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  1. I'm sorry but were any of you paying attention the games last year? He was just awful. I was a very pro-Chad person but after the way he played there is just no way he can be the starter.

    Even if Clemens doesn't improve much, you might as well play him to see how well he does because playing Chad will just mean more of the same impotent offense.

    Chad made some really inexcusable decisions with the ball last year even when he had time in the pocket. The new line won't convert him into a downfield guy, he'll still be Dr. Dump-off. Clemens didn't inspire either - we need another option

  2. I'm tired of you saying Mayock is a good evaluator than a bad one. Everytime you bring up Mayock in reference to McFadden you say that he's crazy or that he didn't show anything important when he showed the videos. News Flash champ* he didn't just show him getting caught from behind, he showed him with 0 leg drive and that he goes down right after contact. Funny how you didn't mention that part. Next, when you were refuting gholston, you said that Mayock said he dissapears far too foten. However, once again you failed to mention that he said he was inconsistent against the run when using his leverage, but when he uses the leverage he is very stout against the run. He also said he has the best first step and explosion of any defensive player in the draft. But i guess you don't find that important

    I don't understand how you can tear mayock down for bashing mcfadden, but than when you take a part of his commentary on Gholston you act as if he is a very good talent evaluator. You can't say he's nuts for not having mcfadden ranked as the overall back and then go and use his talent evaluating skills for knocking gholston.

    I suggest you respect mayock's opinion as he is a very good talent evaluator and maybe understand that he has mendenhall ranked #1 for a very good reason. Such has; he ran in the 4.4s weighs 15 pounds more, is much more solid, has a better leg drive and than the most important thing ** He had the fastest 20 yard shuttle.**

    and what about all that Mcfumbling?

  3. Team, Moss not close to deal

    By Mike Reiss and Christopher L. Gasper

    Boston Globe Staff / March 1, 2008

    Yesterday wasn't quite Black Friday for the Patriots, but it also wasn't an ideal start to free agency. First, the team lost cornerback Asante Samuel to the Eagles, and now it could be poised to lose record-setting wide receiver Randy Moss. The Patriots and Moss still don't have a new deal. According to ESPN, the sides aren't close and Moss is starting to listen to offers from other teams. New England elected not to place the franchise tag on Moss, who in his first season with the Patriots caught 98 passes for a franchise-record 1,493 yards and broke Jerry Rice's NFL record for touchdown receptions in a season with 23.

    The $7.84 million wide receiver franchise tag would have kept Moss from becoming a free agent while the sides tried to work out a long-term deal, but also may have alienated Moss, who made $5 million last season, which included $2 million in incentives, after agreeing to reduce his $9.75 million salary as part of the trade that brought him from Oakland.

    The 31-year-old Moss said after the Patriots' loss in Super Bowl XLII Feb. 3 he hoped to remain with the team, but was prepared to move on. "If I am in a New England Patriot uniform next year I would love to be in one. If I am not, you know, the show must go on," he said. Yesterday, Moss's agent, Tim DiPiero, responded to an e-mail, writing, "I have no comments on or off the record until whatever happens happens."

  4. http://blogs.trb.com/sports/football/jets/blog/2008/02/faneca_isnt_a_jet_yet.html

    Just called Faneca's agent about the report on ESPN that the Pro Bowl guard has "tentatively agreed" to a deal with the Jets. Here's how the conversation went.

    Me: "Hi Rick. Tom Rock from Newsday."

    Rick Smith: "False report. It's a false report."

    Didn't even get to ask my question. How did he know I wasn't calling to ask if he'd seen that crazy Michigan women's hoops coach.

    Anyway, Smith says we're still on the same timeline as we were earlier today with a decision porbably coming Saturday evening. That doesn't mean the report won't turn out to be true. It just means that it's not totally true yet.

    seems like no one's questioning that it's pretty much a done deal. hope Tangini doesn't find a way to screw it up.

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