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  1. The problem with comparing this to the Darnold holdout is that the Jets had a veteran QB on the roster, so Darnold had real concern that if he didn't get into camp, he wouldn't be the Day 1 starter. That created leverage. Here, Wilson has all the leverage, because the Jets have nobody who can threaten his job.
  2. Yep. And as soon as NFL teams start giving out fully guaranteed contracts and can't cut players loose or renegotiate with players who underplay their contracts, I'll start having less sympathy for players who want a pay bump when they outplay their contracts. NFL fans doing the grumpy, jealous, "how dare you use your leverage to get the best deal" in defense of billionaire owners and teams will never not make me laugh. I mean, I'd get it if he were a Jet, or you were a Packers fan; you'd have a rooting interest for wanting him to just shut up and play. But being this salty about a guy on
  3. Yes, I was simplifying. The point is, dead money is at money that the team has to pay out to the player in the cash that year, again unless we're talking about guaranteed salary for a player who was cut
  4. He isn't. 13.25 in cash this year. He's in the last year of his deal, talking extension. They let him hit FA, he'll get over 20M, either on the market or on a franchise tag. I think if you were being paid 7M less than you could get, or about 60% of your market, you'd probably be pissed too.
  5. DEAD MONEY DOES NOT GET PAID TO PLAYERS.* It is an accounting fiction. It's money that was ALREADY paid to players, in the form of a signing bonus, that wasn't counted against the cap when paid and is now hitting the cap because the player was cut or traded. *Dead money that is from a cut player's guaranteed salary is actually paid to players, but unless I'm mistaken none of the Jets 24M in dead money is from guaranteed salary
  6. Per the Fitztragic cycle, he's going to flame out as a starter and be benched by game 10
  7. Which is weird because the "First Pressure" stat suggests the opposite
  8. Atkins hasn't been all-world for 2 years (in 2019 he had just 4.5 sacks and 10 QB hits). In Lawson's rookie year (when Atkins was still great) he put up 8.5 sacks. He got injured in year 2 (2018) then came back to a much reduced Atkins. Given that, I'm not sure Atkins' presence on the Bengals' D-Line matters much to this analysis. I'm guessing they didn't pick up the option because they didn't know what the cap would be like for this year (at the time, Covid apocalypse was still a possibility) and also because Lawson had been good-not-great in his first year back from injury in 2019.
  9. If he's not signed before the next draft the team that picked him the prior year loses his rights and he's like any other draft-eligible player
  10. Our NASCAR package is going to be absolutely sick. On obvious passing downs, going Lawson/Q/Rankins at DE/DT/DT is very very scary. Need someone to step up on the other edge - most likely Huff or Franklin-Meyers
  11. This. Stop citing "NFL Rumors" tweets; it's literally some random guy somewhere making sh*t up
  12. That's some seriously elite company to be keeping
  13. Chase Young or Nick Bosa. It's really simple: the most important positions on the field, in order, are QB, LT, EDGE. We have an LT in Becton. Lawson fits as one Edge but he's not dominant and having a young, dominant pass rusher on the other side of him would be game changing.
  14. I mean, the 49ers passing game hovered around 4000 yards from 2018-2020, and that's with injured/bad QB play and mediocre receivers, so it's possible. I don't think it'll happen, but the offense gives it a theoretical chance. The TDs are impossible
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