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  1. I wanted to get the edge rusher as much as anyone else. I have no problem taking the best player in the draft here and waiting for next season to fill in the edge rusher position. The way I see it if I'm a GM and my team is picking in the top 5 or top 3 I want the player that gets selected to both fill a need AND be arguably the best player in the draft. The Jets needed a player who can consistently get to the QB and that's not necessarily only filled by the edge position. Quinnen Williams literally gets in the backfield all the time and will get sacks. He's also going to make Leo a much better much more production player. He'll do the same for Jordan Jenkins as we'll probably see his sack number go up from 8 to around 10. I'm okay with waiting until next offseason to get our premier edge rusher and OT or CB depending on what they do with the rest of the draft.
  2. We got ourselves a true gamer guys. I think it's a must that the next priority is getting a Center with the next pick. Realistically we're looking at Eric McCoy, Elgton Jenkins or Connor McGovern who hopefully find a way to slip into the 3rd if there's a run on WR and S in the 2nd round. I think any of those guys can come in and start from day one. After getting the Center then I think the draft board should dictate if they go Edge Rusher or CB.
  3. How do I set it so I never ever see another post from this guy?
  4. So out of curiosity what gives a player like Brian Burns a higher ceiling than Josh Allen?
  5. The Chicago Bears select Dax Raymond, TE, Utah State @Thai Jet You're OTC @#27TheDominator You're on deck
  6. The Los Angeles Rams select Kendall Sheffield, CB Ohio State @#27TheDominator You're OTC @Thai Jet You're on deck
  7. Yes! Almost as fresh as that old played out joke. Hey, you're awesome man don't forget that.
  8. I agree. At first I was all about Williams but Allen's improvement and will to be great is unmatched. He makes Leo better because he will command double teams off of the edge and he'll get to the QB in no time which will make the CBs better.
  9. I trade back only if a 1st next year is included. That's the only way I'm trading Allen or Williams.
  10. I'm definitely staying at #3 and going with the player who's less likely to be a bust.
  11. The Jets do have holes but all these holes cannot be filled in one offseason. You take the star player now at #3 while you have the chance and work on filling the rest of the holes next offseason.
  12. I 100% agree. The trade offer would HAVE to include a 1st rd pick in 2020 along with a 2nd rd pick this year and not moving too far back in the 1st round. It's going to be really hard to pass up on Quinnen or Allen which I feel would make the defense truly elite but if they can get a Bradbury and Burns along with an additional 1st round pick next year it's also hard to pass that up.
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