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  1. So I did pro football network draft sim.

    I traded down twice.

    Traded the #2 pick to Philly for 6,37,70 and a 2022 #1.

    I then traded #6 to Jacksonville for 25,33 and a 2022 second rounder.

    Here are the results and you gentlemen tell me what you think.

    Id take this draft in a heartbeat.

    23 - Travis Ettienne RB

    25 - Alex Leatherwood OT

    33 - Wyatt Davis OG

    34 - Asante Samuel CB

    37 - Trey Smith OG

    66 - Jordan Smith Edge

    70 Amari Rodgers WR

    86 Ambry Thomas CB

    107 - Chuba Hubbard RB

    147 - Shaka Toney Edge

    155 - Jack Anderson OG

    188 - Alaric Jackson OT

    249 - Evan McPherson K

    Im not perfect fellas this is just my interpretation of how to start to fix this.

    In one draft we solidified the OL for a decade. We also solidified are running game for the next decade. We addressed the pass rush and the secondary and K.

    Now on top of this draft in free agency I would prioritize getting two very important pieces as well.

    #1 WR.

    #2 Pass Rusher.

    Mix all this together with our existing core. I believe we have a competitive team and a VERY solid foundation moving forward.

    This on the premise we keep Sam.

    Imagine what Sam could be with a great QB Coach who could teach him after three years to not throw off his back foot. He is more than serviceable and salvageable. Put this kind of team around him and I know we are better than last year.

    Anyway just my two cents.

    Let me know what you think of the mock draft.

    Sincerely Lantern

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  2. Fellas,

    I have watched all these soft tissue injuries, the rookies not playing etc.

    Do the Jets even have a weight room?

    Seriously,  Didn’t Gase have a problem in Miami with players getting hurt all the time?

    Now history is repeating itself.

    I understand no training camp or preseason, but this is on the players to show up in shape.

    When Parcells first came here the first thing he did was emphasize the hiring of John Lott for strength and conditioning.

    What has Gase done in this area?

    I do not think the team values strength and conditioning and my arguement is validated with all the injuries.

    I listen to all the football shows, read all the posts here and not once has anyone mentioned this problem.

    And oh its a real problem.

    I really hope they can find the next head coach who values strength and conditioning.

    It needs to be addressed imo.

  3. 30 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

    Joe Douglas came in and said, "this is a complete mess and I did not cause or create this mess...now, as the new GM, I need to get this franchise out of this mess" and that is exactly what he is doing.

    Complete fire sale.

    Everyone is up for grabs at the right price.

    He's doing the right thing and I agree with this move.

    Well done, JD.

    Shut up.

  4. Not too good if they don’t get a

    (insert adjective) CENTER to snap the ball to our FQB and protect him for Christ’s sake.

    15 years of (Insert adjective) drafting defense. And they still couldn’t get it right! DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE.

    For Christ’s sake! Enough already.

    Truthfully not being funny.

    They need to get Bell and Paradis

    (insert adjective) NOW.

    After their defensive signings yesterday.

    They need to spend draft capital on offense.

    Not take another edge or DT for luxury.

    Gimme a trade down and get OL and WR.

    And I’m a defensive guy saying this!


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  5. 20 hours ago, VinnyT16 said:

    The way I see it three teams in the top 15 are going to be looking for QBs in Denver, NYG, and Jacksonville.

    The Jets could potentially be well set up for a trade back to recoup the lost draft capital for Darnold.

    Given the fact that the draft is considered pretty weak this year on offense I could see teams being very aggressive to trade up for  QBs. If I was a GM I would absolutely try to land a first in 2020 in whatever deal I make.

    If we have the third pick #3...


    I cannot believe Im the first one to say this.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have a short memory what the Colts charged us last year?

    Thats the going rate for the third overall pick matter of fact I didn’t even factor in a years worth of inflation.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Kleckineau said:

    Just curious but did it bother anyone else here seeing Darnold and Webb laughing on the sideline??

    It bothered me. Not cool when your team mates are getting paved over. .

    When you see a rookie QB who is the starter with a suspect injury number 1 standing on the sideline joking and laughing when his team is down 31 points that is not mature and professional.

    He looks immature and like someone whos gotten complacent along with the organization who drafted him and also looks like he accepts this losing culture and is just fine just getting a paycheck and is not the savior or leader we need who doesn’t care about winning.


    Thats what he looked like to me in my Opinion.

    Way to go Johnson his development has been seriously hurt and set back by this coaching staff in my Opinion.

    Im not buying one more piece of jets merchandise till they have a serious winning culture here.

    So stop offering me season tickets the truth of the matter is you can’t give them away.

  7. Do we scout any other positions other than safety?

    Do we sign any other position other than safety?

    Does anyone remember we needed to upgrade safety position three years ago and we did?

    Why don’t we give Bowles 22 starting safeties and he can play them all on offense and defense as it appears the only position he cares about.

    Dont get me wrong thank god it didn’t cost a draft pick.


    Enough safeties already. I think we’re set now, Don’t you?

    It’s really getting comical.

    Can we get an OL please football gods.

  8. 1 minute ago, bla bla bla said:

    The journeyman QB we had led the Bucs to a #1 pick and the Browns to a #1 & #2 pick. I'd say the logic behind McCown was just fine.

    I hate giving up draft picks but when you consider what other teams have given up to land QBs we are ahead of the game. We have $40M in cap this year and around $50M next year. That should be more than enough to land us the 3 starters we are missing out on while also securing the most important position is all of perfessional sports.

    I hear ya man.

    All I’m saying is we would be in a better position if we didn’t win 5 games.

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  9. Listen Im as happy about being able to draft our franchise quarterback as anyone but...

    You do realize the reason the gm had to trade away drafting 4 starters(1,2,2,2) is because the coach started a journeyman quarterback instead of a third string quarterback getting him experience to win 5 meaningless games.

    Sorry but we would have

    Been better off with the losses.

    Been better off with the third string quarterback getting experience.

    Been better off keeping four starters(1,2,2,2).

    Been better off with the #1 pick because of such.

    Thanks coach. Not.

    Now hopefully they draft the right franchise qb at 3 because if they fail to we will have another decade of misery guaranteed.

    Sorry if I’m not in the crowd jumping up for joy how we got 3rd pick.

    But it’s done, so I pray.



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