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  1. He's got a screw loose. Good to see that our mod's don't waiver.
  2. Chad made some really inexcusable decisions with the ball last year even when he had time in the pocket. The new line won't convert him into a downfield guy, he'll still be Dr. Dump-off. Clemens didn't inspire either - we need another option
  3. I wonder what happened to the Packers and Cowboys rumors?
  4. Pipe dream # 2,846: If Chad gets his ol' pal Randy Moss here he can start at whatever position he wants in my book
  5. Shefter says yes - would be a good move
  6. F-A-N-E-C-A! F-A-N-E-C-A! F-A-N-E-C-A! F-A-N-E-C-A! F-A-N-E-C-A! This rocks!
  7. and what about all that Mcfumbling?
  8. Just hope this doesn't turn into another pissing competition
  9. wish I could fast fwd thru the NASCAR and NBA crap ... what a waste of air time!
  10. Team, Moss not close to deal By Mike Reiss and Christopher L. Gasper Boston Globe Staff / March 1, 2008 Yesterday wasn't quite Black Friday for the Patriots, but it also wasn't an ideal start to free agency. First, the team lost cornerback Asante Samuel to the Eagles, and now it could be poised to lose record-setting wide receiver Randy Moss. The Patriots and Moss still don't have a new deal. According to ESPN, the sides aren't close and Moss is starting to listen to offers from other teams. New England elected not to place the franchise tag on Moss, who in his first seas
  11. Could be just his agent trying to leave the door open to possible last minute ridiculous offers from the Rams or Niners. Can't wait for the official announcement.
  12. hey, it's always good to have reminders of Patsy problems - don't mind the repost at all!
  13. seems like no one's questioning that it's pretty much a done deal. hope Tangini doesn't find a way to screw it up.
  14. strap on the red bull man someone should wake Tangini up - enough beauty sleep, get to work
  15. on right now - clayton always looks like some kind of rag doll or disheveled ventriloquist's dummy. No new news far as i heard
  16. could just result in a bunch of exhausted green junkies moping around work tomorrow.... but i'll take that chance
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