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  1. The fact that he would've been the pick at 23 is pretty damn amazing.
  2. Yep. He and McCarthy were the worst possible hires and they landed on him. I was willing to hold my skepticism to give him a chance, but man, he was basically everything we feared at the time.
  3. I'm serious, btw. Why is it so hard for you to distinguish between: 1) "Wow, that was a bad risk-reward call to choose not to work out at the facility, even though his contract gave him that option" and 2) "The rules required him to work out at the facility and he broke the rules"?
  4. You understand that's a completely different point than "It'S a JoB rEqUiReMeNt To Be At ThE fAcIlItY", right? Like ... in your brain, are those the same?
  5. He ran numbers, and basically said "to match the expected excess contract value the Jets gave up at 23, 66, and 86, AVT will need to play like a 14M/year OG" - i.e. he needs to be elite
  6. If he is, it's probably to remind himself that he wasn't picked 1 overall
  7. They obviously like Naggar better as that challenger
  8. Let's play an alternate reality game where we stay at 23, take an OL there (for simplicity's sake so we don't re-scramble their entire draft), and then grab the best guys on the board at 66 and 86. Teven Jenkins, Christian Darrisaw, whoever. Who's there at those later picks who they take? (Again, no RB, leave Carter at 4) At 66, where do they go? Double dip OL with Mayfield or Green? CB with Robinson or St. Juste? Edge with Koonce? Let's say Tommy Tremble at 66 and then what, Davis, Greene, or Meinerz at 86? That's definitely a nice set of picks but it's not easy to say you'd prefe
  9. Don't you ever get tired of being wrong? It's expressly NOT a job requirement that they show up or work out at the team's facility. How can you keep making this same stupid mistake every time?
  10. He brought in Becton and Mims in the draft last year As a practical matter, AVT and Wilson won't be coming up at the same time, because if Wilson is any good at all he'll be extended after year 3 (and if he's up-in-the-air enough not to be extended then, then he won't be getting the franchise tag after his 5th year option comes up). I also don't think it'll be that hard to pay both Becton and AVT at the same time; two premium contracts on the OL isn't crazy, especially when one is at the relatively lower price for an IOL (Thuney and Scherff aside, guards top out at 14M and no left guar
  11. Yes. Take the best player without considering need when the talent gap is huge or the player plays a premium position (for example, if Lawrence Taylor is on the board, you take him even if your current edge rushers are pro-bowlers and you badly need a safety; you take Peyton Manning even if you already have a competent starter at QB). For anything else (moderate talent gap or non-premium position), you factor in need Yes, for this season, Moore won't add much over and above what Crowder would have. But Moore on a rookie contract (2.2M per or so, at his slot) vs. a re-signed Crowder at
  12. I think it's crazy for this piece to suggest that Crowder being on the roster would make the Moore pick "seem superfluous" when Crowder is in the last year of his deal
  13. Yes. This is especially true this offseason, when they're basically asking UDFAs and low-drafted players to torch their own careers (by not showing for minicamps and OTAs) to make a point. It's labor malpractice
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