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  1. Yes. This is definitely a good comparison, considering that the Ravens went 8-0 in those games (not 6-2), beat 3 playoff teams (not 1 resting its starters), including the NFC Superbowl representative, and including putting up 40+ points 4 times in 8 games and 30+ 6 times. I see no relevant difference at all.
  2. There's no need for this team to trade Jamal, but if they got that offer they should absolutely take it
  3. Of course there is - you can get a better deal when you extend early, since you're buying out your controlled years
  4. You're joking, right? 5-100 is 20M per year. That would make Sam the 19th highest paid QB by average value... and that's without counting Mahomes, Watson and Dak, who are currently paid less but about to be paid way more, so make that 22nd. The only current NFL starters who both (1) earn less than 20M per and (2) aren't on a rookie deal are: Foles Fitzpatrick Tyrod Taylor That's it. That's the list. If Sam has a "VERY good year" his agent would laugh at a 20M per offer (and would be right to). No chance the Jets could get away with paying that low if he plays well.
  5. And that he didn't go after Preston or Za'Darius Smith in FA
  6. I just don't see him fitting on this team. He's been Up In the Air too long, and thinks he's Batman when he's not. Paying him significant money would just be opening the casino vault to a team of bank robbers, and put the Jets in the financial ER. No thanks.
  7. This opinion makes no sense. If these are 65/35 shots, then either the over or the under is 65% likely to cash, and therefore one is an EXCEPTIONALLY good bet. The truth is they set these over-unders the way they need to to get roughly equivalent public money coming in on both sides of the equation, so they can profit off of their cut of each bet (more than on "winning" against individual bettors). This isn't a "you against the house" game in the way blackjack or roulette are
  8. Over the middle was the game-tying TD. The winner was thrown to the sideline
  9. "Terrible. But we got them in the rematch" I respected it. Second best NFL-player-response-to-a-troll I've witnessed in person
  10. I got to troll Mark Duper over this game, in person, as a third grader. (His brother worked with a friend's dad when I was living in Miami, so he showed up at class for a Q&A session. He asked if anyone had any questions, so I raised my hand and went "how'd it feel when Walker scored that TD in overtime?)
  11. Wesley Walker's overtime game winner against the Dolphins
  12. Jumbo Elliott's touchdown catch in the Miracle in the Meadowlands
  13. Terrel Davis doesn't get enough love in these conversations. The things he did through 1998 were unreal, and that 1998 year was one of the best of all time

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