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  1. Nuuuuuge! yah man. But couldn't he have kicked it a little bit higher for comfort? (I guess a field goal's a field goal). I just hate all that yellow in the stands...wave your little towels...your "look I just cleaned my taint with this towel" little towel wave...screw those rags. that felt good.
  2. Receivers are ok...it's certainly not the first area to look for weak links.
  3. anybody been out to the poker room recently? just sitting out there warming a seat...
  4. it figures...i'm having a horrible pick'em week....not to make it all about me or anything
  5. i've got shaun alexander headlining...but no much (quality) depth.... derrick ward and julius jones and brandon jacobs. After the Oakland game, Cleveland's gotta face the Pats and Ravens...rest of the schedule doesn't look like a cakewalk either. Give the edge to Jordan in terms of schedule then.... but there is the worry that he'll split time with rhodes when he's back. I agree with Ghost about the difference between o-lines...and the browns moved the ball nicely last week...but it was the bengals shaky defense..... I can make lots of arguments either. Guess that might be time to
  6. opinions on trading Lamont Jordan for Jamal Lewis? Lewis looked good against a crumbling Bengals defense...not sure if that's for real. But I'm concerned about what the return of dominic rhodes could mean for Jordan's numbers around week 5.
  7. I like the kid...he's got quality receivers to throw to and it looks like he's more comfortable/confident. he's not going to completely light it up...but you probably don't have better options at this point. could watch and see how the Leftwich situation pans out in Atlanta.
  8. I want to start a movement to get the original smiley on the list... Guy Smiley never gets his props.
  9. catch the 'secret agent man' song underneath the shot of belibum a couple of minutes back? love it
  10. put the injury in McCareins lap.... catch it and Cotchery doesn't take the dinger
  11. My 4-yr-old kid was so excited to show me 'the Jets on t.v.' when I came home from work a few days back. He likes to replay the clip on the dvr and shout the ABC's along with "number 10"...over and over and over... I need to sneak in and delete the damn thing. Now we know why Mangini wasn't given any lines on the Sopranos. And why didn't they slap some green on elmo?
  12. I have no faith in Ramsey. So inconsistent in DC, can't feel the rush. I see Penny in for 3 games until the paper mache arm takes a stiff knock and then a frustrating, Ramsey-led slog through the rest of the season with Brooks/Clemons making a few appearances toward the end.
  13. I've heard of that -- all you need is a solid fico score and a squeaky-clean "I'm honest" grin. All this reduced documentation crap is going to blow up in everyone's faces as rates continue to rise and home prices go flat.
  14. “I wanted to eat him — I didn’t want to kill him,” he told the court. See, he's not such a bad guy. Pass the fava beans and the chilled cold medicine please.
  15. yah, easy on him - the Croat is just learning the names of the stars of this thing called 'american football'
  16. yeah, but good riddance to Herm. The locker room clips really highlighted his annoying, fuzzy-headed pep talks - i don't think he ever thought before he started talking.
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