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  1. Doggin94it

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    Gonna just take a moment right now to point out there's an investigation ongoing and other than his kid having a broken arm, we have no publicly available evidence he did what he's being accused of. Anyone who does that is scum, and should never be allowed out of jail,let alone in the NFL. But let's hold off on applying that to him until the investigation is through
  2. I can't speak to what other people were doing, but you and I were talking about the 5/70 contract offer. He lost money by not taking it, plain and simple. As for why Pittsburgh got cute, this is how they structure all their contracts, and they didn't want to set a precedent of moving off of that. I think they were dumb as well, but there you are
  3. Not per reports (see above). Signing bonus was 10m and it had rolling guarantees of up to 33m. He also had 9.5m in first year salary that he'd obviously have earned - meaning his year one take would've been almost as much as his total guarantees in this deal
  4. Not likely. He'll still be getting paid top of the market money, so what would the point of holding out be? Definitely nothing worth forfeiting the reporting bonus for
  5. Doggin94it

    Golden Tate to Giants

  6. Yep - the author (Michael Salfino) is a Jets fan, too
  7. Doggin94it

    A.J. Green

    Marshall was a locker room problem who was viewed as addition by subtraction. AJ Green is the face of the Bengals franchise. You really can't compare the two. I think they would probably be looking for something between what the Giants got for Odell and what the Steelers got for Brown
  8. Doggin94it

    A.J. Green

    Why in the world do you think Green can be had for a 4-5? He's in the final year of his deal, at a reasonable cash outlay (12M), and the Bengals have no way to replace him. What would motivate them to deal him for, essentially, some cap relief (after the best FAs have signed) and a backup caliber player?
  9. Doggin94it

    Bridgewater resigning with Saints

    No surprise at all. He figures Brees has one, maybe 2 years left in him, then it's Bridgewater's job in a great place to play
  10. Doggin94it

    NFL Free Agent Updates

    Bridgewater officially chooses the Saints Giants sign Markus Golden Cardinals get Kevin White Jordan Matthews to the 49ers And how would you like this to be your career highlight?
  11. Doggin94it

    Golden Tate to Giants

  12. Doggin94it

    Golden Tate to Giants

    The only way this makes sense is if the Giants are dead set on coming up for Haskins in Rd 1. If they're going to do that, then signing a guy like Tate to give Haskins an NFL caliber WR group when he takes over at QB mid-season makes sense. If they're going to pass on the QB until next year, it's insane
  13. Doggin94it

    Trading down makes sense

    Agreed. And the Broncos are definitely likely to deal Miller (and a 1 and 3) to move up for Haskins, because you've kidnapped Elway's wife and are holding her hostage in your basement. Come on, people. Make a realistic proposal, not this
  14. Take a look at what you're saying, and think about the difference between the two . After next year (Yr 2), we can cut Trumaine and save 3M in cap space - which isn't enough to replace him with even a league average CB. If they cut him after year 3, they have a dead cap of 8M and savings of 9M (enough for a tier-2 CB). With Bell, if he's cut after year 2, the Jets save 11M in cap space (enough to sign an elite replacement). After year 3, they get back even more space and have nearly no dead cap. Bottom line: Johnson's contract requires the Jets to keep him for 3 years, even if he busts, before he can be replaced with a lesser player than they were expecting Johnson to be. Bell's contract allows the Jets to replace him with an equivalent-tier player (if one is available and they want to) after year 2. They're not remotely comparable
  15. Yeah, the "did he lose out by not playing on the tag" debate misses a whole dimension of his decision (the risk of playing and the impact of another year on the market) But "did he lose out by not signing the Steelers' July 2018 offer of 5 years, 70M, 33 guaranteed"? Um ... hell yes. He ended up getting less, and with about the same total guarantee. That's not really debatable

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