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  1. Pair one of those two with Helfrich as HC and I'll be happy.
  2. Doggin94it

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    I'd lean that way too. But in reality, Carpenter (who's a FA) and Long are much more important to replace than Beachum (who is middling and serviceable at LT). Shell has actually been pretty decent at RT. And we also need a potential No. 1 WR, and this year's class isn't deep enough to hope for one in the third. So if you can pick up a high-mid 2, fix the LG spot, and feel comfortable that you've got a shot at a dynamic WR/OL/DPR in the 2d, I'm comfortable rolling Beachum out there for another season (and of course, if an LT drops, take him and do the happy dance)
  3. Doggin94it

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    I'd do it for free
  4. Doggin94it

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    100% agreed on 1 - but I don't think there's a chance in hell he's not franchised. Unfortunately, nothing's a given with this team.
  5. I'm just longing for the day when Mehta learns that "Rationale" and "rational" are two different words
  6. 1) Fire Everyone. This is trivially obvious, but the entire staff needs to be blown out the door, with the limited potential exceptions of Heimerdinger, Mike Caldwell, and Kevin Greene (who have the LBs playing pretty decently). Interview Heimerdinger for the GM job, and give it to him if he wows you AND Scot McLoughan is willing to come in as assistant GM. Otherwise, look to someone from the Rams, Chiefs, or Eagles front offices. 2) Hire an Offensive Guru as HC. Again, this should be trivially obvious; Sam Darnold is the organization's future and best asset, and the next HC should be the person most likely to help him succeed. Targets: Eric Biennemy (many years in Andy Reid's system, now coordinating the best offense in the league), John DeFilippo, Mark Helfrich (former Oregon HC and current Bears OC, with experience under Chip Kelly and now Matt Nagy, plus HC experience), Matt LaFleur (Rams OC), Lincoln Riley ... I'd take Helfrich as my first choice. 3) Load up his Staff with Offensive Minds. Press Taylor, Dave Ragone, Zac Taylor, Joe Lombardi - find up and coming coaches who have experience in the most creative systems being run today, and who won't mind being the OC on a staff where the HC is calling the plays for at least a few years. 4) Hire a 4-3 DC. The Jets need a DC who isn't just a creative playcaller, but someone who will move the team to the 4-3 defense it's best suited for. Marvin Lewis (who will be fired in Cincy) would be a terrific choice here. Shifting Leonard Williams inside to DT and turning him loose as a one-gap penetrator will work wonders for this defense, which has the makings of a good 4-3 DL with Sheppard, Pennel, and Williams. They'd need to add a pass rushing DE next to Williams, and move either Lee or Williamson to WILL, but passrushing DEs are much easier to find than 3-4 OLBs, and Williams would be able to take his game to another level. 5) Sign LeVeon Bell. Yeah, I know. Big money for an older RB. I don't care. The Jets have more cap dollars than there are players worth spending it on in this year's free agent class (and get used to that being a thing, BTW; as the cap goes up, few if any teams are so cap-strapped that they are forced to let good players walk anymore; check out last year's FA class), and Bell is a uniquely explosive threat who can make Darnold's life infinitely easier. In three years, Darnold will have hopefully developed to the point that he is making weapons out of lesser players. But Bell would be a major piece of helping him get there. 6) Sign Ziggy Ansah. Shifting to a 4-3 allows the Jets to make Ansah their other big-ticket signing. It'll hurt to have to pass up all the pass-rushing talent at the top of this year's draft, but ... 7) Double-Dip OL with 2 of our top 3 picks - Including Rd 1. This OL is a dumpster fire, particularly on the left side and at C, and there really isn't much out there in free agency to help, unless you believe in Rodger Saffold or a bounce-back year from Mike Iupati. Go LT in the first round - or, even better, trade down, pick up a second round pick, and take the top OG on the board if the LTs are gone - and then grab a center in the third. 8.) Realize this Isn't a 1-Year Fix. The Jets have major holes at pass rush, OL, and WR. They can't fill all those holes in FA and the draft, and they shouldn't try to. Instead, hit a couple of those areas hard, make Darnold's life easier by giving him a true weapon on offense in Bell and the OL protection and coaching support he needs to develop, and worry about finding a No. 1 WR and strengthening the OL further next offseason.
  7. Doggin94it

    Rex and Greenie on Get Up now

    No. one of the most important things this team can do this offseason is switching to a 4-3, where Leonard Williams can actually be an impact player, and where it's easier to find outside pass-rushers without needing to project a transition to linebacker
  8. This is the best outcome any of us could have hoped for. Bowles is done here.
  9. I, for one, am excited to read the "How Todd Bowles Righted the Ship" articles after the coming obliteration of Buffalo: "Sitting in the locker room after the Jets' 342-7 victory, an emotional Jamal Adams defended his embattled coach. "That's just who he is, man. He keeps us together, keeps us even keeled ..."
  10. I'm guessing this was the icing on the cake, not the only example of poor performance
  11. Doggin94it

    Visting Fans

    Hey, glad to hear you had a great time. We all wish it was just a little bit unhappy for you, but only on the game outcome side. Good luck the rest of the way!
  12. 1) I'm not paying 15M per, plus draft picks, for a guy who has averaged about half a sack per game in his career 2) Link to OTC (https://overthecap.com/player/olivier-vernon/711/), not spotrac. @jason423 - a member here and a Jets fan - owns OTC, and he's been very clear that Spotrac is scraping his data from OTC and then putting it up on their site. If I understand correctly, he (like a lot of copyright owners who do data compilations) has included some deliberate errors that somehow get replicated exactly on Spotrac. Long story short - don't link or support spotrac.
  13. Doggin94it


    WTF, dude?
  14. Most of you left by the time Ezra & I got there, but it was great to meet those of you who were around! Thanks for putting it together, Phil, hopefully I'll catch the rest of you next time!
  15. Doggin94it

    Jets vs Vikings Report Card

    That was actually easy to understand. Zimmer left his offense on the field and it looked like they were going to consider going for it on 4th down there. That prevented Bulls from calling the time out, because if the Vikings go for it on 4th down and convert you don't want to have given them an extra 30 seconds to turn that drive into seven instead of a field goal. It was actually very smart coaching from Zimmer rather than a mistake from Bulls because by not sending his field goal unit charging onto the field after the third down play came up short of the sticks, he actually burned 30 seconds of the Jets time

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