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  1. I would be absolutely honored. I'm just honestly sick of the losing. What's worse is that I'll always root for them no matter what happens ever.
  2. What's not true? If they lose tonight they go on to play the Patriots then the Eagles then the Cowboys then the Patriots again. I just realistically don't see them getting out of there any better than 1-5
  3. Nice man that's awesome. Keep going strong.
  4. Exactly. If they lose tonight they're 0-2 with upcoming games against the Patriots/Eagles/Cowboys/Patriots. That's realistically 0-6 maybe 1-5.
  5. Black... out... drunk. Cheers bud!
  6. I'm off tomorrow who's down to get black out drunk tonight for this massive game. If they lose it's a very big problem with the Patriots and the Eagles coming up. Not to be a downer but realistically the season will be over and I'll be going hard on the nfldraftnetwork mock simulator two games into the season. So sad but so true.
  7. That stadium sounds like its ROCKING!!!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Playing the Bills is always a good test to where our offense stands. The game is going to be awesome lets just hope for no injuries on either side. Aaaaand T minus 2 minutes until the beverages begin flowing fellas!!!!
  9. I don't think the Bills are to be slept on AT ALL actually. They're a division opponent who has a very very stout defense. Ed Oliver is going to be a problem in the middle of that line along with Hughes on the end who always gives our tackles problems. They have very good safeties, a potential star CB in Tre'Davious White and Tremaine Edmunds is a long athletic linebacker who can also cover. So no I don't think Buffalo stinks at all. And while their receivers are nothing to write home about our CBs aren't exactly something to write home about either. Realistically we still don't know what Josh Allen is going to do in Year 2. He can take as big of a jump as Darnold does granted I hope he doesn't. I think their backup RB Devin Singletary is going to take over the starting job at RB early and do well for them, I was a big fan of his coming out of college and he's shown that he could be a player in this league. I, for one, will not sleep on the Bills nor will I chalking this game up to a W yet. A win here at home against a good division opponent is a very good start to what can be an extremely exciting season. Cheers guys 🍻
  10. I'm in. I'm on vacation starting this Monday until the 16th. Nights are preferred though
  11. I wanted to get the edge rusher as much as anyone else. I have no problem taking the best player in the draft here and waiting for next season to fill in the edge rusher position. The way I see it if I'm a GM and my team is picking in the top 5 or top 3 I want the player that gets selected to both fill a need AND be arguably the best player in the draft. The Jets needed a player who can consistently get to the QB and that's not necessarily only filled by the edge position. Quinnen Williams literally gets in the backfield all the time and will get sacks. He's also going to make Leo a much better much more production player. He'll do the same for Jordan Jenkins as we'll probably see his sack number go up from 8 to around 10. I'm okay with waiting until next offseason to get our premier edge rusher and OT or CB depending on what they do with the rest of the draft.

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