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  1. The more I see Allen being talked up as the no. 1 or 2 QB prospect in this draft, the happier I am. Please let him be gone before we pick
  2. Because without that presumption, the decision is nowhere near as interesting. If they only love Rosen & Darnold, trading up isn't a reasonably available alternative, because those likely go 1-2 to the Browns and Giants who aren't dealing the picks without a truly absurd package going back, so signing a QB in FA becomes the no-brainer move rather than spending 6 on a QB they don't love. If they like Mayfield and Allen equally, or close enough to be happy with either at 6, they can wait out the draft because the odds of 4QBs being taken in the first 5 picks are very low. I'm not saying I have inside info on the Jets' thought process. I'm asking which path people would prefer if the team was in the "love 3 QBs in the draft" position, meaning they'd need to trade up for them My presumption is that Cousins is the only QB on the market who would make them not look to draft a QB in the first as a long term answer, yes. The second best available guy was a street FA who signed for peanuts the past few years; nobody is confident he's the answer long term. If you're signing Keenum, Bridgewater, or anyone else available, it's to compete, not to lock up the position. And if you're drafting the 5th, 6th, or 7th highest rated QB in the class, it's to compete for a job, not because you believe he's a lockdown answer. Like I said, they'd better be thinking that those are their two paths, because otherwise, they're willing to accept players they don't truly believe are longterm answers, and that's a bad decision.
  3. 100% agreed. I think the likeliest scenario is they group Mayfield in with Rosen and Darnold as "go get-em" guys, but don't see Allen the same way, which would basically mean "trade up or lose out"
  4. Yep. It's also why the Players Association would never agree to it in a million years.
  5. Thank you. Somebody gets it. Yeah, I don't know about either of those specifically; the point was what could be done with 30M you need to allocate for Cousins. To me, it breaks down like this: the FA signees are the sure(r) bets, the draftees the more risky propositions with potentially greater upside. Do you want certainty and more limited upside at the QB position, to go with more uncertainty at the positions you'd otherwise use that money to sign FAs at? Or are you willing to take uncertainty + upside at the QB position to pay for top tier players at the other positions? It's a really interesting roster philosophy question (to me at least), especially because you're talking about spending the same money on one non-elite player at the league's most important position vs. two elite players at less important positions. Given what I've seen and heard of the top 3 QBs in this draft, if I could guarantee I'd get to 3 (even at the cost of picks it would take) I probably choose to draft the QB and spend on other FAs, but it's a close call. Assuming the Jets would be happy with one of the top 3 QBs in the draft, but not the 4th QB (whoever that is in their ranking), this is superficially true but actually wrong. Because the Cousins FA is a decision point. You either need to toss boatloads of money at him to make him your QB, or decide to go another direction, and you need to make that decision before you have a chance to see how the draft plays out. Could the Jets opt to leave the QB position to chance, not trade up and not sign Cousins? Sure. But that would be an incredibly stupid choice for a franchise that desperately needs stability and competence at the QB position. If they're passing on Cousins, it better be with a plan to go get a QB they love in the draft.
  6. At this point, the Jets have two QB options ahead of them: Sign Kirk Cousins to a free agent megadeal worth 30M+ per season, or trade up from 6 to 3 to ensure they get one of the top 3 QBs in the draft. To assess that, you need to consider not just the QBs - but also what else you could do with that 30M if you choose to draft a QB, and what else you'd do with the picks if you signed Cousins. Based on the draft value chart, they would need to send Indy 600 points in value to make up the difference between 6 and 3. They can do that by, for example, dealing 6, 37 (2nd) and 103 (4th) for 3 + 168 (6th), or 6 + 49 (2nd) + Next year's 2d round pick for 3. So here's what we're looking at (just picking some available names for purposes of comparison): Mayfield (at 3) + LeVeon Bell (at 14M per) + DeMarcus Lawrence (at 17M per) vs. Cousins + Orlando Brown at 6 (OT, starts year at LG), Chubb (37), Tyquan Lewis (103) Which do you prefer?
  7. He's nowhere near "rich" yet. He's made a total of 1.6M in his career, which is a lot of money but not enough to have him in "set for life, throw money around like it's nothing" territory. He'll need to hit FA and get a second contract to be there.
  8. I'd be ok with this, since it would essentially clear the board for us to trade to 3 for a QB
  9. Pauline Notes

    Plus I hear Burton can throw the ball
  10. He has been in the exact same situation the past two years and has signed quickly each time. He won't mind betting on himself again at all - especially because he won't get close to 34M/year as a free agent, so taking this deal and then signing long term next offseason nets him more money overall. And as long as his camp says to Wash "do it and I sign", Washington cannot take the chance of tagging him, since they can't carry both Cousins and Smith next year. Long story short - they're not tagging Cousins
  11. Not quite. He can't be tagged again; three years in a row is the max.
  12. If they franchise him, he should (and would) immediately sign the tender, giving him a 34M guarantee and leaving them with 2 QBs costing over 51M. I'm sure his camp is conveying that exact thing to them.
  13. The only shot Hackenberg gets is Old Yeller's
  14. Of course he's a must-keep. He's a young, ascending, cost-controlled player with legal issues. There is literally no reason to cut him
  15. Rank Your Free Agent QB's

    Agreed. But if they give him the nonexclusive tag, I would shovel a pile of money in his direction without hesitation. 28M per, 100M guaranteed? Done. Let them choose whether they'd rather pay that price or take our 2 1st round picks and try to trade up. (They'll pay it)