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  1. Exactly. The answer to the question is simple: if we're in a position to draft Lawrence - i.e. picking first overall - darnold hasn't developed into a good enough qb to pass on Lawrence for
  2. I want to use this as an excuse to brag about my team in a 12-team, 2QB league, so I will. Squad has L-Jax, Zeke, Aaron Jones, Davante Adams, Michael Thomas, and Mike Evans on it, with Landry, Higbee, and Jimmy G filling out the rest of my starting QB/RB/WR/TE/FLX lineup. Auction keeper league ftw.
  3. Folks, if you think our receiver room is bad, take a look at SF. Their receivers caught all of 4 passes for 41 yards last week against a bad secondary. Until Samuel and Aiyuk get back, they're in trouble
  4. Do you really need me to bust out your TE draft forum takes?
  5. Eric Bienemy. The list starts and stops with him. Give him whatever it takes to get him aboard If you mean in the interim, Williams
  6. If you're in an area where the Jets are on the local broadcast, and don't have a way to pick up a local station on your TV, https://www.locast.org is a good way to go. You can even cast it to your TV from your phone or tablet if you want
  7. Just add him to your ignore list; it's not like you're going to miss much
  8. Apparently Cleveland's receivers room, if he comes with 2 girls ...
  9. LOL. But they don't even get a roster spot; he was on Reserve-PUP
  10. OTC has them only 9M under next year's projected cap before signing Ramsey, with Cooper Kupp hitting the market. And if you look at the guys making money there, there's not a lot of room to cut guys to free up additional dollars. They're heading for a Romo/Brees/Roethlisberger trap, where they constantly need to be restructuring their stars to clear up cap room today, locking up cap room in the future. Bottom line, don't expect the Rams to sign many meaningful additional free agents (including their own contributors as they come up) for the foreseeable future.

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