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  1. Might be the rap but won't beat the ride.
  2. I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate all Jets fans on this major accomplishment. IMO this needed to be done a long time ago. There hasnt been much I have been proud of, or reason to celebrate, and have had my faith tested alot in the last fifteen years(meeting the face of the franchise and realizing I dont like him at all, PSL's, and the circus atmosphere that has been around the last few years). But over the past few days I really have a renewed faith. This house cleaning, well its almost unbelievable its finally happening. I am so happy for all Jets fans, you all deserve to be
  3. It has been years since Faneca departed and has never been replaced. Im just wondering how those 3rd and 5th rounds picks are filling holes on the OL? Can anyone project if the Jets take OL in this draft and if so what round? And maybe a projected player you think would be an upgrade over what the Jets have now. Thanks Lantern
  4. Sunday was also the first time in team history to have 20 penalties.
  5. Who drafted Dewayne Robertson Vernon Gholston It doesn't take a genius to hit on first round picks, It takes a genius to hit on gems in the later rounds. Who hired Herm Edwards who had to hire a clock management guy to tell time? Please.
  6. As the title says, I was just curious if the Jets are no longer a circus, did they get rid of the ring leader or something?
  7. It has been my experience throughout life, when someone has to talk about what they are going to do or people make a proclamation they usually don't do it or the proclamation does not come true. Let the play decide. I put this kind of proclamation in the same category as super bowl talk from him.
  8. And Geno Smith expected to get picked in the first round lol Lofty expectations for someone who played the way they did last year. I wouldn't bet on it.
  9. Not the scouting department personnel I wanted gone, but its a start.
  10. How much you wanna bet they take Teo in the 2nd round?
  11. BAP? BAP? BAP? According to who? Who put the board together? Terry Bradway? Rex Ryan? Think about that.
  12. HAHA! LMFAO! SAME OLD JETS! UN^%&INGBELIEVABLE! A corner with 5 surgeries and a dt. Let me see... hmmm... yeah... Rex is calling the shots still! Idzik hands rex's card in! Defense four years in a row! Offense (I cant even think of the words to describe it)! Worst offense I ever saw put on the field in 30 years of being a jet fan. And thats pretty bad! MM must be saying what did he get into. Offense was much worse than defense last year garnering the first round picks to be used on offense. A real head coach would have seen this. Team needs to be sold. Ca
  13. I hope some how some way the Jets come out of this draft this year in a trade down with a #1 pick in 2014 to package next years together to move up to take a QB next year in its very deep draft. Gotta plan ahead.
  14. Now this is a thread I can sink my teeth into! You add a player like Austin as a compliment to a team pretty well off. The Jets do not have that team. The Jets need ALOT. I would be happy if they trade both 9 & 13 and aquire ALOT more picks. Agree with one poster who said not to draft to make a splash as that's what got the Jets into this situation. I also note that we have drafted defense in the last two years. Enough already.(Rex does not get his way this time) - me thinks. It all starts up front and the OL is a huge need. I would be content with Warmack and Cooper or trade both pick
  15. Wow! thanks for the insight! Something like this could wipe away years of bad drafts I think.
  16. Wow! That is some haul! What if they traded #9 & #13 what woul it look like?
  17. What If we trade both #9 & #13(not saying we would) but if we did, What would the amount of picks look like?
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