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  1. They're going to be vastly improved. The four picks in the top 38 should hopefully get them four starters. I'm also fairly confident JD will land two impact starters in FA that'll add to the injection of young talent that this team will get. To me, something like this would be an amazing offseason and realistic to accomplish. I'm sure they'll also add a WR in FA I just couldn't think of who I kept going back to DJ Chark. Carlton Davis - CB James Daniels - OG OJ Howard - TE Keyvon Thibodeaux - EDGE (R1P4) Garrett Wilson - WR (R1P10) Jaquan Brisker - S (R2P35) Trey McBride - TE (R2P38)
  2. There is no way he is falling out of the top 7. At all.
  3. Should be a no-brainer to bring him back. CB market is pretty thin and like you mentioned he is one of only a few that they should actually retain.
  4. Okay COMPLETE shot in the dark here, but at any point does Trevor Lawrence say "I'm not sure I want to be a part of the Jaguars organization because they're a legitimate mess" and is there realistically anything he can do to avoid getting drafted by them?
  5. I think the easiest route to building this wall would be to pay whatever it takes to sign either Joe Thuney or Brandon Scherff in FA then use the #34 pick on an IOL. The options could very likely be; - Creed Humphrey - Trey Smith - Landon Dickerson - Deonte Brown - Josh Myers All of whom I think can start right away and make an impact at RG or C. That's potentially a starting OL of; LT - Becton LG - Thuney C - McGovern RG - Trey Smith RT - Fant I think that would be a good starting point that wouldn't be impossible to accomplish.
  6. Fair point in regards to the WR. If that's the case then you'd have them taking one at #23. It'd potentially come down to; Rashod Bateman Rondale Moore Kadarius Toney Terrance Marshall Jr. While these are good options, St. Brown could easily end up being the best out of all of them. That's mainly why I'm not too sold on going WR with pick #23 which I'm all over the place with. First I was all for taking Kadarius Toney there based on the amount of different ways he could be used in the offense, but WRs have a high bust rate in the 1st round. Either way it's Jaycee Horn over all if he's there at pick #23 which he likely won't be.
  7. Pick #23 will be vital. If Jaycee Horn is somehow there it's an absolute no-brainer. If not then there are so many different directions they can go in depending on what happens in FA. If Rousseau is there I'm not mad at taking him considering he should be a top 10-15 pick.
  8. Jeez people lighten the hell up. What kind of Madden type roster do you think JD is going to pull out of his ass? I'm convinced some people are just never going to be pleased. This roster isn't half bad if you take the time to actually look at it. And all the people saying there was no focus on offense?? Zach Wilson Joe Thuney Curtis Samuel Hunter Long Wyatt Davis Amon-ra St. Brown Kyle Kusszlvneiavecheck Trey Sermon There were plenty of additions it's just a young offense and maybe you don't know who these rookies are, but they would actually be really really good additions that'll give the Jets a hell of a future. I personally see nothing wrong with a WR unit of; Denzel Mims Curtis Samuel Jameson Crowder Amon-ra St. Brown With Wilson hopefully showing promise and behind a dominant OL I don't think that's bad and fine to build on. Lighten up people.
  9. Big fan of Bourne. That would be one hell of an offseason if they were to keep Darnold. That would be putting a team around him where if he didn't produce then it's a no brainer to get rid of him. I'm still with drafting Zach Wilson or Justin Fields at #2 though. I think both of those QBs will do well in LaFleur's offense.
  10. I want Curtis Samuel and Kadarius Toney. Those two will open up the passing game for whoever is throwing the ball. Add to that if Chris Herndon can finally wake up and get a fire lit under his ass this offense can be something to fear. Add a Kenneth Gainwell who would be also featured in the passing game and look out. Sign Curtis and draft Toney at #23 and let's score some points.
  11. Which is ridiculous because that does nothing but lower Sam's trade value. If I'm management I'm telling them they better have nothing but glowing remarks when asked about Sam to boost his value somewhat. But then.... there's the tape.. UGH!
  12. Soooo Curtis Samuel and Josh Reynolds in FA. Give me Kadarius Toney with pick #23 and draft Anthony Schwartz in the later rounds. WR1 - Curtis Samuel WR2 - Denzel Mims Slot - Kadarius Toney WR4 - Josh Reynolds WR5 - Anthony Schwartz That's IF they wanted to go that route and really upgrade the WR position for whatever QB they decide to draft at #2 whether it be Fields or Wilson. I think that group would do damage.
  13. I agree with this even still. The more I think about it the more I think Curtis Samuel should be a definite priority signing at the WR position. He won't cost as much as the top guys and I think he'll be as effective in this style of offense. I'd still look to also draft another WR like you said in rounds 3-4 or even 2 depending on if anyone falls.
  14. It is a fairly deep WR draft which is good. I would hope in any scenario though that JD signs a WR in FA. Allen Robinson - Wouldn't mind ARob at all, but he's most likely going to a contender and it's well deserved. He's consistently put up pro bowl numbers with dogsh*t throwing him the ball. Chris Godwin - I hope he's the one who ends up on the Jets but not likely. Still very young (24) and incredibly talented. At the end of the day the Bucs would be fools not to re-sign him. Corey Davis - He's my backup plan. I don't think the Titans end up re-signing him and he is progressing into a legitimate WR1. If the Jets miss out on the big four then I don't mind if they end up with Corey Davis. Kenny Golladay - He's a beast when healthy, but he's been a little too banged up for my liking. He's also going to warrant a pretty healthy contract like Allen Robinson and may also want to go to a contender. Juju - Juju is a slot receiver. His off the field antics have turned me off also. I don't see him as a WR who can carry a team if need be like a true WR1. I do see him hitting the market and won't be upset if he ends up being a Jet. If JD misses out on all of these guys then it'll have to be a WR with Seattle's pick. More likely than not guys like Chase, D. Smith and Waddle will be gone. My hope in that scenario is that Bateman is there for the taking.
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