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  2. This is a shout out to all working class people! /applaud. I recently seen a report on cnn that said in the 1960's 70% of Americas work force was union. Today guess what people? The total union workforce in the U.S. is 9%. We all better wake up and not have a me first mentality because I guarantee that will be our downfall economically. This whole downward spiral started in the 1980's with the firing of the air traffic controllers by a president then and has escalated to the point of job outsourcing to other nations. An increase in workers going union would greatly benefit the middle class ave
  3. I'll bet the Jets offer is #2 next year and Justin McCaeirens for Branch. Just a gut feeling I have. Jets would get their man and Pats would get a wr and a high draft choice. /discuss
  4. The 1980's was a defining age for music, especially rock music! JFBM as much of a Bryan Adams fan I am, as many times I have seen him in concert and Summer of 69 I would have to give the nod to as my favorite song of all time and it was a huge hit. But lets not forget the Boss!
  5. Actually the team that we have now is getting an enema from what the previous regime did! So the answer to who built the team we have now is Eric Mangini as once this year is done lets see how many hold overs from bad drafts and bad free agent signings are left from the HE era. I'm not slamming anyone I'm calling it like I saw it. What team were you watching??? Not the same one I was watching that is for sure.
  6. Who built the team that went to the playoffs? Talent can take you only so far maybe if we had some coaching those years they would have done even better! Oh yeah and by the way during that regime we had the only head coach in the nfl who couldnt tell time! We had to hire someone to tell the head coach how to tell time ie Clock Management. Sincerely Lantern
  7. Bottom Line. If someone cant see then difference in HE & EM they are blind. HE got handed a playoff team with great talent that Bill Parcells built and drove it into the ground with easy going training camps and laid back practices. Dont agree with me? Then let me ask if we had such a great conditioning program under HE why did we have all the injuries last year? The team got soft under HE. It makes me sick that a good line of BS from a coach along with an owner who was new an inexperienced set the team in the direction they went after Groh left. Thank god that regime is done here! A
  8. No Offense. This guy is a little punk who was a paycheck player for the Jets. He, like James(I only produce in a contract year) Farrior & John(Whats in it for me to play in the playoffs) Abraham never did squat for the Jets. As a matter of fact the previous regime picking him in the draft was the worst pick in Jet history IMO. And we have had some doosies! One of the happiest days as a Jetfan was when he went to Daniel Snyder's open checkbook. IMO we are a much better team without him and with Coles. And yes I met him so I can make this determination for myself. In solidarity... Lantern
  9. Guys I am not going to run these leagues after all. I was going to up until today but there is not enough of us to run these so I will just join some this year. We will try again next year. Sincerely Lantern
  10. Hi all, Looking to take my wife and 3 kids and myself to Jets @ home vs. Miami. I know this will be a hard game to get tickets for let alone 5 seats together. But I am taking a shot here lol. If you have 5 tickets for the game together you would like to get rid of PM me. Thanks GREENLANTERN


    Hi Everyone, There is an emulator that is coming out soon, site is SWGEmu.com for all of you who liked galaxies in the pre-cu state this is what the emu will be pre patch 13! I honestly have to tell you the coders and programmers who are working on this are some of the best in the world! They have this emu so like the original pre-cu its unbelievable. The following for this emu is astounding with 1000's already ready to play and probabally hundreds of servers already set up. The emu is not yet completed and the devs will not give a date but the progress that has been made they have the core,wo
  12. Hi Everyone, Here is a story... I recently attended my Uncle's funeral in Mass. And his death was a blow to my family as he was the voice of reason. I'll give you a little background first... My Uncle and I had a great comraderie when it came to football. Him being a patriots fan and redsox fan and me being a J.E.T.S. fan and yankee fan. Mostly the comraderie was about football, of course! LOL The comraderie at times went past the point as one time in particular I remember the jets and patriots played a monday night game in foxboro I believe and the jets took it to em bad lol. Anyw
  13. Thats weird smiz I sent them. Hmm. I been working crazy Overtime and I'm at work now. I have off next Tuesday and Wednesday I will sort it out then as I am at work doing like (9) 16 hour shifts in a row. And thats is the first chance I will really get as espn is blocked at work Thank God Jetnation Isnt! Get this squared away as sson as I can. Thanks Your Friend Lantern


    I have used skype, teamspeak, and Ventrilo and I have to say Ventrilo is the Best of all 3! Download Ventrilo 2.3 server & client make a server and check it out. Lantern
  15. Yes Gentlemen it is time! I have 2 leagues 1 team defense = 16 teams - 8:15 A.M. Sat Aug 5 (Live Draft) 2 individual = 8 teams - 11:15 Sat Aug 5 (Live Draft) Post your email address if you would like to join! Good Luck To Us All! Sincerely Lantern
  16. Ok here is some highly classified information... General info... Good hygene, Good dresser, Cologne(Less is more), Pre vehicle inspection(make sure it is clean, wont break down, or run out of gas!), Clean house,New bedding(just in case!), and MAKE SURE the toilet seat is already down for her to use! (She will think your already considerate)!, What you order at dinner will tell her alot so no onions!, If you are taking her out somewhere after dinner make sure it is somewhere that she will laugh alot! 1.) You call the shots. Decide for the both of you where you are going! Dont ask he
  17. Pope is gone. Might not be a good move here.
  18. Trade... Anyone have info. What we get?
  19. Kellon Clemmons is our starter for the season opener! Clemmons Pennington Ramsey In that order!
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