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  1. JetFanatic

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    I pray that he stays far away from this team. The locker room would immediately implode.
  2. Antonio Brown‏Verified account @AB84 8m8 minutes ago More Thank you SteelerNation for a big 9 years...time to move on and forward.......... #NewDemands Who gets him? I think the Niners end up with him.
  3. I would hope that realistically they cut ties with Skrine and Anderson who doesn't fit the new scheme as a 4-3 or DT unfortunately. I personally really don't see where Jordan Jenkins fits in with this new scheme either unfortunately. I don't think he has the speed and sideline to sideline ability to play MLB nor the coverage abilities to play OLB and cover RBs and TEs if that's the way the new scheme works. I don't think the defense if far off. If they plug in an impact interior lineman and put him next to Leo that'll in turn improve Leo's play dramatically I think. They need another quality CB even if Claiborne returns seeing as him and Trumaine Johnson are injury prone and I would get a MLB to play what I think is a key role in Greg Williams defense.
  4. In this draft? No because none of the QBs coming out impress me in the least. Haskins is the only one I can see turning into a decent QB.
  5. I think putting him in a Greg Williams attacking 4-3 defense with some talent around him on the defensive line will help take him to the next level. Leo has talent let's not mistake that.
  6. Enlighten me for a moment if you will. If Bosa goes to Arizona and Quinnen Williams goes to SF who's your pick at #3 if they can't trade back?
  7. They're wide the hell open because the kid is extremely explosive. There's a reason he's just always there... because he's faster than the OT.
  8. JetFanatic

    Wide Receiver

    I would wait on the #1 WR until next season. If they go hard after Bell and land him it's Bell/Robbie/Q/Herndon/McGuire as his "weapons". I'm fine with that as long as they solidify the offensive line this offseason which I'm sure they'll do.
  9. Bringing in Paradis or Morse is vital this offseason. In regards to the left side I would be fine with them drafting Jonah Williams with the #3 pick. It would be even better if they satisfy the pass rusher need in FA with any combination of Ford, Clark, Flowers, Lawrence, Fowler, Ray, Barrett. A lot of these guys are going to resign or get tagged but it'd be nice to go into the draft not needing a pass rusher. That's a potential offensive line of J. Williams, Long, Paradis/Morse, Winters, Shell. Solid.
  10. JetFanatic

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    I can definitely see the pick being Q. Williams and I wouldn't be mad at that so long as the other needs are met in FA. Q. Williams is going to be a force in the NFL
  11. JetFanatic

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    I don't see any scenario where they're drafting a CB #3 with the likes of a Q. Williams, J. Williams, J. Allen, Ferrell all still being available.
  12. JetFanatic

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    I agree. If the Jets were to manage to sign Trey Flowers and Donte Fowler or Ray or Barrett then I'm all for drafting Jonah with the #3 pick.
  13. JetFanatic

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    I think adding a player with his skill set would make this defense under Gregg Williams very dangerous
  14. JetFanatic

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    Scary thought but I think Allen could be special.
  15. JetFanatic

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    Definitely didn't say the offensive line as a whole was ranked in the middle of the pack. I'm not implying that Jonah is a bad pick at #3. Again up until now he was my pick at #3. While I understand the importance of the LT position especially with having Darnold I just think the gap between needing a LT and needing a pass rusher is gigantic with this roster. I don't think Beachum was that bad last season and I just feel like they can't pass up Allen at #3. You paint him out to be a situational pass rusher in the NFL and I just happen to think the exact opposite. I see a guy that possesses above average skill in coverage, is decent against the run and elite at rushing the passer. I have to be believe that he'll only get better in the NFL because the jump he took from his 2017 to 2018 season was a big one. Maybe he'll add a spin move like most of the good ones do. I also think that the Jets can afford to wait until 2020 to make LT a priority. I also think we can all agree to disagree.

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