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  1. Yeah, this past FA period I was on a lot more then usual as well. A lot going on for us.

    morning, before work - and then after the kids are in bed. probably will be on at strange hours a lot in the coming months - baby #3 arrives this Wed. wish I could login at work - my employer clearly doesn't know what's important!

  2. Not surprising - that place is insane. I just took my 4 yr old to a bday party at CCheese 2 weekends ago. They booked 6 or so bdays at the same time. We were herded like cattle. There wasn't enough room in the game area - and the CC employees stay out of that area - probably because they don't want to deal with headaches like miss aliaga and miss williams. The blood pressure goes up after 5 mins in that place.

    Obviously no one should end up punching someone else in the side of the face...

    damn, you have to land those right in the kisser.

  3. I agree, but we can not shell out money and a huge bonus to a guy who could be forced to retire with one more hit.

    spend the $ on Moss - go get 'em

    Building through the draft is a good idea, but you need to have some pro-bowlers around to guide/mentor the kids that you bring in thru the draft. we'll get more out of D'brick / mangold because we picked up Faneca.

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