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  1. Revis on Welker Cromartie on Hernandez Wilson On Branch (Time to grow up) Poole & Scott on Woodhead (Do not let beyond line of scrimmage) TAKE AWAY THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD WHERE BRADY AND CO LIKE TO WORK MAKE THEM BEAT US OUTSIDE ON OFFENSE - RUN THE BALL ALL DAY AND KEEP BRADY OFF THE FIELD NOT SO HARD WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT! JMO
  2. This is not an overreaction fellas. Sound the alarms! That was a sick display. Pretenders or contenders? I would have to go with pretenders.
  3. Where to start... 1.) To the Coaches and players SHUT UP! Just shut your mouths about the superbowl, SHUT UP! Those coaches and players should be ashamed of themselves after this debacle. And Rex even mentioned superbowl in his press conference believe it or not! Yes he did. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO EVEN MENTION THE TERM SUPERBOWL THE REST OF THE SEASON. JUST SHUT UP! 2.) UNDISCIPLINED. That coaching staff should be ashamed of themselves for putting that product out on the field tonight. 14 penalties for 125 yards. 3.) Secondary was horrible,I mean HORRIBLE! 4.) Offense OMG!!
  4. Seriously, I talked to my Mom on the phone during(big plays) in the game and after the game. And she is livid at that guy who calls himself an announcer. All he did the whole game is root for the chargers. He has always done that(except when Parcells was here) when he commentates(if you can call it that) against the Jets. I am so sick of hearing this guy when I watch football. His ineptitude to be unbiased is really sickening. He fits in perfectly with the main stream media.
  5. Hi All, Let me start by saying I have the unmost faith in the team to win out. And here is why... I think Rex Ryan is a great coach. I like his wear your heart on your sleeve attitude. It resenates with everyone. I didnt know much about him till he came to the Jets but I have gotten to know him as you have from TV interviews for what its worth and he seems like a real down to earth guy who comes from great stock and is all heart. Alot of the comments he has made in postgame interviews has been we appreciate our fans. The Fans The Fans The Fans because this guy gets it. Call me clarvoye
  6. It appears to me you never heard of the constitution or bill of rights? Due process? Have you ever heard of excessive force? No? It is every citizens right to protest. She should have done it in a court of law. But no way is it o.k. to torture a 72 year old woman. Who does this guy think he is judge,jury, and executioner? He is none of them. A police officer use to be called a peace officer he is to enforce the law. Just because the guy wears a badge does not give him the right to have a god complex.
  7. Way too much! Now I always thought tanny was intelligent with picking players up until now. Now I realize he is a numbers man. Way Way too much for 1 guy. I would do this trade minus ratliff. I cant believe they let the kid go. Tanny got spanked.
  8. No offense man, But the fans on this board are correct in their overall assumption of our season. This team is not worthy of me spending my money on them in the off season. I have read the posts as well since the game ended and I agree with 90% of them. I have been down this road many times as well as I am sure alot of people on this board. I do not know where you get the optimism from after watching the team tank this season in December. Your right though its not the end of the world by any means. Its a football team we have no control over. Only the players in that locker room have to look t
  9. O.K. Breath Green Lantern Breath... O.K. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! o.k. Thank god I didnt buy the playoff tickets! These guys suck. Four west coast trips and they lose them all. The defense has been lacksidasial. And where the heck are the safeties and corners? The quarterback is suppose to get the team in the endzone to do his job. The receivers instead of performing are hoping for penalties instead. The coaching is terrible, the coach showed no confidence in the offense, why should he though when the offensive coordinator has his he
  10. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yeah Smiz it does feel like Christmas today! Not only do I agree with your post. My sons first pop warner game of the year is today at 11am! 10 sacks his first year in pads, 18 sacks his second year in pads, # of sacks this year... To be Determined! Muhahahaha! Its a great day!
  11. HONESTLY HONESTLY! WOAH WOAH! BACK UP THE TRUCK! THE BIGGEST RIVALRY EVER AND I MEAN EVVVVVVVVVVVVER! IS... JETS/MIAMI. Why noone in this thread brought this up till now is beyond me! New England is really back burner rivalry not anywhere near on the level JETS/MIAMI!
  12. Brett Favre is a Jet! LOL After seeing all the threads on the board and the mods tireless work the past few weeks I had to. lol Anyway glad to have Farve a gunslinging QB aboard that is what a qb should be. And sorry to see Chad go as that is what a person should be. But I'm still PO'd #4 gave Strahan Gastineaus sack record!!! You owe us one Brett for that! We will gladly take a superbowl and call it even!!! Sincerely Lantern
  13. OK So The newest season ticket holder of 4 seats in the upper level endzone is GREENLANTERN! )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Thanks All!
  14. Didnt say just said upper level endzone. How high up were your seats? And did you like the view could you at least see the game?
  15. I finally got offered my season tickets, 4 to be exact in the nosebleed section! Price is $3004. Not sure if Ill accept them though. Isnt it ironic?
  16. Anyone ever listen to Alex Jones? A guy I work with showed me the site www.prisonplanet.com and on the left side of the page Click "Listen Live". Real player comes up and you can listen to his radio show from 12pm - 3pm our time. Then the show streams 24hours till the next radio show he does the next day is on. Pretty interesting stuff. Check it out. GreenLantern
  17. You just wait and see who ends up paying for the new stadium in reality! It will be all of us. I wouldnt be surprised to see $250 a seat in my lifetime.
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