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  1. Yep. Definitely no plus in going out of his way to defend his new hyper-talented diva WR who needs to feel loved. I see no way this can benefit the Browns at all, especially not at the extreme cost of angering <checks notes> Giants fans
  2. Happy birthday to the most electrifying back in NFL history
  3. Much better to be a pain vanilla a&#036;&#036;hole than a bigoted a&#036;&#036;hole
  4. I mean, neither decker nor Harris ever did anything useful in the NFL after being cut, so maybe not those
  5. Who turns 26 today. Did not realize he was that young, or that we shared a birthday. Awesome.
  6. The Jets had already satisfied the Rooney Rule by interviewing Terry Fontenot by the time Kelly interviewed, so no, it had nothing to do with the Rooney Rule. The word on Kelly was always that he was a tremendous leader and a definite eventual GM, but he also had not yet been second-in-command so there were questions about whether he could make the big step up to the GM chair at this point. So taking this job with the Jets is great for Kelly, because it will answer those questions, and put him in a better spot to pick up a GM job possibly as soon as next offseason. And that works for the Jets, because the weidl brothers who are in Philadelphia, if I'm remembering the reporting correctly, each have one year left on their deals. So if Kelly moves on in a year, Douglas can replace him with the guys he wanted to take from Philly staff.
  7. https://twitter.com/MMehtaNYDN/status/1139211514987122688 Figured this was as good a thread as any to drop this in
  8. Wow. Was not expecting that - looked good when healthy. Wish him the best of luck. Wonder who they're bringing in
  9. This is the epitome of a non news story. There is not a single player who has been franchise-tagged in the past 5 years and who has not yet signed that tag who showed up for minicamp. He is not under contract, and if they're not going to sign him to a long-term deal, the odds are good that he does not sign his tender and show up until right before week one of the regular season.

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