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    What could the Jets get in a trade down

    If we have the third pick #3... THE PRICE IS SWAP FIRSTS AND (3) THREE SECOND ROUND PICKS... I cannot believe Im the first one to say this. Am I the only one who doesn’t have a short memory what the Colts charged us last year? Thats the going rate for the third overall pick matter of fact I didn’t even factor in a years worth of inflation.
  2. When you see a rookie QB who is the starter with a suspect injury number 1 standing on the sideline joking and laughing when his team is down 31 points that is not mature and professional. He looks immature and like someone whos gotten complacent along with the organization who drafted him and also looks like he accepts this losing culture and is just fine just getting a paycheck and is not the savior or leader we need who doesn’t care about winning. Thats what he looked like to me in my Opinion. Way to go Johnson his development has been seriously hurt and set back by this coaching staff in my Opinion. Im not buying one more piece of jets merchandise till they have a serious winning culture here. So stop offering me season tickets the truth of the matter is you can’t give them away.
  3. I’m just saying over the last three years.
  4. Do we scout any other positions other than safety? Do we sign any other position other than safety? Does anyone remember we needed to upgrade safety position three years ago and we did? Why don’t we give Bowles 22 starting safeties and he can play them all on offense and defense as it appears the only position he cares about. Dont get me wrong thank god it didn’t cost a draft pick. But... Enough safeties already. I think we’re set now, Don’t you? It’s really getting comical. Can we get an OL please football gods.
  5. Can’t argue the point huh? Tell me how we are better off losing four starters for winning 5 games. thats all just curious.
  6. I hear ya man. All I’m saying is we would be in a better position if we didn’t win 5 games.
  7. Listen Im as happy about being able to draft our franchise quarterback as anyone but... You do realize the reason the gm had to trade away drafting 4 starters(1,2,2,2) is because the coach started a journeyman quarterback instead of a third string quarterback getting him experience to win 5 meaningless games. Sorry but we would have Been better off with the losses. Been better off with the third string quarterback getting experience. Been better off keeping four starters(1,2,2,2). Been better off with the #1 pick because of such. Thanks coach. Not. Now hopefully they draft the right franchise qb at 3 because if they fail to we will have another decade of misery guaranteed. Sorry if I’m not in the crowd jumping up for joy how we got 3rd pick. But it’s done, so I pray. Lantern

    Dennis Byrd dies in tragic car crash...

    This just isn't fair. He did not deserve to go this way. Condolences to his wife, children, family, and friends.

    Judge Nullifies Brady's suspension

    Might be the rap but won't beat the ride.

    4th Round, Who do the Jets take?

    Tre' Jackson Guard Florida State
  11. Maxwell Cromartie Cobb Lupati McCourty
  12. I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate all Jets fans on this major accomplishment. IMO this needed to be done a long time ago. There hasnt been much I have been proud of, or reason to celebrate, and have had my faith tested alot in the last fifteen years(meeting the face of the franchise and realizing I dont like him at all, PSL's, and the circus atmosphere that has been around the last few years). But over the past few days I really have a renewed faith. This house cleaning, well its almost unbelievable its finally happening. I am so happy for all Jets fans, you all deserve to be hopeful and prideful again, to not be ambarrassed, to have enjoyment, you have earned it. You have paid your dues. I hope the team will win a superbowl in the next 5 years, not for me, but for my kids to have a renewed faith in this team and for all of you who so deserve it. Been a fan since 1982. My wife took me to my first Jets game when I was 25, never forget the feeling I had pulling up to the stadium and seeing a sea of Green Jets jersey's. I said to my wife, "These are my people"! LOL. Anyway just wanted to say congratulations and keep the faith, there is alot to be hopeful about. Its a new day. Green Lantern

    Jets Turd Mt. Rushmore, name four jet Turds

    Namath Johnson Bradway Kotite

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