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  1. If BPA is a DT for the next 33 years and that’s what we do, that makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. At some point(should have been this year) the team has to draft for need. Other wise with this BPA philosophy we could have 33 DT’s running around on offense, defense, and special teams. Wouldnt that look pretty. So I agree with identifying your needs then drafting BPA for those needs. To draft BPA just to draft BPA is insane. Esoecially when we have a franchise quarterback and we have to protect our investment. If Darnold goes down who’s gonna be our QB to win games? This is my point exactly. Now I’m a defensive guy but 90% defense over the last 15 years is stupid. That’s not a healthy balance(and they still haven’t won anything). This is the frustrating part. That being said, I think Q Williams is a great kid and will be a great player and I wish him luck and all the best.
  2. Quinnen Williams seems like a nice young man and a great player. I wish him the best of luck. But I still think we should have traded down and went offense. Enough DT’s ENOUGH! Enough defense in round 1 ENOUGH!
  3. It’s called trading down and getting value(multiple picks)for the #3 pick. Not staying put at 3 and picking offense. But OL is the biggest need for us. So... Trade down. No doubt. Best thing to do.
  4. You should draft offense in the first round because the offensive side of the ball has been neglected for a decade+. Pure and Simple.
  5. I’m a defensive guy. I believe defense wins championships. With that being said. The Oline has been neglected since Faneca left. Now. I have sat back and watched the Jets draft in the first round 90% defense in the first round for 15 years. Where is the lights out defense from doing that? It’s non existent. Enough is a $@&?!#%! Nuff. With that being said. We got our franchise quarterback last year. Its time to play it smart and protect our investment. You put an Oline in front of Darnold tomorrow night. Which will not only help Darnold it will open up the rest of the offense. It all starts up front. So if a trade partner presents itself I hope our GM fleeces them for all he can get and build this team around Darnold. Sorry Defense, It’s Offenses time and turn.
  6. Not too good if they don’t get a (insert adjective) CENTER to snap the ball to our FQB and protect him for Christ’s sake. 15 years of (Insert adjective) drafting defense. And they still couldn’t get it right! DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE. For Christ’s sake! Enough already. Truthfully not being funny. They need to get Bell and Paradis (insert adjective) NOW. After their defensive signings yesterday. They need to spend draft capital on offense. Not take another edge or DT for luxury. Gimme a trade down and get OL and WR. And I’m a defensive guy saying this!
  7. This is stupid. Curtis Martin was a third round pick for crying out loud. Teams should only pay for a player like this if their scouting department is the keystone cops. Their is a gem out there this year in the draft at RB. I challenge our scouting department to find em! And save millions to be used elsewhere. Like an offensive line!
  8. If we have the third pick #3... THE PRICE IS SWAP FIRSTS AND (3) THREE SECOND ROUND PICKS... I cannot believe Im the first one to say this. Am I the only one who doesn’t have a short memory what the Colts charged us last year? Thats the going rate for the third overall pick matter of fact I didn’t even factor in a years worth of inflation.

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