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  1. Positives for the starters: Leon of course. For the later minutes, Woodhead looked decent. Negatives for the Ravens: They f'n have male cheerleaders and a purple clad marching band.
  2. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/packers/2008-07-31-favre-update_N.htm?loc=interstitialskip Favre-to-Jets talks heat up as Goodell again defers reinstatement By Pete Dougherty and Tom Pelissero, Green Bay Press-Gazette GREEN BAY, Wis.
  3. good mix of run / pass too - very balanced team. defense is really performing well.
  4. you probably picked up a nice load of flex points for all the referrals from this site - good idea.
  5. Those were just B-12 shots! guess that "clear" wasn't clear enough. damn. League #2 anyone?? Only HGH, 'roid raging basthuds need apply.
  6. http://goallineblitz.com/game/player.pl?player_id=221478
  7. I've got a lvl 4 center if there's room http://goallineblitz.com/game/player.pl?player_id=221478
  8. morning, before work - and then after the kids are in bed. probably will be on at strange hours a lot in the coming months - baby #3 arrives this Wed. wish I could login at work - my employer clearly doesn't know what's important!
  9. I was very happy when he became a Jet back in the day, but what a letdown - the bears are really scraping the bottom of the barrel
  10. he'll be a patsy - he thinks it's his best shot - but he should know that the pats are cursed for their cheating ways - too bad Randy.... sucker.
  11. I'd like to do it - can't handle the pressure w/ my 3rd kid on the way. due next Wed, btw..
  12. yeah man, they still do it right and I thought Wolfgang was decent on bass. Definitely wishing Eddie the best
  13. Not surprising - that place is insane. I just took my 4 yr old to a bday party at CCheese 2 weekends ago. They booked 6 or so bdays at the same time. We were herded like cattle. There wasn't enough room in the game area - and the CC employees stay out of that area - probably because they don't want to deal with headaches like miss aliaga and miss williams. The blood pressure goes up after 5 mins in that place. Obviously no one should end up punching someone else in the side of the face... damn, you have to land those right in the kisser.
  14. spend the $ on Moss - go get 'em Building through the draft is a good idea, but you need to have some pro-bowlers around to guide/mentor the kids that you bring in thru the draft. we'll get more out of D'brick / mangold because we picked up Faneca.
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