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  1. It's real. I think that the threat of litigation on law-of-the-shop was what moved the NFL; not only do they have Watson out for most of the season and not automatically reinstated (only if in compliance with the evaluation and treatment plan) but they get the precedent they need for future situations ("significant suspensions are available for this type of conduct); that's worth something to them. Would have liked a longer ban.
  2. Rice Moss Megatron HUTSON Largent Can't leave Hutson out of this, I'm sorry
  3. Pickens is also completely crazy, iirc. Hope he has a great career for them but even if he does I wouldn't be sure it would've happened the same way in NY
  4. I think the odds that we cut either Feeney or Herbig are exceptionally low; that's two guys to back up the entire interior OL, which you need.
  5. this is his 4th year of service time (he was a RFA this past offseason). Anyway, let me put it this way: Mike White isn't going to be on our practice squad this year. If he gets cut, he'll be on another team. But I don't think he's getting cut.
  6. Very much not. For one thing, while I think Flacco is currently better than White, White has the potential to be a long-term backup here. For another, I think it's very likely that if we let White go in FA after this year, it will be for a salary that would get him onto the comp-pick calculation. And the team is finally deep enough that we shouldn't need to bring in a ton of outside FAs next offseason (meaning we have a realistic chance to start gaining comp picks on net). Cutting White is probably the equivalent of trading a 6th or 7th round pick for whoever gets his roster spot.
  7. I think Sabo's biggest mistake is thinking the Jets keep Wesco. I don't think there's any way in the world they keep a pending FA 4th TE/backup FB while cutting (or trading) Knight/Mims/Marshall/Zuniga/Hardee/Pinnock
  8. Good for Rashed, hope he goes on to have a long and productive career. He was never going to make this team with the depth and youth in front of him, so this isn't "we cut a lottery ticket to keep a known JAG, this could be a mistake!" situation
  9. The way they handled rape/sexual assault accusations in the past was way too lenient, and good on the NFL for changing that. Kraft, as embarrassing as it was, was never accused of doing anything non-consensual. As for 6 v. 8 v. 17 changes things - 6 v 8 doesn't. An entire year off is hard to come back from at full speed, especially after sitting a year voluntarily. But the NFL is actually asking for more than that: at least a year, with reinstatement to be determined by the commissioner on application - that is, watson will probably need to show remorse and change to be allowed back. Nope. This decision is final; there's no appeal. Only thing left after this is a potential lawsuit by Watson claiming the NFL violated the CBA, which would go nowhere
  10. Yep. And the next OT taken after Smith wasn't until Nick Petit-Friere in the third (a project pick). If Douglas had full advance knowledge of what was going to happen, maybe - maybe - he doesn't make the trade for Johnson, and ends up with Hall and Mafe/Ebiketie in the second and Abraham Lucas or Bernhard Raimann at 69.
  11. IIRC Edoga was actually halfway decent at RT the few times he had to play there.
  12. Obviously, a fractured kneecap means he didn't condition well enough. Horrible news
  13. Why is Corey Davis wearing a jersey that says "Jennings" in that clip?
  14. You've got it Columbo. The therapist say that they weren't sex workers, and it was assault. Watson says that they weren't sex workers and he never touched them. But the dude on a message board thousands of miles away knows better. Clown.
  15. You've got a weird set of kinks but at least your insistence on including me in them without my consent tracks
  16. I mean, there may be more succinct ways to announce you're an ignorant clown, but I can't think of any offhand
  17. He won't be a huge part of the offense. He'll see some plays, but he's a 4th WR and they're not keeping Davis/Wilson/Moore/Uzomah off the field for huge chunks to get Berrios in the game. Most likely, he'll rotate through on specific plays.
  18. Sorry, my bad for not realizing you were functionally illiterate. "Advertising business on instagram isn't unusual but seeking massage therapy from multiple women without giving a damn whether they're professionally qualified indicates that you're looking for sexual contact" isn't a contradiction Again, your inability to put two and two together is a you issue. Watson: Had professional therapists available to him; Instead repeatedly sought "massages" from different women without particularly caring whether they were qualified; Insisted on setting things up so that he would expose himself to them by refusing to wear the normal sheet and instead only using a Gatorade towel Knew the women didn't want him exposing himself to them or touching them with his penis Repeatedly touched them with his penis Did not defend himself by claiming it was accidental; he says it never happened at all. Bottom line: she found him to be a liar, and his own lie torpedoed any "it was an accident" defense (as did all the prep work he did of setting up "massages" that were clearly for sexual purposes and not for massage". What you're now on to is "well, I think the judge got it wrong" which, well, feel free to share your credentials, my guy. Again, your functional illiteracy is a you issue.
  19. Care to elaborate on why you think that has anything to do with the decision to hire this particular coach?
  20. She found that he deliberately and intentionally exposed himself to women he knew didn't want him to and deliberately and intentionally touched them with his penis knowing they didn't want him to. That you don't think that's particularly bad just says that you're a piece of human garbage who shouldn't be allowed around women without supervision (or better yet, handcuffs). But thanks for at least saying it out loud.
  21. What you're missing is that Butterfield doesn't give a **** about sexual assault
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