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  1. JetFanatic

    Is something wrong with the site?

    It's no problem at all I'd still come here every single day of my life even if it was virus ridden I'm a lifer.
  2. Every time I input the website to bring me to Jetnation.com it takes me to some other website that resembles a virus and it's starting to happen every single time. Is there a fix for this? What's going on??
  3. I was thinking the same exact thing. Sam's style with his ability to escape the pocket and throw on the run with accuracy matched up with Anderson's pure speed is going to be a pleasure to watch. I'm praying that Enunwa is healthy because a healthy Enunwa and Anderson can be a young dynamic combo for years.
  4. Here ya go. 53 Offense - 26 Quarterback - 3 15 - Josh McCown 6'4 218 Sam Houston State (UFA, re-signed) 2 - Teddy Bridgewater 6'2" 214 Louisville (Free Agent Signing) (Recovering from Injury) 14 - Sam Darnold 6'3" 221 USC (2018 Draft Pick) Running Back - 4 20 - Isaiah Crowell 5'11" 225 Alabama State (Free Agent Signing) 29 - Bilal Powell 5'11" 207 Louisville 25 - Elijah McGuire 5'10" 214 LA-Lafayette xx - Trenton Cannon 5'11" 185 Virginia State (2018 Draft Pick) Fullback - 1 xx - Dimitri Flowers 6'2" 248 Oklahoma (2018 Undrafted Free Agent) Tight End - 3 83 - Eric Tomlinson 6'6" 263 UTEP (ERFA re-signed) 86 - Jordan Leggett 6'5" 258 Clemson (2017 Injured Reserve) xx - Chris Herndon 6'4" 253 Miami (2018 Draft Pick) Wide Receiver - 6 81 - Quincy Enunwa 6'2" 225 Nebraska (RFA, Re-signed) 11 - Robby Anderson 6'3" 190 Temple (Possible Suspension?) 10 - Jermaine Kearse 6'1" 205 Washington 18 - Ardarius Stewart 5'11" 204 Alabama 16 - Chad Hansen 6'2" 202 Washington 1 - Terrelle Pryor 6'4" 225 Ohio State (Free Agent Signing) Offensive Line - 9 77 - James Carpenter 6'5 321 Alabama (G) 68 - Kelvin Beachum 6"3" 303 (T) SMU 67 - Brian Winters 6'4" 320 (G) (2017 Injured Reserve) 72 - Brandon Shell 6'5" 325 South Carolina (T/G) 61 - Spencer Long 6'5" 318 Nebraska (Free Agent Signing) 64 - Travis Swanson 6'5" 312 Arkansas (Free Agent Signing) 71 - Ben Ijalana 6'4" 322 Villanova (T/G) (UFA, re-signed) 79 - Brent Qvale 6'7 315 Nebraska (G/T) (RFA, Re-signed) 70 - Dakota Dozier 6'4" 313 Furman (C/G/T) (UFA, re-signed) Defense - 24 Defensive Line - 7 92 - Leonard Williams 6'5 300 USC (DE/DT) 99 - Steve McLendon 6'3" 310 Troy (DT) 98 - Mike Pennel 6'4" 332 Duke (DT) CSU-Pueblo (UFA, re-signed) 75 - Xavier Cooper 6'4" 300 Washington State (DE/DT) (UFA, re-signed) xx - Nathan Shepherd 6'4" 315 Ft. Hays State (2018 Draft Pick) xx -Foley Fatukasi 6'4" 318 UCONN (2018 Draft Pick) 96 - Henry Anderson 6'6" 300 Stanford (Acquired Via Trade with Indianapolis) Linebacker - 7 48 - Jordan Jenkins 6'3" 259 Georgia (OLB) 58 - Darron Lee 6'1" 235 Ohio State (ILB) 54 - Avery Williamson 6'1" 246 Kentucky (ILB) (Free Agent Signing) 95 - Josh Martin 6'3" 245 Columbia (OLB) 55 - Lorenzo Mauldin 6'4" 259 Louisville (OLB) (2017 Injured Reserve) 53 - Kevin Minter 6'0" 246 LSU (Free Agent Signing) 47 - David Bass 6'4" 267 Missouri Western St (OLB) (UFA, re-signed) Cornerback - 6 22 - Trumaine Johnson 6'1" 205 Montana (Free Agent Signing) 21 - Morris Claiborne 5'11" 192 LSU (UFA, re-signed) 41 - Buster Skrine 5'9" 185 Tennessee-Chattanooga 32 - Juston Burris 6'0" 205 NC State 27 - Darryl Roberts 6'0" 182 Marshall xx -Parry Nickerson 5'10"182 Tulane (2018 Draft Pick) Safety - 4 33 - Jamal Adams 6'0" 214 LSU 26 - Marcus Maye 6'0" 210 Florida 23 - Terrence Brooks 5'11" 200 Florida State (UFA, re-signed) 45 - Rontez Miles 6'1" 210 California (PA) (ERFA re-signed) Special Teams - 2 Punter - 1 4 - Lachlan Edwards 6'4" 215 Sam Houston State Kicker - 1 8 -Cairo Santos 5'8" 160 Tulane (Free Agent) Long Snapper - 1 42 - Thomas Hennessy 6'2" 246 Duke
  5. JetFanatic

    Guide to a young QB’s success

    If they really want to make this work they need to revamp their offensive line. Beachum can go I think he let up 6 sacks last year which is brutal so bye. We're switching to a zone rushing scheme which Carpenter knowingly struggles in so bye. Spencer Long cannot stay healthy and I for one do not want my starting Center to be injury prone so bye. If Winters shows that he was in fact injured badly last season and steps up and shows vast improvement this season then he can stay. The same goes with Shell, if he continues to show improvement then I'm all for him being our RT for the next decade. That's where I start and I don't want them to play around we need to keep this kid upright and safe. Draft and sign young studs/potential studs and make this offensive line a force. I'm perfectly content with the WR, RB, and TE units. They all have young promising players who can turn into above average players with good QB play. We have the QB so lets get some guys here to protect him so we can let him do what he does and that's ball out.
  6. JetFanatic

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    I 100% understand this. I was angry too at first. The only thing I can think of which actually makes a little sense is in a perfect world, to me at least, Darnold doesn't play this season. I hope he sits back and literally soaks everything up that McCown has to offer. And it'll be a lot because McCown is loved and the mental part is there for him. I HAVE to believe that they have a plan with maybe when teams have to trim their rosters down maybe a good Tackle or a Center shake free. It's happened before. Also they're going to have the most money out of everyone to spend. We now have our golden child at QB and players are going to want to be a part of what we're building here. They can easily fill in the LT OLB and C positions with premiere impact players depending on who the FAs are next season. We can also draft a LT or hopefully a WR1 in the draft next year. Every position doesn't have to be filled in this draft right now. I was shocked and pissed they didn't go with Jamarco Jones or Crosby also. I'm just going to let it play out and I'll be damned if this offensive line isn't a force to be reckoned with before they decide to put Darnold back there. When I take a deeper look into it our offensive line right now isn't the worst in the world. I would put it at average to slightly above average.
  7. JetFanatic

    Deontay Burnett-WR: USC (Possible Draft Pick)

    In this order, I would want either of Jamarco Jones or Tyrell Crosby who are both OTs. If they're gone then I would want one of the OLBs either Josh Sweat, Dorance Armstrong Jr or Obgonnia Okoronkwo. If not them then onto the RBs with either Mark Walton, Akrum Wadley or Nyheim Hines. Plenty of guys to be had whichever route they take.
  8. JetFanatic

    This makes me feel better

    I'm legitimately going to watch every college game that he's played in lol. Over time of course.
  9. JetFanatic

    This makes me feel better

    I think the Jets will play him when he's ready. If it's Week 4 or Week 13 I'm fine with it so long as he's ready.
  10. JetFanatic

    This makes me feel better

    If this kid pans out he can be a better healthier Andrew Luck. Just saying.
  11. JetFanatic

    This makes me feel better

    I hope so too man. I have to believe that they go heavy on offense now and really surround this kid with so much talent to give him every chance to win. All the while the young defense will hopefully be budding. Exciting times!!
  12. JetFanatic

    This makes me feel better

    I have concerns about that also but hopefully it's just an awareness issue in which he can get coached up on it and get better. I'm sure they'll nail the two hands on the ball rule into his head.
  13. JetFanatic

    This makes me feel better

    And he's got a very respected coach in Bates. We'll be able to surround him with talent and really do this the right way.