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  1. I get that our OL is not exactly the 7 Blocks of Granite, but he is calling a scared, scared game. There are essentially no "shot" plays in the game plan, nothing that threatens the defense vertically, and the result is exactly what it was in the bum-wing Chad Pennington days: A defense that plays packed into a short area, tougher to run against and tougher to break into the open against, because they're only defending a 15x50 yard area instead of the whole field. They need to turn Darnold loose.
  2. A defense that held Pittsburgh & NO to a combined 42 points is very tough
  3. What are those olive abominations?
  4. Nevermind. Turns out waivers goes by Pension Credited Seasons (3 games on active roster) not accrued seasons (6 games). Gordon had 2 seasons where he played 5 games.
  5. No, he isn't. He's been in the league 6 years, but due to suspensions he has less than 4 accrued seasons (which is why he'll be a Restricted Free Agent after the season, assuming he plays or is on an active roster for at least 6 games)
  6. Put in a waiver claim, take him at his 790K salary, and if he needs to go on the commissioner exempt list, he goes from a RFA to an ERFA . At worst, he's a weekly gameday inactive. At best, he's the true No. 1 WR this team is missing. There shouldn't be any thought about passing on this; there's literally no downside
  7. This is a no-brainer. The Jets ABSOLUTELY should put a waiver claim in on him. His contract is nothing, he's a RFA at best next year, and the Jets have no need for Juston Burris. The downside of spending a roster spot on him is next to nothing compared to his upside.
  8. Xavien Howard is a damn good corner, don't kid yourself. Potentially an elite DB.
  9. No question - Beachum and Carpenter initially both had him, then both peeled off - Carpenter to someone coming inside, Beachum to block air because he thought Carpenter had Ansah. You could see them talking about it right after the play.
  10. He's missed two consecutive practices with a shoulder injury. Good news for us. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/nfl/miami-dolphins/article218325345.html
  11. That Winters cut block actually took out 3 defenders - one of the guys who fell over him knocked down a teammate
  12. Doggin94it

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    DeMarcus Lawrence will also be a free agent, assuming he doesn't get tagged a second time at 20M, along with Ansah, Graham, Orakpo, Clowney, Morgan, Ford ... all upgrades. The LT market, in contrast, is completely tapped out. More likely (if Lawrence is tagged again), draft LT round 1, pass rusher round 3, and roll some cap room into 2020 when Lawrence will definitely be available and blow the budget on him
  13. Doggin94it

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    Reading comprehension isn't your thing, huh? Also, if you think Bell is anything less than great, you really shouldn't be commenting on football. He's still not worth that.
  14. Doggin94it

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    You mean Pittsburgh's 2017 3rd round pick? A second year player drafted in the early rounds is a "career scrub"? Is it that you have an agenda, or do you just not know what you're talking about?
  15. Doggin94it

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    You asked why not give Bell 17M per to team with Crowell. Who has a 5M cap hit next year (4M salary). Is math not your strong suit? Do you think teams get some sort of cap exception for their backup rbs? Or were you just being ignorant?

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