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  1. Absolutely not. No cap room to do that and you can't have 2 DTs making 20M, which is what will happen once we pay Q.
  2. Nah. Hard Knocks is NFL Films - NFL Films isn't "looking to stir sh*t up", it's league PR. Honestly, what was the last Hard Knocks "controversy" you can remember?
  3. I don't think it's all that distracting any more; it's no different from what they're already doing on 1JD and Flight 2023
  4. That said, if he's a starter because he's good enough to start ... well, you'll happily lose a comp pick for someone who gives you that production at that price. Only way the Jets can be disappointed in the outcome here is if he's forced into starting because plan A (draft pick, I assume) tanks or someone gets hurt, in which case that's why you have depth, but the lost comp pick will be adding insult to injury.
  5. I'd say the plan is for him not to count
  6. Just be glad he didn't mention ZOPA. He's not from mars, he just actually negotiates for a living.
  7. Depends on the dollars, same way Feeney's deal does. The line is for counting is roughly 2.5M APY
  8. Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement - basically, it's what we ask our clients to consider when negotiate a settlement or contract: what do your options and your situations look like if you walk away with no agreement at all?
  9. Yep, particularly with high-dollar contracts going to some of those vets, including at QB. As we get into this second-wave/discount shopping stage of FA, I'd expect Douglas to be looking particularly hard at guys like this, whose signings won't impact the comp pick formula.
  10. Nope. We non-tendered him. He doesn't count
  11. Kancey is a bad fit; plays Q's position.
  12. Jets were apparently willing to spend on Cox, too
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