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  1. We're not going to have the opportunity to draft the right QB next year. Darnold & Rosen will both be long gone before we're on the clock. The Bills are likely to trade up ahead of us for Baker Mayfield. Cousins will get franchised again. We'll be looking at Alex Smith, Case Keenum, and Josh Allen. Ugly.
  2. We're a QB and an OL away. The problem is we won't be getting that QB because of what we did this year.
  3. The other way around. This was the FO that drafted Kizer this year, they had credibility riding on him. The new FO has nothing on Kizer and is free to draft a QB No. 1 overall and say "sorry the prior FO wasted a 2nd rounder on our backup QB" He was fired because he: Passed on Wentz and Watson (both literally taken with picks the Browns traded) and muffed the McCarron deal. The former was survivable (so many teams passed on Watson, and Wentz had real questions) but the McCarron screwup was basic "I cannot perform my duties" stuff.
  4. Josh Hackenberg Sent from my SM-G920T using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. I Want Josh Allen

    Cousins. Sent from my SM-G920T using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Crazy that the two guys everyone was killing the Jets for passing on (with some merit) in rounds 1 and 2 both blew out their knee this season.
  7. Yeah, seems likely that Bob "Inmates" McNair will go in that direction
  8. 1) The decision to play for a game winning field goal was the right one 2) If you think Bowles had anything at all to do with the specific playcall, let alone the personnel group and the read McCown made when determining which receiver in the pattern to go to, you're delusional
  9. On hits as egregious as that, the NFL should adopt the NHL's approach, and suspend Trevathan until Adams is back on the field. If it's a season-ender, that's the suspension. And if it's a career ender ... that's the suspension.
  10. His bigger problem is that he can't sue for wrongful termination when he wasn't terminated. The Jets declined to resign him by picking up his option.
  11. What a stupid pick. We get an interception when we would've been better dropping the ball
  12. Oh, hooray. We're winning
  13. Really, NFL Shop? Really? Like life as a Jets fan isn't hard enough?