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  1. 1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

    Nania has an article listing the five (ten?) Jets most responsible for the bad run defense lasts season, and most of them are gone (Jarrad Davis, Sherrod Neasman, etc), and the holdovers are probably gone or pushed down the depth chart at this point. The only guy who sucked and is still going to see significant time is Rankins. 

    I actually expect Rankins to be cut

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  2. 6 hours ago, doitny said:

    sexual assault as defined by the NFL, not what we know it to be. 

    she did not find evidence that he touch any women in a sexual way, or had sex or forced sex, no rape. he was found guilty of having his penis touch a body part which under the NFL is consider sexual assault. and then she states that this is a common in massages. 

    just thought i would point this out since neither the media or anyone on this board has done. since the report came out i have been hearing about sexual assault. i read the report last night expecting to find evidence of some horrific stuff but nope, its just penis touching the body. which is bad until you find out it happens all the time.

    the appeal will stay at 6 games with a big fine. 


    She found that he deliberately and intentionally exposed himself to women he knew didn't want him to and deliberately and intentionally touched them with his penis knowing they didn't want him to. 

    That you don't think that's particularly bad just says that you're a piece of human garbage who shouldn't be allowed around women without supervision (or better yet, handcuffs). But thanks for at least saying it out loud. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Mogglez said:

    Buddy, if you think sexual assault by a high profile QB is a non-story compared to a bunch of kneeling nonsense that absolutely nobody gave a real f*ck about, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    The story has been everywhere that sports are discussed; unless you’ve had your head in the sand the last week.

    What you're missing is that Butterfield doesn't give a **** about sexual assault

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  4. Anyway, the main point of the analysis wasn't that this team is a better team than the team that went 11 and 5. It's that this roster is stocked with NFL players top to bottom and legitimate depth at almost every position. For the longest time, you would look at the Jets roster in find Fringe NFL players occupying key spots on the depth chart, as primary backups if not sometimes his starters. That's not this roster anymore. There is nobody slated for a meaningful role as a starter or primary backup with the possible exception of the safety position, LB, and OT, where you wonder how that guy is even on an NFL team.

  5. 1 hour ago, JiFapono said:

    Fun read, the only criticism I have is you're putting a lot of favor into groups with players that you've never actually seen play Football in the NFL. 


    Yep. And a couple of practice reports which, as we all know, are gospel and highly predictive.

    If Sauce busts, the CB group takes a big hit, no doubt. Rightly or wrongly I am fairly confident that he isn't going to. He profiled as one of the safest prospects in many drafts and his performance since then has seemed to reflect it.

    Same for Hall. RB is one of the few positions that rookies can routinely come in and, no pun intended, hit the ground running. He's the type of prospect who would have been an early first round pick in a different era, and again, his performance in the first portion of the off season seems to validate that. Again, he could bust, but I am fairly confident that he won't.

    I am much less confident in Garrett Wilson. Receivers often have a tougher transition to the NFL, and he wasn't a blow you away type of college Prospect. But early reports have been encouraging, he's flashed in practices, and only needs to work into the mix as a number three or four wide receiver. So, lower confidence range, but still pretty confident.

    I have much much less confidence in Johnson, Clemons, and ruckert, particularly when it comes to the extent of their impact as rookies. But their position groups are deep enough that any real contributions from them will be bonuses for purposes of this analysis.

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  6. 28 minutes ago, Dwight Englewood said:

    Is this an objection you learned about from watching reruns of Matlock?  “Objection your honor, Andrew Brandt tweeted.”

    I know that you've got mental deficiencies but you recognize that Brandt was quoting from Robinson's decision finding that the NFL had proven that Watson sexually assaulted 4 women, right?

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  7. 21 minutes ago, Dwight Englewood said:

    Two grand juries and a female judge said the case and evidence against Watson were weak


    But yeah, Andrew Brandt’s tweets😆


    Oh, Jamie. Did ... did you not read the judge's decision? 

    You understand that you could just stop digging at any time, right?

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  8. 1 hour ago, Jet2020 said:

    Jets went 11-5 in 2010. Wrong year. That was one of the best Jets roster in a while. 

    Offense: Sanchez, LT, Braylon, Holmes, Keller, Brick, Mangold, woody, Moore, Slauson

    That’s an average group but it’s probably our best since then. 

    ooof. Did I click the wrong link? damn. Well, I'm not redoing all that

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  9. 11 minutes ago, section314 said:

    In the end, isn't this still Goodell's decision?

    No. Goodell appointed a designee, which means it's entirely that designee's decision. Harvey's call entirely, and the NFL will have to live with whatever he decides.

    But he has to work from the premise that Watson was guilty; that's not up for review

  10. 23 minutes ago, jgb said:

    Didn’t the CFL and NFL agree that a player suspended by the NFL is barred from the CFL if he is under contract?

    Yes. Also, the odds that Watson would put his guaranteed 230M contract with the Browns at risk by potentially injuring himself in a different league and voiding his guarantees are absolute zero.

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  11. 1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

    My guess is that the 12 game offer ends up back on the table at some point before they get to the legal bloodshed stage. 

    Guaranteed that they offered it to him over the last two days, and said it would stay on the table until the day the appeal is decided and not a second longer

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  12. 50 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    Context: Zach Wilson competed 26 passes combined in his last two games. 13 of those completions went to Braxton Berrios.

    Further context: Berrios played only one of those games. The final week, he was throwing too Mims, Cole, Smith & Black. The prior week it was Berrios Smith & Cole. 


    And Berrios only had 8 catches

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  13. 3 hours ago, playtowinthegame said:


    So you think all 24 cases were equal in strength? More like they chose the best ones. I guess there wasn't enough time for let's say at least a ⅓ of the cases. 🤨

    They picked their best 4. But no, having actually tried cases, putting on more than they did in the time allotted would have basically been impossible. At best you're getting diminishing returns, at worst you're short-changing one case to put on a bad presentation of another. These things take real time

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