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  1. Dont you think if Norman Chow, Leinarts OC at USC passed on him is a RED FLAG? I do! Bigtime!
  2. LOL I was thinking the same thing! What a joke we had as a coach in Edwards:)
  3. I can live with it. Nice job.
  4. Jets gave up 189th & 211
  5. I wonder what we gave up to move up 4 spots
  6. This guy better be good to trade up for! God please let it be Leonard Pope TE
  7. Marcus Mcneil - RT Auburn or Leonard Pope - TE Georgia
  8. I like it 4 picks in the top 100 next year. Not bad. Not bad at all. NIce ammo for Brady Quinn!
  9. Tannenbaum is the man! I have been hoping for 3 years he gets promoted! And I always knew he would be our GM, he has been "in training" for this job the better part of his adult life! Rick Who? LOL Go MIke! Bring home a winning draft! We're behind you!
  10. Stay at 4. See what falls in our lap! Any of the players in the top 10 are good picks. Honestly the more I think about it I want Hawk at 4. But will be happy with most of the guys in the top 10 including Ferguson,Davis,Ngata, or a trade down for Cutler. Lets not lose our heads Tangini for a RB. Although he is a great talent and I would be happy with him. We have alot of holes to fill and at this point I think no one player would solve our problems. Cooler heads will prevail!
  11. Texans just signed Mario Williams #1! Passed on Bush! As per ESPN! Sorry didnt see it posted yet but it is.
  12. Come on GJ&H! What do we win? I would think with your money its an all expense paid trip for 2 to Hawaii or something along those lines! LOL Your Friend Lantern
  13. Thanks all. Good to be back. I look forward talkin Jets football with all of you. I am thinking of running a new espn league this year again. I have a ventrilo voice server for us to do our draft on via voicespeak. I will post more about it when it gets closer. This is my first post regarding the draft this year also. I think the Jets have to come out of the first round with a QB. If not I will not be upset if the FO has really done there homework on getting a QB in the later rounds. So in the first I would honestly be happy with any of these players, Bush,Ferguson,Davis,Leinart,Hawk,Williams,
  14. JETNATION! SMIZZY,MAXMAN,GJ&H and all others! I have returned to find a new jet website! jetnation.com! Good for you! You all were in my fantasy football league a couple of years ago on espn! Remember? Anyhow I have the same name I had on JI so you all know who I am GREENLANTERN! Good to be back. I just been reading for a while now. I saw this website and I was like whoa I know these guys! LOL Good to be back talkin football with you guys. Talk to you soon. Your Feind Lantern
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