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  1. If I gave you the power this place would be clean. As a result of you banning and chasing everyone away.

    We are thinking of renaming the Lounge to the Locker Room. Deal with it.


    great - so not only will I have to worry about running into Patsy fans there, I'll also need to worry about picking up staph infections and not dropping my soap.

  2. ...nonetheless, what an idiot! Not that the victim and homeowner sound like real winners either......but my God, if a game becomes THAT personal - find another hobby.


    Jags fan accused of shooting Patriot pal

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008


    Star-Ledger Staff

    An aggravated Jaguars fan shot a teenager after the youth persisted in rooting for the Patriots as the pair watched the game on TV, East Orange police said yesterday.

    Tomajj Coleman, 31, of South Harrison Street was arrested about 8:45 a.m. at his job on Walsh Drive in Parsippany, Detective Andrew DiElmo said. DiElmo said Coleman, a convicted felon, shot a 17-year-old during the NFL divisional playoff in which the New England Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars Saturday night.

    Three others -- including the victim and the woman who allowed them to watch the game in her Clifford Street home -- were arrested as police investigated the 10 p.m. shooting, authorities said.

    "The victim was rooting for the Patriots, and the suspect, apparently rooting for the Jaguars, had forewarned the victim not to root for the Patriots anymore," DiElmo said. "The victim challenged him on it, the suspect pulled out a handgun, shot him in the left thigh and then fled the scene."

    The victim, identified only as an Amherst Street resident, was taken to University Hospital in Newark, where he was treated and released, DiElmo said.

    About 2:55 a.m. yesterday, police charged the teenager with possession of marijuana, DiElmo said.

    Meanwhile, Coleman, a convicted felon, awaits arraignment on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and other weapons-related charges, as well as possession of marijuana, DiElmo said.

    Coleman spent time in prison after being convicted in Essex County in 2002 on robbery and unlawful possession of a handgun charges, according to state Administrative Office of the Courts records.

    Tina Louise Parker, 28, whose Clifford Street home was the scene of the violence Saturday night, was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of her children, hindering apprehension and possession of marijuana, DiElmo said.

    A 17 year-old female from Bloomfield who was at the Clifford Street home also was arrested and charged with marijuana possession, DiElmo said.

    Lt. Timothy Bradley, head of the city's violent crimes task force, along with detectives Tyrone Crawley and Richard Acosta, and state parole senior investigator Jeff Varone, were credited with helping to quickly solve the case and place the four people in custody.

    Kevin C. Dilworth may be reached at kdilworth@starledger.com

    what a house of fun...weapons and drug charges .... all they need is a prostitution charge for the clean sweep.

  3. my younger brothers (and they were really young when I wrestled) were interested in watching their big bro on the mat. in between matches they ended up playing with the younger siblings of my other team members and that kept them occupied ... generally kids pummeling other kids to copy what they saw on the mat ...

    It's a great sport - it'll keep him in great shape - and you can go year round with it too if he gets hooked...camps, club teams, etc.

  4. I just thought each individual match was well...a match and the actual tournament was called a meet. Learn something new every day I guess. :lol: I really couldn't be happier about the way he has taken to the sport. He never really took much interest in sports and then all of the sudden he asked to sign up for wrestling and actually looks forward to practice every week. I haven't missed a practice yet.

    At that age I can't imagine they would give the kids much down time. The matches are probably run under some compressed time (jr high/highschool/collegiate matches are 6mins, these are probably 3mins). One of the biggies for me was to bring enough food to get me through the day. Don't let him eat the crap the school is selling.

  5. BINGO -- Same for me -- had a bad feeling there as well -

    the Buffalo game sealed the deal --

    Yep - the Minn preseason...immediately what I thought when I saw the thread. The disturbing thing was that on top of the duck balls we were now seeing mental breakdowns from Pennyboy...just some really inexplicably bad, out of character decisions. And for a quaterback that lives on playing a 'smart' game that really had me worried.

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