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  1. Because you save money and increase your flexibility long term by doing the extension now.
  2. 100% This is why you do the extension after this offseason. You can do "new money" at 21M for 4 years (after the last year of his deal and the option year), roll in the currently controlled years (5.13M in 2022 and ~11.5M in 2023) and that still totals out to 6yrs, 100M - or 16.66M per year. Makes sense for Q because you're essentially giving him a top-of-market deal, moving money years earlier and eliminating risk for him). Works for the Jets because it shifts his money earlier (i.e. before what you hope are big extensions for your QB and LT) and drops the annualized cost, p
  3. Davante Adams would be a perfect fit here (obviously). But resign Moses, give me Laken Tomlinson to finish the line, Dalton Schultz, and Josey Jewell
  4. He travelled with the team last week, so yes. That's usually a sign that you're close to getting back on the field
  5. He came from SF. They paid Ward under 10M per year in a deal signed last offseason - that's the 16th highest paid safety in the league. Their other safety is Jacquiski Tartt, who they drafted 7 years ago and are currently paying less than 2M per. In total, the 9ers are middle of the league (18th) in positional spend at S.
  6. Saleh comes from and runs a defensive system that doesn't really pay LBers except for a stud MLB, and definitely doesn't pay safeties.
  7. The reality is that our needs on defense are not actually that wearing. We need to get better at linebacker and safety which are two of the easiest positions to draft or find in free agency. I doubt we'll be spending premium pics there
  8. That's a great deal and if I wasn't in trial prep I'd be very interested
  9. Meh. Becton dislocated a kneecap, we'll see how he comes back but he looked like a win year one. Davis is playing ok, Hall was a great pick in the fifth, and Mann had a good rookie year before getting hurt well 1 and looking terrible after coming back. Perine, Zuniga and Morgan were wastes, cam Clark was a developmental guard who got hurt, and Mims looks like a bust after the scheme switch. But if becton, mann & Davis all pan out, that's a decent draft. Not the home run it could have been with better 4th rounders, but decent
  10. This would be an interesting question if the Jets were in position to draft a Kyler Murray level QB prospect next year. In a thin QB draft, there's absolutely zero chance of it happening no matter how Wilson plays the rest of the way, so it's not a meaningful question.
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