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  1. For whatever reason, Julio has never been a big TD guy, though. He averages 6 TDs a year, which is crazy low for a WR of his quality. His career high is 10, and he's only had more than 6 TDs 4 of his 10 years in the league. He was halfway to his average season. In other words, he's shown no real signs of slowing down
  2. I don't think that's remotely accurate. Even in a year where he barely played half the games due to injury, he caught 75% of his targets and had 51 catches for 771 yards. Prorating that out to a 16 game season - and completely ignoring that it wasn't 9 full games, let alone 9 healthy games - he was on pace for 1370 yards, over 15 YPC, and 90 catches on only 120 targets. The year before that he had 99 receptions for 1400 yards in 15 games. Those are stud numbers. Julio was never coming here so it's not about that. And I understand the perspective that next year's 2d round pick (which won'
  3. Agreed. Definitely no utility to giving a rookie qb a stud, non-diva WR who can dictate coverage and make contested catches
  4. Congrats, @Jetsfan80. Beautiful and accomplished, What's she doing with you?
  5. To be fair, our D was a bit better then.
  6. I hope this is someone whose sole job is to keep track of win probability and analytics on 4th down, 2pt conversion, time out and replay challenge decisions
  7. Meh. Smaller-school prospect who is switching positions in an offseason with limited practices and no preseason games, and gets injured ... I'm not entirely surprised he didn't see the field at all. It might be because he's trash, but there isn't sufficient evidence to draw that conclusion yet. Feel free to be a pessimist so your only surprises will be good ones, but I'm not going to be shocked if he ends up playable.
  8. The fact that he would've been the pick at 23 is pretty damn amazing.
  9. Yep. He and McCarthy were the worst possible hires and they landed on him. I was willing to hold my skepticism to give him a chance, but man, he was basically everything we feared at the time.
  10. I'm serious, btw. Why is it so hard for you to distinguish between: 1) "Wow, that was a bad risk-reward call to choose not to work out at the facility, even though his contract gave him that option" and 2) "The rules required him to work out at the facility and he broke the rules"?
  11. You understand that's a completely different point than "It'S a JoB rEqUiReMeNt To Be At ThE fAcIlItY", right? Like ... in your brain, are those the same?
  12. He ran numbers, and basically said "to match the expected excess contract value the Jets gave up at 23, 66, and 86, AVT will need to play like a 14M/year OG" - i.e. he needs to be elite
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