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  1. JetFanatic

    Opinions on Marcus Maye

    Do your research before you attempt to call someone out on who or what they know and/or don't know, boy.
  2. JetFanatic

    Opinions on Marcus Maye

    Wow I wish I would've read this sooner. Dude, I actually love college football. And dude, on top of loving college football I actually do tons of literally endless research on potential picks and where they should go come draft time. And dude, I'm aware that you looked up that Kamara got drafted in the 3rd round because you didn't know but dude, if you knew what you were talking about you would know that coming out of Tennessee Kamara was arguably a top 3 RB coming out of college and the fact that he FELL into the 3rd round was something that shouldn't have happened. He could've easily have went in the first or second round which is why come the Jets 2nd round pick in that draft I would've drafted Kamara given the need at the time. So dude, don't.
  3. JetFanatic

    Opinions on Marcus Maye

    I personally would've drafted Alvin Kamara there. I like the pick though as Maye is a very talented player and part of our long term future. I also like the pick in terms of having another enforcer back there who'll knock you on your ass and who's also good in coverage. With the league being a passing league nowadays I'm not mad at having 2 potential Pro Bowl safeties back there.
  4. I gotta admit I'm feeling comfortable in the fact that the Jets are going to continue to be aggressive on offense. I think they realize that they have the perfect QB and are going to utilize him to the fullest. Being realistic with the injuries the Jets are probably going to lose but they're going to put up points.
  5. JetFanatic


    Dear Jets. Please don't overlook the fact that Andrew Luck is still Andrew Luck and can and will shred many of defenses in this league. I know half their team is injured but PLEASE still come out on fire!!!
  6. How old is he?? Too lazy to google.
  7. JetFanatic

    Bad year for free agency

    I'm just not sure how early we can afford to draft a RB with glaring needs at LT and OLB. Earliest they can even think about drafting a RB is in the 4th and even then I would draft C/CB/MLB/WR/G before drafting a RB there.
  8. It's weird with Darnold taking the snaps I feel so much more calmer. I think we'll be able to put up points this season. I'd still prefer the ball in the 2nd half. Let the defense make a statement and set the tone.
  9. When I went back and watched all the Darnold USC games Ronald Jones stood out to me as a potential playmaking RB in the NFL. Boy was I way off.
  10. I just saw that Ronald Jones was inactive again for the Bucs today. I really wanted the Jets to draft him. What's up with him??
  11. Wake and Robert Quinn definitely scare me. I expect to counter their pass rush with a lot of runs with Powell and Crowell.
  12. I oddly love that feeling of low expectations. Only because we have such a young team though that's hopefully coming into their own. I still want to see improvement but the W's aren't expected they're just an added bonus.
  13. Same here. I've been on these boards for years and I'm not really a poster I just find myself on these boards every single day lol. He's one of the staples here who's been consistently here so I hope he's ok. Sorry guys I'm just drunk and really sensitive right now.
  14. I hope Robbie has at least 5 receptions today. Have to keep him involved and happy. Bates mentioned they were going for big plays. Hopefully Darnold stays smart and minimizes the turnovers that could come along with the deep pass attempt.

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