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  1. I'm thinking it won't matter one bit. Players want money. If you give them more than the other guy they'll play for you. If a player takes less to play elsewhere it'll have nothing to do with Pete Kendall and everything to do with location/chance to win/chance to play.

    I think it could hurt on the margins. Assume all else equal (equal initial contract and equal chance to win/play) a player might be more inclined to head to a place like Washington, which is perceived to be more willing to open the checkbook.

  2. I don't know if you were serious, but this sounds like a good idea. I think it would be neat to have a link to a separate site. I've been disappointed that I have no means to discuss (even politely) Tuesday's NY/NJ results with people from the region.

    On a broader scale, I wonder if there could be a demand for a "political site" that other non-political sites can point their people to.

    agreed - it would be a good outlet - this is the right time to start something like that

  3. I work with changing behaviors of children, what your wife is doing is called negative reinforcement, she has to stop! He isn't going to like it, but you have the right idea in "ignoring" him. It may seem cruel sometimes, but I've sat through many tantrums for attention, using extinction (ignoring), they have almost all but stopped.

    Good luck, guess you can't really lock your bedroom door can you.

    Locking the door...hey, hadn't thought of that one. How 'bout ear plugs too? I think the wife realizes that it's not the best idea to be so responsive, but neither of us want the 2 yr old to suffer because his parents are letting his brother weep and wail through the night. This situation has to work itself out eventually, I suppose.

  4. So does upstate. Poor SOB still hasn't slept and he's got another on the way!

    No off days for me - it's work, work, work. How can I possibly justify a day off when my wife holds a job from home (writing marketing material) and we have 2 kids - soon to be 3 - that are 5 yrs old or less?

  5. Damn ! I just remembered that I bought that game about 10 years ago at a garage sale and never could find someone to play it with. "The boy" is now 23 and a UB history graduate so I'm gonna give him a call in the morning. Thanks for the reminder upstate.

    That's the problem with Axis/Allies - tough to find someone to put in the time to complete a game. I'd like to find an online version for those sleepless nights that are happening more and more frequently.

  6. Kiduman. And it worked. Well, took a couple of hours, but still.

    I surrendered to lord insomnia and left for work at 6am. If this keeps up I'm going to crash and burn and turn into a vegetable brain.

  7. Possibilitty1: Maybe they just have to use the bathroom? Tell them to pee then get back to bed.

    Possibility2: Expectations. Don't cave and play with them. My 3 sons know that I'd simply heat their backside and send them back to bed anyhow.

    Possibility3: Not likely, but I've heard about this and had others confirm it. Most familes make great effort to play with the kids at night but the kids also need to see mom/dad connect as well. A large part of a child's psyche comes from knowing mom/dad are cemented. Make sure the child sees mom/dad hug and have a few minutes of quiet time in the evening. Some children will get up at night to "get involved" as a strange way to help mom/dad get along better. Maybe with your third one on the way, the child is sensing some strain between you and this is how he/she is trying to "help".

    Well at least once per night it is the 'pee' thing. He's big enough to do things himself but he wants to be put back to bed. I think part of the reason we're in this mess is my wife responds to just about any request. We're going to have to ignore him a few times to put us back on course. Problem is he'll wake up the 2 yr old if we don't go and get him to stop calling for us. The only upside is that I feel like I'm going through boot camp to prepare me for a 3rd kid.

    Trust me, no one is playing with him at 3am. We're both too pissed off about being woken up for that to happen.

    I think the psychological theories are interesting, but for now I wouldn't lend them weight - I think we're encountering a habit that needs to be broken somehow. It's a problem that will only be compounded with the arrival of the new one - so it needs to be corrected asap.

    I'm going to have to rely on caffeine today. I love my kids - but damn.

  8. I don't have kids yet, so I can't help with that aspect. I did recently read a study that determined that most "crazy" people (schizophrenia, paranoia) suffer from an amazing lack of sleep. This was originally thought to stem from being unable to sleep due to their mental difficulties, delusions, etc. Recent research suggests that it may be the other way around and the extreme lack of sleep actually causes the mental problems. Worse findings suggest that missed sleep cannot be recovered. That ought to make you rest easy!

    Thanks a lot for that - i feel so much better now - very relaxed and ready to sleep - no worries about my inevitable mental decay.

    There may be something to that research - I'm already exhibiting signs of insanity - we're having our third kid in 6 weeks!!

  9. I usually wait to nap until I get to work.

    Is Axis and Allies one of the ones with the little hexoganal game pieces?

    Axis and Allies is WWII - all major countries involved - you can choose to be the US, UK, USSR, Germany, Italy, or Japan. You choose how to build your army - buy more infantry, tanks, planes, battleships, etc. - and take over regions by invading and rolling the dice to see how many units are destroyed on the offensive and defensive sides. Good game.

  10. I started out strong back in the dating years. The best year was our first year together. I put together a scavenger hunt that led her through the city collecting presents and flowers along the way. Another year I had a town car pick her up at work and take her to the 4 Seasons. I was already there - playing piano in the lounge (management let me play for about 10 mins) to her surprise.

    Setting the bar high can bite you in the ars though. By the early years measuring stick I'm now a miserable failure - just dinner and a gift now.

  11. Why don't you try to join the online Risk game?

    i like that game a lot - actually, any kind of war-themed strategy games. the favorite being Axis and Allies. but should i really wave the white flag - give up the dream of sleeping - or do i fight the fight and lay in bed until i pass out? - tough call

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