " 150-1 Source: Sportsnetwork NE led in both catagories. They are still the team to beat. A victory opening day would be "AWESOME".
  9. He ran the team into the ground. By the end of the season when the games were the most meaningful, the team had no gas left in the tank. was he a good coach? Yes. Could he coach a team for the full season & into the playoffs? NO! He would make a great assistant coach in the Pros though.
  10. I've been to KFFL & there is nothing. They are usually up to date.
  11. I just read that Oakland may cut LJ loose. Could we be interested at the right price?
  12. Just saw on ESPN in an interview with MF that he wants to make a comeback this year. He says he is going to start working out in February. Any gas left in his tank? Discuss
  13. I'm just happy that we are in the Playoffs. As far as I'm concerned, we are playing with "house money". Sure, it would be nice if we won a game or two, or three, but we are flying under the radar & ANYTHING can happen. "One game at a time".
  14. A friend of my landscapers cousin's brother told him that Miami woul like to take a run at Belichek. That would make Kraft a little Kranky.
  15. I can't understand why the field is so slippery & sloppy. They have a roof over it. (They closed it for the game). Did they forget to close it during a downpour? I think the team with the deepest spikes is going to rule the second half. Go Rutgers!!!!
  16. The 1968 Jets Superbowl is on today (Tuesday, Dec. 26th) @ 1:30 pm on the NFL Network in case anyone wants to TIVO. CapeCoralJetFan
  17. If you have a laptop, you can get a Delorme (Do a "Google search" for it) for about $100.00 ($80.00 on sale) It comes with the mapping & tracking software, the GPS unit, USB cable. You can program it from your home address & to where you want to go & it tells you when the turns are coming up. It gives you your Longitude, Latitude, & how fast you are going. So, if you have an old laptop, this is a "cheap" alternative. Cape Coral Jet Fan
  18. I believe the announcers said that Pitt was "averaging" 37 points per game (before the RU game) 37 ppg seems like a lot of points. But that's WHY WE PLAY THE GAME! (Now who was the smart a5s that said that?)
  19. Coach Schiano will be at Rutgers for a while. The University sold him property on campus to build a house so he can be closer to the school. The "U" wishes he was available!
  20. December 10th 2006 Jags vs Colts. I guess you might as well chalk that up as a "win" for the Jags since the Colts are "Overated". Be careful what you say, sometimes it comes back & bites you.
  21. Brandon Hoyte picked up by Chicago Bears. (Practice squad)
  22. Hi PATSFanTX, I didn't "predict" that the Jets would shut out the Colts. I stated that the Jets were the LAST team to shut out Peyton Manning & that SOMETIMES history repeats.. You said "the JETS would be "lucky" if they can keep them under 40" I guess we got lucky. I said "I guess they could get lucky....Can the PATS keep the Bengals under 40" The PATS DID keep the Bengals under 40.. Good for the PATS. However, I don't think the Jets got "lucky" by holding the Colts under 40 (which they did) but the JETS & their CS did well today even though there is no such thing as a moral victory, the JETS LOST! And you know what? I see improvement every week, we are getting better each week & that's all I can ask from a NEW coaching staff. What was BELLY's record HIS first year? Maybe Mangini's record will be as good or better.
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