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  1. Greatest Impact on 2018 Jets

    Mac please do this... Cut: Wilkerson/Carpenter/Skrine/Ijalana Resign: Davis/ASJ/Claiborne/Ealy Sign: Cousins/Allen Robinson/Ryan Jensen/Trumaine Johnson/Trey Burton/Shaquil Barrett Draft: 1st Round: Quenton Nelson----2nd Round: Jaire Alexander/Sony Michel----3rd Round: Best ILB Most definitely a pipe dream but in 2016 the Giants had $57 million and were able to sign Janoris Jenkins, Olivier Vernon, and Damon Harrison while resigning Pierre-Paul to a $10 million dollar deal. I know 2 years later the costs are higher for players but I would do whatever it takes to overpay some of these young talented guys to get them here. With those signings $75-80 million gets it done and that's slightly overpaying each leaving money to resign our own. It's going to be a matter of getting these players to want to play here over San Francisco and Cleveland who both also have tons of cash to spend. This is a best case scenario situation but if we miss on certain players there are respectable replacements we can look at to completely turn this thing around overnight. I hope Mac has a plan and can sell these guys.
  2. Say the Brown's sign Cousins

    Here's a question.. how are the Browns going to sign all these players??? They can't continue to keep trading these picks its absurd!!
  3. I've seen crazier things happen. One thing I've learned is that whatever people think is going to happen in the draft normally does not. With that said I pray that the Jets realistically end up with Michel or Jones II.
  4. I can't wait to see what he does in the NFL. I think he's going to be exciting.
  5. Barkley is for sure going top 10. Professional analysts are saying they've never seen a RB prospect like him in years.
  6. The fix should be simple..

    I'm not opposed to that if they nail FA. If they plug most holes via FA then we can afford to package picks to trade up and get our guy.
  7. The fix should be simple..

    If the Browns don't sign a QB there's a good chance they draft Darnold. The Giants would probably then draft Rosen. If those two are gone who are you trading up to the 3 spot for? Mayfield? While I'd love Mayfield I think he can be had at the 6 spot.
  8. The fix should be simple..

    I would also be okay with trading back in this draft to acquire more picks if they sign Cousins.
  9. Do we shop Enunwa?

    No no no. The kid is 25. He showed signs of being a really good wide receiver. Yes it was a neck injury and neck injuries are really bad but I'm not going to write the kid off before he even steps back on the field.
  10. The fix should be simple..

    I would snatch up a RB with the top pick in the 2nd round without blinking. Imagine Guice is somehow still there.
  11. The fix should be simple..

    They'll still have 70 million left to add more talent. They also have 3 picks in the top 50 of the draft to add talent here. The team will be better.
  12. The fix should be simple..

    What would you do?
  13. The fix should be simple..

    The Niners definitely scare me. They're an up and coming team that's going to attract a lot of FAs. This is where Mac is going to have to sell these guys on coming here. Not for nothing but our future looks bright too given the correct moves are made. If not Cousins then it'll be a harder sell but we'll have a young hopefully franchise QB to lead us. I'm good with Darnold, Rosen or Mayfield.
  14. The fix should be simple..

    With the 6 pick they'll be looking at a bunch of players that will merit that pick. Guys like Nelson, Chubb, Barkley, Fitzpatrick... they're going to be there and I'm fine with either of them. Maybe not so much Fitzpatrick but they'll be some solid players. In the 2nd round if they can grab a RB and maybe a CB or OLB depending on what they do in FA I would be fine because there are a ton of talented players at those positions to be had. I'm just trying to keep the glass half full here.