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  1. They spent a good couple of minutes gushing about how insanely elite his arm talent is - they said he had the best arm in the class.
  2. "I think that's just going to come with reps. ... he has to improve it and hone it" "everything gets so much better year 2 ... it takes a while with this offensive system" "Even if you lose a couple of guys there's still going to be useful guys all over the place" "I think no matter what he's going to take a step forward"
  3. "It's a fun offense to watch ... well designed" When was the last time you heard that said about the Jets?
  4. Maybe spend a second thinking about how that ended
  5. It's a joke. It keeps popping up because people who don't know the legal system read headlines. It has a much chance of success as the lawsuit to move the all star game back to Atlanta did: 0
  6. No. No, @GREENBEAN This isn't dumb. It's epically, insanely stupid. It has zero legal validity. It's a complete waste of legal time.
  7. You are confused. By "opportunistic hustler" he means "he hustles constantly and therefore is able to take advantage of opportunities when they come up, but his stats don't derive from dominant skills overwhelming opponents" It's a dumb take (hustle is a skill, actually, as is the ability to take advantage of opportunities), but a consistent one
  8. Thanks but no thanks. Can't root for that guy.
  9. Yep. And after he made that speech to NOW and all the women stood and applauded, and then he left the stage riding a unicorn. Thought for sure that would be enough
  10. @slats@slats any chance somebody could edit the thread title so that people understand that this is actually not true?
  11. Rangers fan here. Unless it negatively impacts us, I'm happy to see the Isles do well. Pretty basic stuff when you didn't grow up fighting with other fans about which team is better.
  12. He's not going to be following those guys around the field this year, probably not all year and definitely not in the early part of the season. What is this nonsense?
  13. Got to play Madden with him at an ESPN superbowl party the year we lost to the Steelers in the AFC Championship (my brother did a lot of work with ESPN so they gave him two tix and a week of events every year for a while, which was awesome). An extremely good dude - kind, open, very friendly to everyone coming up to him, including people he saw were a bit hesitant. Was nice to see
  14. Being able to get minimal value back for your sunk cost doesn't retroactively make the decision to invest (to sink that cost in the first place) a good one. Just let it go. It's ok to be wrong.
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