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  1. I completely agree with this post... if we can establish the running game it will open up the playaction pass... we haven't really seen Pennington's best playaction abilities this year... just a few years ago he was regarded as one of the best play action passers in the game (behind Peyton Manning)... If we can get the running game going we should have a successful offensive day
  2. I am going with a few friends to a Yankees game in June and I am trying to decide whether to take this ferry service, the Yankee Clipper. It costs 18$ and it leaves from a variety of places in NJ. I am not driving in because we are all 17 and can't drive out of state and my other option is the train and then the subway. Has anyone ever taken the Yankee Clipper. I just need some first hand knowledge.
  3. You have no idea what it is like to have a kicker miss 3 fg's to win a game. All these years you have had viniteri to save you. Now you may get to experience the frustration of having a kicker that doesn't always hit the clutch field goat.
  4. anything or any sites I can go to, to find out
  5. I have a Baseball signed by the following people: Gary Carter Eddie Murray Don Mattingly Ozzie Smith Jim Rice Ricky Henderson Nolan Ryan George Brett It also has other signitures that are less significant players or unreadable. I was just wondering what people think the value of this ball is. I am not planning on selling but I have been wondering for a while what I could get for it. Any thoughts?
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    Stub Hub

    I have heard that this is a pretty reliable site for buying tickets. Has anyone ever had a problem with it? I am buying 5 tickets and there are 11 available to be bought. If I only buy 5 am I guaranteed to get them consecutive seats. There is no indication that they aren't together. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks
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    Bad Blood

    Naa... actually I am from Gang Green and I was just checking out the other sites..
  8. jets526

    Bad Blood

    Whats with all the rivalry and stuff between here, ji and ganggreen? I'm new and I'm just wondering what thats all about.
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