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  1. They can beat Pit and Jax without Russ, those teams are that bad. But those aren't slam dunks. Washington is a stretch. GB, Zona and NO will chew them up and spit them out. 1-5
  2. Welcome to the board, enjoy your stay. Since you're new here - coming up on 3 weeks, that's big! - I'll give you a usability tip. There's a handy way to avoid reading any pesky "non-Jets" NFL news. Neat trick, but newbs often don't figure it out for a while. Just don't click the thread.
  3. I would love to see Mike White taking snaps for this team this week. No reason to risk Zach in the 4th quarter of a blowout victory, after all
  4. Egg & spam? Egg, bacon & spam? Egg, bacon, sausage & spam? Spam, egg, spam, spam, bacon & spam? Or spam, spam, spam, egg & spam?
  5. This is crazy ... they've got to be thanking God they're playing the Texans this week, but still ... Patriots down 4 starting offensive linemen for Week 5 vs. Texans; David Andrews only first-teamer set to play New England will have to make do with mostly reserves up front The New England Patriots have offensive line issues this week, as four starting offensive linemen will be out for Sunday's game against the Houston Texans. Right tackle Trent Brown was placed on injured reserve with a calf injury and right guard Shaq Mason (abdomen) was already dec
  6. He's terrific but there's a limit to how many big contracts you can give out on the DL, and we have Lawson, JFM, and Q coming up. Can't pay everyone and they're going to have to replace him. Would love to be wrong and Foley's market ends up being less than I expect, but I doubt it. Kid is going to be coveted and he can get Eddie Goldman/Dalvin Tomlinson money (10.5 per). You can't have that be your 4th highest paid DL.
  7. Unless they somehow have a shot at Kayvon they absolutely should not be drafting an edge rusher in the first round. They have lawson signed for two more years, Huff for two more years, and now jfm for four more. It would be crazy to drop another premium asset into that position to possibly be a rotational player. So you need a prospect who is significantly better than what they currently have to draft him in the first
  8. He's been excellent for us - top tier run defender who isn't useless on the pass. Love him as a player, and he's a great story as a 6th rounder who made good. But we can't sign the world on our DL, and with Lawson, JFM, and Q needing an extension, he's the odd man out
  9. Nope. They're going to let him walk This is terrific news
  10. Are you kidding me? Seriously, we need to extend this kid, fast.
  11. None of the above. Offer him a deal that you'd be ok with him signing. If he gets a better offer in FA, let him walk, get a comp pick back. This defense doesn't require significant investment at that position. The end.
  12. Exactly. Does that mean they're going to be successful long term? No. Is there anything about their financial trajectory to date you'd expect to be significantly different if they were on a path to success? Also no. Which, politics aside, is exactly why Clay Travis sucks. As a media and business guy, he knows this. He also knows his audience doesn't - and he's got no concern at all about misleading them for clicks
  13. It's early days. But here's a look at what our top priorities should be after the season: 1) Extend/Resign Jonathon Franklin-Myers. JFM has been terrific for us for the past year-plus, and with the uncertainties surrounding Lawson's recovery a DE rotation of Lawson-JFM-Huff is anywhere from terrifyingly good to good enough (if Lawson comes back as a backup). Fits the system, good dude, and if Lawson is fully healthy could even slide inside for the NASCAR look on long passing downs. Top priority 2) Extend Quinnen Williams. Now is the time. Leverage the last year of his contract (curre
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