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  1. I mean, neither decker nor Harris ever did anything useful in the NFL after being cut, so maybe not those
  2. Who turns 26 today. Did not realize he was that young, or that we shared a birthday. Awesome.
  3. The Jets had already satisfied the Rooney Rule by interviewing Terry Fontenot by the time Kelly interviewed, so no, it had nothing to do with the Rooney Rule. The word on Kelly was always that he was a tremendous leader and a definite eventual GM, but he also had not yet been second-in-command so there were questions about whether he could make the big step up to the GM chair at this point. So taking this job with the Jets is great for Kelly, because it will answer those questions, and put him in a better spot to pick up a GM job possibly as soon as next offseason. And that works for the Jets, because the weidl brothers who are in Philadelphia, if I'm remembering the reporting correctly, each have one year left on their deals. So if Kelly moves on in a year, Douglas can replace him with the guys he wanted to take from Philly staff.
  4. https://twitter.com/MMehtaNYDN/status/1139211514987122688 Figured this was as good a thread as any to drop this in
  5. Wow. Was not expecting that - looked good when healthy. Wish him the best of luck. Wonder who they're bringing in
  6. This is the epitome of a non news story. There is not a single player who has been franchise-tagged in the past 5 years and who has not yet signed that tag who showed up for minicamp. He is not under contract, and if they're not going to sign him to a long-term deal, the odds are good that he does not sign his tender and show up until right before week one of the regular season.
  7. No. But tailoring your playbook to the skill sets and comfort zones of your stars is. I mean, the plays he ran for Frank Gore aren't necessarily the best calls for Le'veon Bell, you know?
  8. No he didn't. In fact, the Pittsburgh line was between ok to subpar for most of Bell's time there, by PFF grades, especially in run blocking (for example: 2015, it was the 10th best OL overall, but only 23rd in run blocking)
  9. Rich Cimini is on the SiriusXM NFL Morning Show talking Jets today. Here's what he has to say. Thanks Douglas remains the heavy favorite and in Ciminis opinion he is the best candidate Thinks that Bell won't do much this week, just get familiar with the team. Thanks darnold has looked really sharp. The cornerback situation has jumped out at him in a negative way. The host says he knows Brian Pool going back to high school and that pool is going to be an excellent slot corner. Curious to see how the Jets line-up the DL. Looking forward to interviewing Greg Williams, who's not a quiet guy. Jerry different vibe at practice this year from the coaches. Big question with polite is what weight is he going to be play at. He thinks they're going to aim to get him to 235 Donald's weapons are definitely better than last year. Crowder brings another dimension, he hasn't studied him because he was in the NFC, but the short area quickness is showing up in practices. Crowder really separates quickly which will help darnold. Darnold looks a lot better at the line of scrimmage from year 1 to year 2. Darnold's read-option run in practice the other day was an audible after Jamal Adams correctly called out the play as a run to the left.
  10. Measured by outperforming his team's talent level, yes.
  11. Shorter Mehta: The Jets knew mid-season that they were moving on from Bowles, and were proactively looking into their next coach. They were also considering firing the GM (big shock, given that he was eventually fired), but didn't tell that to the GM. Therefore, they are a circus. What?
  12. Anthony Davis to NY! Just as we all predicted heading into the basketball offseason
  13. 48% of revenue (that's an extra 1% to the players = $80,000,000/year). Stop testing for marijuana; it's no longer criminal and the owners have no real reason to care. Done.
  14. I mean, is there anyone arguing that Adams was the right pick there, or are you all just tilting at windmills? The following things are all true: Adams is a terrific safety and his pick is a sunk cost Picking a safety in the top 10 is a misallocation of resources unless there is nobody close to him in potential impact Picking a safety in the top 10 when you need a QB and there are 2 high-ceiling QBs staring at you when you pick is insane. If the worst thing your GM does is pick allpro players at the wrong positions, that's bad but significantly better than consistently picking busts who amount to nothing Any Jets fan who thinks Gettleman was crazy for taking Saquon over Darnold but thinks Adams over Watson was the right call is a homer. OK?
  15. Not really, no - since Mac's mistakes really don't bear at all on how Joe Douglas or Champ Kelly or George Paton or [insert surprise name here] are doing as the GM.
  16. Except complaining about Darron Lee made sense, because his play on the field was garbage. Complaining about Adams makes no sense at all, because his play on the field is top tier (at least, by PFF standards) and he's great off the field too. Complaining about the pick as opposed to the player used to make sense, since that was complaining about the GM. But that guy's not the GM anymore, so complaining about that pick now is about as relevant as whining about how the Jets started Adrien Clarke and Wayne Hunter on the OL back in the day. Bad GM work by a GM who isn't here any more.
  17. It's clearly a waste to take a QB high in the first round, when the GOAT was picked in the 6th, Drew Brees at the top of the 2d, and Aaron Rodgers in the late first. Plenty of cogent arguments against Mac's allocation of resources. "Another team got hit by lightning in the 4th round" isn't one of them. Also, you may have noticed that Mac is no longer the GM. Since the Adams and Maye picks are now sunk costs, and the guy responsible is no longer here, there is literally zero utility to discussing where they were picked. I mean, what point are you trying to make? Mac is bad at resource allocation? Cool, we'll keep it in mind when we consider supporting his rehiring.
  18. http://c.espnradio.com/audio/3642355/golicwingo_2019-05-24-100555.mp3 Interview starts at 6 minutes. Detailed Xs & Os talk starts at about 11 minutes
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