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  1. Yep. Guys like @richjmadrid on twitter, who is both a SF fan and a guy who breaks down film at a high level (https://ninernoise.com/author/richardmadrid/) and knows that team backwards and forwards. When he has an opinion on a SF guy, it's worth paying attention to
  2. Sorry to be a jerk about this but I'd hate to see this site get sued
  3. Ummm .... 1) Did you license these from the Jets and the photographers who took those photos? 2) @Maxman if you don't have specific knowledge that the answer to those questions is "yes" you need to delete this topic ASAP
  4. BTW, here's what comes next: The NFL appeals. The NFL reaches out to Watson's camp and lets them know they plan to hand down the suspension they asked for - indefinite, with no reinstatement for at least 1 year - unless Watson agrees to accept a 12 game ban with a $5M fine (which is reportedly what they offered in settlement talks before Robinson's decision). Watson says no, and we're off to the races
  5. You know that you don't have to be deliberately obtuse, right? It doesn't do anything but make you look like an idiot. Anyway, I'll just bookmark this for mockery when the final outcome drops Yep - appointed by both. But the way the CBA works, once she finds there was a violation, the NFL can appeal her punishment to Goodell, and impose whatever it wants to. That's a lot of words for "I haven't followed any of the reporting on this", @bgivs21. Y'all know that ignorance can be corrected by reading, right? Google is right there for you. But here, let me help https://sports.yahoo.com/report-nflpa-plans-to-defend-deshaun-watson-from-suspension-by-targeting-nfl-owners-182756840.html Anyway, THIS sounds to you like she thought he didn't do anything that bad? Pretty much. The decision comes down to whether they think it'll be a worse PR hit to keep this story in the news. I expect they'll appeal. As others have pointed out, this wasn't the NFL's call, it was Judge Robinson. What happens next is all the NFL, though
  6. Sorry, one more thing on this: Per reports, the decision also includes an order that Watson only use team massage therapists from now on. That very much does not sound like Robinson found he was falsely accused
  7. No. A six game suspension means Robinson found that Watson actually did at least some of what he was accused of. Watson's big argument (which she appears to have agreed with) was "even if I did, it would be unfair to suspend me for very long when you weren't harsh to owners who violated the personal conduct policy" But let's wait to see what the actual decision says
  8. It'll end up being a bunch more than 6
  9. No, you're wrong here. Jimmy has a hard ceiling, the knowledgeable SF fans I follow hate him, and the coach whose system we run gave up an absolute fortune to trade up to draft his replacement. Plus he's always, always injured. Yeah, they've been awful without Garapolo, because they've had to start CJ Beathard and Nick Mullens in those situations, and those guys are dogsh*t while Jimmy G is just a solidly bottom-of-the-second-third QB in the NFL. That's not what this team needs
  10. Yep, let's bring in the guy SF is desperate to move away from
  11. If they were excited about it they'd have taken it when first offered rather than waiting months to see if a better offer would come in
  12. You also probably want to have the page accessible from the "Jets Info" drop down.
  13. 1) What in the world is the organizational principle? It's not number order, it's not alphabetical, it's not by position. Is it just random? Can you make the columns sortable? Would make it much more user-friendly 2) Kwon Alexander still not listed, but that's probably because it isn't official yet. It does have Chris Streveler, who was the immediately previous transaction. So it's probably as good as it's going to get.
  14. Eric Fisher or Jason Peters would be fine.
  15. I keep telling you folks, Huff is not remotely on the roster bubble.
  16. It's hard to overstate the extent to which I don't care, even the tiniest little bit, who ends up the starting QB on an NFC team we don't play this year and isn't a rival. Sam's gone. Move on.
  17. Oops, didn't know posting his @ would load his whole timeline. This guy
  18. Oh, definitely, definitely. BTW, what positions are getting deals like that?
  19. I don't think that's guaranteed, but I think they definitely let him test the market if he won't sign a team-friendly extension, on the idea that they can just flip Becton to LT and fill in at RT. But if they can get Fant on terms they like, they'll keep him and leave Becton at RT
  20. Very No. I mean, I think that if you could go back in time and tell the 2020 Jets "hey, that flier you took on Fant? It's going to pay off big-time and you'll be very happy with him at LT in 21 and 22" they'd take Wirfs and not Becton. But taking Becton over Wirfs made perfect sense when he gave them options at LT (and this alignment was a possibility as well).
  21. Nope. Seems like he's just going to be covering the team for another outlet; announcement to come 8/1 but he's said he's going to be at TC so he doesn't "get behind"
  22. Just a couple of additions nobody has mentioned Gholston - no more hated player when he was on the roster. Top ten pick who just never cared Doug Brien - cost us a shot at the Super Bowl by missing two kicks in the Divisional Round against Pittsburgh. That was a good team in 2004 and the Pats were beatable.
  23. Nasirildeen. If you are going to make an entire thread to whine about how the 6th round pick making a position change and coming off of a major injury didn't start for this team, is it too much to ask you to learn how to spell their name?
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