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  1. Doggin94it

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    The correct answer hasn't been mentioned yet: Adrian Murrell
  2. Doggin94it

    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    I'll take it over straight nothing
  3. Doggin94it

    OTA Thread

    You're spamming the thread because you missed a joke. You've made it everyone's business. Stop.
  4. Doggin94it

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Rooney Rule does not apply to FO, to my knowledge
  5. Doggin94it

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    Your options are: A. Some elite GM lured out of retirement (who?)? B. A retread with GM experience who is out of a job because he was bad at it (I hear Mike Maccagnan is available. Or Scot McCloughan, if you don't mind the drinking problem) or C. An up and comer who's never sat in the GM chair but trained under the best and has the traits needed for you to project success. Douglas (who spent time in two very successful front offices) is in category 3 - and of those guys, seems to have the best resume. Which retread would you prefer?
  6. Doggin94it

    Gase not done yet: Adds WR Deonte Thompson

    Jets were actually a pretty leak-free ship under Mac
  7. Guys, dude came over here from the Raiders. This is NOTHING
  8. Doggin94it

    The jokes on us. Gase? This is unreal.

    Gase is interim GM
  9. It's not a fallacy, it's a deduction from the available evidence. FA OL who leave the Patriots generally have a decrease in performance. That decrease is likely attributable to the combination of leaving Dante Scarneccia's coaching (Pats OL suffered a notable decline during his all-too-brief retirement), having to hold their blocks longer in the passing game (Brady gets the ball out fast), and having defenses not as concerned about coverage (because they are moving to a team with a less effective QB). That's a particular concern for "out of nowhere" guys like Trent Brown, a 7th round pick who was dealt on draft day to move up from the 5th to the 3rd round and played one season at LT. Read up on your reasoning, bud
  10. Doggin94it

    2020 WR CLASS

    This is an East-West Bowl name
  11. Dewayne Robertson. Took years for Bit to recognize he was a bust; hell, he selected him in the All-Time draft one year
  12. Drafting D this year absolutely was the right move. You can make an argument that they should have taken Allen instead of a DT, but look at how RD 1 went. The only offensive players who went top 10 were QBs and Hockenson. You wanted a TE at 3? Next non-QBs were Jonah Williams (low ceiling, high floor), Lindstrom (G, 14), Bradbury (C, 18) and Fant (TE, 20). Other than Williams, who some fans liked but the league apparently didn't consider a true franchise LT (those guys don't slide out of the top 10), which offensive player do you think the Jets should have taken at 3? Sucks that they had such a high pick in such a D heavy draft, but you can only pick from the available players and no offensive player was good enough to justify taking at 3. It is what it is.

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