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  1. Where would that rank in the league if you removed every qbs worst game, though?
  2. Just one reason why some of the most encouraging plays in this game are the ones where Sam just threw the ball into the dirt or out to the sidelines. He didn't try to force anything, just gave up on the play and came back the next town, or, in one case, let the field goal unit come out
  3. can we hire this guy to run media relations for the Jets?
  4. Give me Jones and Judon and spend the entire draft on OL.
  5. Congrats on your guilty verdict and i how you make good use of your three to five years of upcoming free time. Seriously, this defense and $5 will get you a donut at the prison commissary
  6. Gone at least 1 game, probably multiple. Ogunjobi then came in and blasted Rudolph from behind while Rudolph was just standing there. Also gonna get a game
  7. Agreed, Garrett was definitely making a strategic move to take out the other team's qb to ensure the steelers couldn't (checks notes) score two TDs in 8 seconds to tie the game
  8. For context, Albert Haynesworth got 5 games for deliberately stomping on Andre Gurode's face with his cleats (Gurode needed 30 stitches). That's the starting point for discipline.
  9. https://www.buccaneers.com/news/buccaneers-waive-vernon-hargreaves The Jets should definitely put in a waiver claim
  10. Leo impacted the game a bit today. Maybe drafting players who project as elite 3 technique DTs and having them play 5tech as a 3-4 DE isn't the wisest move?
  11. I'm a litigator. Your lawyers are right to laugh at you.
  12. OL is so easy to find that we've managed not to put premium resources into the OL since drafting brick and Mangold in 06. How's that worked out? The problem here is asset allocation, anyway. If you draft a QB at the top of the draft then either Sam or that QB is a wasted pick. You can't have both of them on the field at the same time, and the odds are pretty good that whoever you put on the field will be playing behind a very subpar line yet again. Because, well, take a look at who the upcoming free agents are. It's not a pretty list on the o-line - and some portion of those won't hit free agency in the first place. For the ones who do, other teams will be bidding on them and we aren't exactly the most attractive free agent destination right now. So we need to invest in the offensive line with our premium picks. Doing so maximizes both the value of our big free-agent acquisition this offseason, in Bell, and gives our current key asset, darnold, the best chance to reache his upside and be the franchise quarterback we've needed for decades. My point is that even if darnold fails, and you have to move on from him, spending those picks on the offensive line isn't a waste, because it provides a foundation the next time we are in position to draft a QB. And if darnold flops, we will be in a position to draft a QB, because our team will not be good enough without him to be not drafting in the top 10 next year as well

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