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  1. Lamar Jackson..

    I've been keeping an eye on him and the kid has been improving as a passer almost every game and his huge X factor is that the kid is electric running the ball but he only does it when he has to. He's 100% a pass first QB with the ability to burn anyone on the defense. This is awesome because the Jets could end up with Darnold, Rosen, or Jackson and I'd be ecstatic.
  2. Lamar Jackson..

    is going to be the #1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Book it.
  3. I wouldn't cross out next season. Keep in mind they have 80 million in cap space. They can sign 2 top tier players while resigning our own players. They can realistically sign a CB and a LT while being able to draft a QB/OLB/CB/C with our first 4 picks with us picking twice in the 2nd round. That could potentially really improve the team to where they would be very competitive. Especially if the AFC is dog poo again like this year. It could all be turned around by next season. They could also sign a big time QB and LT and draft a CB/OLB/C/MLB or Olineman and be very competitive with that team on the field. Lots of options.
  4. Are the Jets good

    Right now I would consider them a decent team. The reason that's a huge plus for us is because they weren't supposed to be a decent team they were supposed to literally be the worst team in football. This team got rid of a LOT of dead weight at key positions and now they're young and have a lot of new pieces with a coach who himself is only in his fourth year as a coach. Todd Bowles still has a lot lot to learn but I like what I'm seeing as far as his progression as a coach and just the fact that he has this team playing hard. I have to give kudos to Wilkerson man. Watching these games and zoning in on him he seemed like he didn't want to be out there and it forced me to really have a negative view on him as a player and a man. It seems to me now like he was just playing scared before after suffering and going through a really scary injury. Thinking about it more I would be playing scared and nervous too. A few games ago it looked like he finally said to himself screw it let me just give it 100% and whatever happens happens and finally it looks like we're slowly getting our old Wilkerson back when we're hearing his name multiple times throughout the game and he's out there making impact plays. The question now to me is at the quarterback position. Do we let it ride with McCown and see if we have a realistic shot at making the playoffs? Do we feel like our offense is good enough now to where we can maybe safely put Bryce Petty in? It seems like McCown has nice chemistry with the receivers and he's starting to build nice chemistry with Anderson but for what really? If he's not going to be the guy moving forward I feel like they're just wasting reps to be honest. It could and should be Petty getting those reps and building chemistry with these young receivers. I also feel confident enough with Morton that we can plug in Petty and potentially not miss a beat given Petty has been soaking everything in. I'm just very torn right now. As much as I would love to lose games and get a top 5 pick my diehardness won't allow me to root for them to lose and seeing them win still just feels way too damn good no matter what. I'm just going to hope that we keep winning and the quarterback situation will work itself out. The bottom line is that this team is legit.
  5. Williams Released

    Marcus Williams was AWFUL against the Browns. I have no problem with them releasing him. I would love them to give Jalin Marshall another shot at returning kicks and punts. Lets hope that as he matured he's learned to hold onto the ball. The kid is a play maker with the ball in his hands he just has to hold on to the rock.
  6. It’s the friggin Pats for first place.....

    If they go on to beat the Pats, and as crazy as this is going to sound, I think they're a legit team. The league just seems kind of weak to me right now where no team is really standing out now as far as being a powerhouse. It's a really good time to be a rebuilding team and so far I think they're progressing rather nicely. Yeah there are hiccups here and there but for the most part I think this team is improving as a whole. There's no real superstar on the team but I think they are playing hard for each other and playing as a team which could quietly win a lot of games. Look at the next five games... vs Patriots @ Dolphins vs Falcons vs Bills @ Buccaneers Is 4-1 impossible here? I really don't think so. I'm also going to be a realist and bring up the fact that the teams they beat really aren't anything to write home about but this team plays hard I have to give them that. I think John Morton's play calling has a lot to do with the offense's success if you even want to call it that but they've made the big play when they needed to and that's all that matters. If the offense continues to gel and get better and if the defense, especially Adams and Maye, continue to grow and learn together this could be a team who doesn't have that star player on it but somehow find a way to play team football and win ugly games. Or it could be that I'm completely being a biased Jets fan right now riding the wave of a 3 game winning streak against bottom tier teams...
  7. I really hope the defense can take care of Kizer and handle business. Come on boys!!!!
  8. Not for nothing but I think we win convincingly. I've seen a team, for the most part, come out and play hard and I might even go as far as saying they're well managed aside from a few miscalls which even the great coaches do every now and then. With that said, I think the Jets come out and take care of the Browns in Cleveland while showing progression across the board.
  9. Next two weeks define the season

    It's crazy but I hope the Jets look good while losing in the end of these games. I think the future looks bright but we NEED that quarterback. Let's just get one of these top 2 guys whether it be Darnold or Rosen and go from there.
  10. Realistic 2018 starting QB

    Someone will draft Allen in the 1st round.
  11. Realistic 2018 starting QB

    If Kizer progresses as the season goes along and they're staring at Saquon Barkley which would be a position of need along with him being just an absolute freak then I don't see it being that easy of a decision to go with drafting another QB. And I don't see them trading that pick away because they have 55 picks in the first 3 rounds to begin with. If it's 49ers/Browns/Jets I see it being Darnold/Barkley/Rosen
  12. Realistic 2018 starting QB

    I do see them being in position. Realistically we're battling with the Browns and the 49ers for the top pick which I think is safe to say right now. The Browns drafted Kizer last year so lets assume he shows some progression throughout the season and they like him enough to not pick a QB. So that leaves the 49ers as our only real competition for that top pick. Their remaining schedule is as followed... AT CARDINALS AT COLTS AT REDSKINS COWBOYS AT EAGLES CARDINALS GIANTS 11 BYE SEAHAWKS * AT BEARS AT TEXANS * TITANS T * JAGUARS AT RAMS It's very likely they don't win many if any games. I see them winning 2 games which I think will land them the #1 pick and they pick Darnold. Match made in heaven for them in every way. If things keep going the way they are in college football let's say that has us going with the 2nd best QB in Josh Rosen as I think the Jets win 3 games. That Browns game will be crucial. I didn't include the Colts because Luck coming back will win them a few games. As far as what potential combo can get them to the Superbowl in 2018 and if we were out of reach of the top 2 QBs I would go with signing Brees who's a plug and play HOF QB. I draft Barkley with my 1st round pick who immediately makes our WRs better. With the first 2nd round pick I draft the best available LT to protect Brees and with the second 2nd round pick I draft the best available OLB which will help our CBs immensely. 3rd round pick I draft the best available CB. With the CAP room I'm signing Allen Robinson if possible and maybe a CB. Given the options, I think that gives us the best shot to get to the Superbowl in 2018. All times are in Eastern Time
  13. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    Could not have said it better myself. What is wrong with people???? The team won a game and personally speaking if everything goes well we'll win one more while losing a lot of close games and seeing the talent develop on this team. People just can't be happy and will ALWAYS find something to complain about. It's absolutely sickening. Yeah I want Rosen or Darnold and as of now I still see them going 1-2 in the draft, but I also want to see positive things come from this team and Sunday's win was a good example of that. We put a whooping on a division rival and saw our young pups play a good game. Who could have anything to complain about there??
  14. Call me crazy but I think we come out firing this game and continue to fire.
  15. Next season...

    I definitely want to see this team succeed. Oddly enough that can happen while losing due to the increase in terms of draft pick. I find myself in a good situation where if the Jets win I'm of course happy because I love them, but at the same time if they lose I'm also okay with it because I know that's a step in the right direction in regards to getting that franchise quarterback which is desperately needed. I hope we use the CAP money to get some good young talent in here. Holes need to be filled.