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  1. No. It won't. Literally the only impact is on the cost of the 5th year option, but since that's still going to be cheap relative to his status (avg of top 10 safety numbers, which as of right now is 11.8M) instead of top of market (right now is 14M). So his draft slot will have near zero impact on the cost of an extension which, given inflation, will likely cost 15m per
  2. Two game plans. Tendency breakers in the first half. Back to tendencies in the third quarter. Back to breakers for the fourth. Flea flicker to Robby (9 route) or Thomas (deep cross)on the first play of the game. And the second. Get the LBs and safeties thinking before they crash the line on handoffs Line up crowder and Herndon on the same side of the formation to dictate matchups 11 personnel as the base, and go no huddle On D, take away Edelman;their receiving corps is thin. Make Myers and Dorsett beat you
  3. This board's view of adams is a master class in the sunk cost fallacy. He was a bad pick the day he was drafted, despite being a great player, because of the position he plays. He'd have to be a Reed or Polamalu - a consistent game changer at S - to justify that slot. Just being one of the best safeties in the league (which he is) doesn't do it, given replacement value. He's also a terrific player, and unless one of you has developed a time machine that can be used to go back and undo the pick, I'm not sure what possible relevance his draft slot can have now. It doesn't impact his play, it doesn't impact his usage, and it doesn't even let you complain about the GM or suggest firing him, because the guy who drafted him is no longer here. I get the habit is hard to break, but why the hell are you people still talking about this?
  4. Did... Did the rams not draft goff in the first round according to Breer?
  5. Truthfully, the Jets season starts this week. They're not making the playoffs, but 8 wins isn't our of the question, and an 8-4 run over the final 12 weeks, with darnold progressing, would go a long way towards drawing free agents this offseason and setting us up to be competitive moving forward. Sign Byron Jones, draft OL in the first three rounds (yeah, 3 straight, I'm serious) and the team could make a run
  6. Ryan Kalil is Wesley Johnson level bad right now.
  7. All that really needs to be said is that through 3 weeks, our D/ST has outscored our offense 22-11.
  8. Full article (and longer video) here https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/sports/csn/eagles/Hero_Eagles_fan_takes_time_from_saving_kids_in_fire_to_roast_Nelson_Agholor_PHI-561128462.html?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_PHBrand
  9. Look, i have the dude on my fantasy team (last year of a keeper contract from before he went crazy) so it would personally be better for me if he keeps playing all year. But this is legitimately crazy and worrisome and clearly violates the NFL's personal conduct policy. He should be placed on the Commissioners exempt list ASAP
  10. What is the non "now look what you're in for" reason for brown to include the woman on those group texts? What goal is he accomplishing by adding her so she can see the texts, other than trying to intimidate her?
  11. Garrett is a monster, but beachum was on skates all game
  12. Against the pats? Who roll out 3 wr sets of brown, edelman & gordon, like to run up the score, hate the Jets, and Ari Bill belichick-coached team against Luke Falk making his first NFL start? Lay the points
  13. This is the Jetsiest Jets season the Jets have ever Jetsed
  14. It's either going to be Kickin' Ficken or F*(kin Ficken, depending on whether he hits his kicks. There's no middle ground
  15. I was sitting in 310. first thing I said to my friend after that play was "he slowed down!' It was obvious watching from above
  16. Having known an NFL owner... That's not how these guys look at ownership. They don't want to be losing money, but for most of them, it's pride and competition.
  17. He was terrific in practice AND preseason games for the Ravens in 18. Terrible in both for the vikes, which screams psychology to me.
  18. He's the long-term solution. Has the leg for it, and - yips in Minnesota with a bad holding situation aside - the accuracy. Plus he's a rookie, meaning the Jets won't need to pay him any meaningful money for years. Plan for him to be the kicker for the next 4 seasons; he'd have to completely screw the pooch to not be.
  19. I'd like to introduce you to a new concept in playing with. I call it "linear time"
  20. That's not the way it works. Claims are put in and run the next day. So you don't know whether anybody claimed him or if he clears until the week announced his what happens with its waivers run. If he was cut on Sunday, he'll clear waivers today or be claimed today. If he isn't claimed, the Jets will only then be free to see if he is willing to re-sign to their practice squad.. Which they will obviously do, since they kept him over Jeff Smith in their first version of the 53, which tells you that they like Dortch better than Smith. Given the option to keep either Dortch or Smith on the practice squad, which one will they pick? ( they may keep both and cut somebody else from the practice squad. But there is a 0% chance that after choosing Dortch over Smith for the 53-man roster, they will choose Smith over Dortch for the practice squad)
  21. He cleared yesterday afternoon. There's usually a brief delay before being signed to the practice squad Update - apparently I had my timeline wrong and he was cut on Sunday not Saturday afternoon, so he hasn't even cleared yet
  22. Dortch will obviously take smith's spot if he clears waivers

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