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  1. If he can contribute anything offensively in the passing game it's an added bonus because I think he'll come out strong as a blocker. Bell could have a really big season this year with the improvements that were made when it comes to run blocking. If he is utilized properly and running the ball effectively guys like Herndon, Crowder and even Mims are going to excel when the defenses start to load the box against them.
  2. He's still growing into his body so he's only going to get stronger. I feel like he came into the league after dominating his one year in Bama and kinda coasted which in turn got him hurt. He looks ready this season and I'm excited to see what him and Fatukasi can do this season.
  3. I really want them to upgrade the guard position. Alex Lewis can easily be upgraded. I hope they take Cushenberry in round 2. LT- Becton LG- Cushenberry C- McGovern RG- Van Roten RT- George Fant/Edoga I would let that line gel with Sam.
  4. That REALLY helps the Jets in regards to it being more likely that one of the top OTs falls to them with the Chargers having to draft a QB with the 6th pick now.
  5. I'm praying they go heavy on OL in this draft. You can easily get your starting LT and G/C in the first few rounds
  6. I agree. I think it starts with drafting a stud LT. There are a few names being thrown around as potential first round LTs so hopefully they can land one of them. Either Andre Thomas, Tristan Wirfs or Jedrick Wills who's draft stock is rising.
  7. This is true I don't see anyone actually trading for Bell and his contract. It's unfortunate because there are tons of impact RBs in this upcoming draft.
  8. I agree. I really hope they go hard after Scherff and still add a starting LT and C.
  9. Where in that post did I say Bell is the issue? Do we not read the actual post? What I actually said was that the money that they can potential recoup from Bell can go towards improving the OL. And yes I actually watch tons of NFL games. Take a seat.
  10. Okay so now that our beloved Jets set us straight back to reality my focus is now shifted to the offseason and improving this team. So what does Joe Douglas do? What does Joe Douglas' history tell us? To be honest I don't know much about his team building philosophy other than I know he likes to build from within with building up the OL. Does he make a move with Bell? Bell has impressed me with his composure despite knowing he's not being utilized properly and has been nothing but a team player. He's been cool, calm and collect for this team but if they can get something for him and put that saved money towards the OL then I'm all for it. Does he retain Robby Anderson? If Gase is staying I don't see them resigning Robby and I see them trying to find a way to get rid of Bell. With this draft being deep in WR and RB I can see a scenario where they don't resign Robby and find a way to trade Bell. While impossible, I'd love to get an idea on who he intends on keeping around. Does he pay Jordan Jenkins? I would. This may sound crazy but my offseason looks like this for some of the bigger players... -Robby Anderson; It would solely depend on his asking price. Anything more than $10-12 per and I'm letting him go. Something tells me he'll ask for more so I'm assuming he's gone. -Le'Veon Bell; I love the kid and what he's all about when it comes to football but if they can trade him for a decent return (2nd round maaaaybe 3rd) I'm letting him go because I can get another really good RB in this draft at a much cheaper price. The money that is saved can be put towards improving the OL. -Brian Poole; I'm giving him an extension as soon as possible. -Jordan Jenkins; Really like the improvement he's been showing. With a healthy Mosley and Williamson and with Q in his second year I think he puts together a dominant season next year. -Powell; With the deep RB class unfortunately he's gone -Beachum; Played well when healthy. I would keep him around at the right price in the case where we strike out at Tackle. I only pray that they release Winters, save the 8 million, and go hard at Scherff and land him to start the offseason. Then they can focus on C and T and really upgrade this line.
  11. I agree with this. Sam isn't the issue at all. He needs to clean up a few things yes but give the kid a competent offensive line and offensive line coach and he'll be able to showcase his talent. The Jets are going to be drafting in the Top 5. More likely than not it'll go QB (Tua), QB (Furrow), Chase Young, Andrew Thomas, then the Jets will probably pick 5th with their luck and have a decision to make. For me they would have to take the 2nd best LT in the draft. Most likely Tristan Wirfs.

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